Pursuit Channel's Guns & Gear Comes to Barnes to test out Barnes' New Ammunition Products

November 10, 2014

The Guns & Gear crew recently visited the Barnes Facility and had the chance to put the Barnes VOR-TX hunting ammunition and the TAC-XPD Defense ammunition through its paces. Check out the videos to see how the ammunition from Barnes performed.

Be sure to check out the new Barnes hunting ammunition (VOR-TX) in 338 Lapua, 120 grain 300 AAC Blackout, 10MM Auto and defense ammunition (TAC-XPD) in 357 Magnum. These items are hitting shelves now.

Barnes TAC-XPD Handgun Ammunition With Guns & Gear TV

The Guns & Gear TV crew came out to the Barnes facility to see test out the Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition.

Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 338 Lapua Mag

Barnes has recently started loading a 338 Lapua round with our 280 grain LRX bullet. This load is held to extreme tolerances, creating an extremely accurate option for hunting with the 338 Lapua.

Barnes 300 Blackout in 120 grain VOR-TX Ammunition

Guns & Gear comes to the Barnes testing facility to check out the new 120 grain 300 AAC Blackout VOR-TX Ammunition.