Success Story – Shannon Bisson

April 23, 2015

Shannon is a great example and inspiration us all to get out there and hunt. Her husband, Bill, recently emailed Barnes and had this to say about Shannon.

“She is the best hunting partner ever. Her paralysis don’t hold her out of the hunt. The cow moose 2013 and Mule buck with her 270WSM 130TTSX Whitetail buck 6.5 Creedmoor 127LRX 2014 Cow elk 270WSM 140TSX 2015 damage hunt. I know she loves to hunt as much as i do because when general season is over we’re waiting on spring bear and turkey. Once again you yourself have been very supportive in my reloading. We both reap the benefits of that it is also a very relaxing off season hobby I look forward to every year because we love to shoot a LOT.”

Happy hunting Shannon and Bill.