Banded Solids

Deep dependable penetration.

Banded Solids

In life-threatening situations, you can depend on Banded Solids to put the largest animal down, immediately. These bullets track straight, won't deflect on bone, and perform true with no deformation.


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Bore Rider bullets are intended only for custom-throated .50 BMG Rifles. If you have a custom-throated barrel, you should be aware of it. A Bore Rider may be used safely in a standard-throated barrel; however, accuracy may suffer.

Our Solids do not expand. Therefore, they are usually recommended when you want to save pelts, hides or expect to take a follow-up shot on dangerous game. However, because these bullets do not expand, shot placement is vitally important. When they strike large game, they track very straight and deliver maximum penetration.

Some shooters use Solids on coyotes or foxes to save pelts. Also, the spitzer design has a higher B.C. for target and competition shooters.

Barnes new Banded Solids are designed for stopping dangerous African big game. Like the highly successful TSX-Bullets, Barnes’ new Banded Solids feature multiple bands, or rings, which are cut into the shank of the most dependable solid bullets on the market. These bands relieve pressure as the bullet passes through the bore, eliminating concerns about high pressures in fine double rifles. The relief bands also virtually eliminate fouling.

Banded Solids have a wider meplat, which insures deep, straight-line penetration. These machined homogeneous copper/zinc-alloy bullets will not disintegrate or deflect when impacting heavy bone. They resist deformation so well some hunters have actually retrieved these bullets from game and reused them on later hunts.

Barnes’ Banded Solids feature deep crimping grooves that prevent bullet movement under the heaviest recoil, yet allow sure feeding in bolt-action rifles.