X Bullet 30th Anniversary

February 22, 2019


On a cold, rainy Alaskan evening in 1986, Randy Brooks put the first hand-made prototypes of his all-copper hunting bullet to the ultimate test. Up to then, his idea for an all-copper hunting bullet was only a theory. Breaking both shoulders of an Alaskan brown bear, dropping it where it stood, made it an absolute fact.

Over the 30 years since its introduction, hunters the world over have come to trust the X Bullet’s unmatched lethal effectiveness on everything from coyotes to Cape buffalo. The father of all-copper bullets has repeatedly surpassed its own high standard of performance. Today, it's been adapted for muzzleloaders, handguns, long-range hunting, tactical applications and more. And although increased demand for copper bullets has brought more competition, Brooks’ 13-year head start has set the bar well beyond their reach.

X Bullet Year Profiles

The next version, the XLC featured a dry film lubricating coating designed to decrease fouling and improve velocity and accuracy. Introduced in 2003, the TSX Bullet incorporated horizontal grooves along the circumference of the bullet, which eliminated the need for a dry lubricating film. These grooves also provided a place for copper displaced by the rifling to resettle.

The Barnes TTSX added a blue polymer tip to the proven X Bullet equation. This tip raised the ballistic coefficient for improved flight characteristics and acted as a wedge to promote full expansion and energy transfer.

In 2011, Barnes introduced the LRX, designed for consistent terminal results at close and long range, with bullet shape and configuration optimized for each caliber. Introduced in 2017, Barnes VOR-TX LR takes all the advanced engineering of LRX to our highest level of downrange effectiveness. It delivers identical results up close and out to 700 yards and beyond with unmatched precision. It's the pinnacle of Barnes all-copper domination in its most accurate and lethal form yet.

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the X Bullet, Randy Brooks and his daughter Jessica traveled back to Alaska where he takes his largest bear ever (10' 8" Brown bear) with prototype 416 Remington Mag 350 Gr. LRX VOR-TX LR ammunition. Jessica takes her 9 ½' Brown bear with a 375 H&H loaded with vintage 270 Gr. X Bullets.

Randy used a Dakota Model 76 Professional Hunter with a Swarovski Z8 2-16x50 scope.

Jessica used a Dakota Model 76 Safari with a Swarovski Z8 2-16x50 scope and Swarovski EL 12-50 binoculars.

Both hunts were guided by Bill Stevenson (aka The Black Knight) is the owner/operator of Alaska Outfitter