Tips & Tricks – Q & A – August 2015

August 20, 2015


I’m being a bit confused when trying to select a 30 caliber TTSX bullet. Most of the bullet weights are evenly spaced except for the 165 and 168gr bullets.

What’s the reason for having two bullets of almost the same weight?

Do they differ in any other way or is it just this tiny weight diff?

Best regards
Ove S.


Great question!

The 165gr versions incorporate a short nose profile, often referred to as the ogive, to accommodate cartridges that require a short COAL (Cartridge Over All Length) requirement, such as the 300 Win Mag and 300 WSM. The 168gr TTSX has a longer ogive than the 165gr TTSX and it provides a more efficient, more streamlined design that allows it to retain its velocity and energy better. We test each bullet and assign it a value that rates each bullets ability to overcome air resistance. This is referred to as the BC or Ballistic Coefficient. The higher the BC value the more efficient it is.

So you'll see a slight downrange advantage to the 168gr versions with their higher BC’s when they are incorporated in cartridges such as the 30-06, 308 Winchester or 300 RUM that can accommodate the a longer finished cartridge length and magazine requirements.