Magnum MZ

Delivering 100% copper bullets with higher velocity, flatter trajectory and unmatched accuracy.

Magnum MZ

This unique, magnum load sabot guides its 250 grain polymer tipped, .50-caliber bullet to the highest levels of muzzleloader precisions, with awesome expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration – a trifecta of deer-dropping performance. For use in all .50-caliber muzzleloaders.


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Your rifle’s bore may be dirty. Run a solvent-soaked patch, followed by a dry patch, through the bore between shots to improve accuracy and make loading easier. The Spit-Fire design is slightly easier to load than the original Expander MZ bullet.

Historically, .50 caliber muzzleloading rifles have bore diameters ranging from .495″ to .504″. Firearm manufacturers are working on standardizing these dimensions. However, muzzleloading rifles do exist that aren’t suitable for our bullets. For example, our .50 caliber MZ bullet may be too tight for a .495″ bore, and fit too loosely in a .504″ bore. Our MZs are designed for standard bore dimensions. Bore butter or a bit of saliva can ease loading in snug-fitting bores.

Recommended twist rates are as follows:
.45 195 Up to 1:30″
.50 250 Up to 1:32″
.50 300 Up to 1:28″ * Occasionally, a 1:28″ twist won’t be fast enough.
.54 275 Up to 1:34″
.54 325 Up to 1:34″