Varmint Grenade

Vaporize varmint with instant fragmentation.

Varmint Grenade®

Featuring a frangible copper-tin powdered metal core surrounded by a gilding metal jacket for instant fragmentation, these bullets expend energy quickly, seldom exit large predators, and leave valuable pelts virtually undamaged.


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The major differences are in the cores. The VARMIN-A-TOR™ and the Varmint Grenade® are both hollow point gilding-metal jacketed bullets. However, the VARMIN-A-TOR features a thin tapered jacket with scored nose, wrapped around the highly explosive DETON-A-TOR™ lead core. The VARMIN-A-TOR™ has all the accurate and explosive tendencies sought after by varmint shooters and vaporizes anything in its path. The Varmint Grenade® is based on a lead-free projectile design developed for military applications. The hollow point, flat base bullet features a copper-tin composite core surrounded by a thin, tapered jacket with a scored nose. The Varmint Grenade is highly frangible, expending its energy early, seldom showing exit wounds on larger predators such as bobcats and coyotes. The result is considerably less damage to valuable pelts.

Because of the Varmint Grenade’s gilding metal jacket and copper-tin composite core construction, this bullet produces the best accuracy results when seated off the lands and grooves .020″.

Excellent accuracy has been reported with the Varmint Grenade. Originally developed for military applications, the bullet delivers sniper-like accuracy for dependable long-range kills.