Dangerous Game Training

October 28, 2014

May passed so quickly I can hardly believe it. The kids are out of school and summer is in full swing.

Picture: Left – Jill Green – Middle – Betsy Spomer – Right – Coni Brooks

I love Memorial Day and taking time to think about and show respect for those we loved who have passed. Also, showing respect for those who served our country and gave up their lives to ensure the freedoms we enjoy. My father and father-in-law have both passed away. They served In World War II and thankfully came home alive and for that I’m very grateful. My husband and I wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t!!!

In last month’s Coni’s Corner I mentioned that my good friend Betsy Spomer and I would be attending the two day SAAM hunter Marksmanship Training School in Barksdale, Texas the end of May. It was so much more fun than I even imagined and I learned so much. Betsy is an amazing lady, and responsible for getting me to the school. I am truly indebted to her for that.

The morning of the first day we started out sighting in our rifles and determining our strengths and weaknesses in shooting. I was happy to know about the errors I was making and correcting those errors to improve my shooting skills. I took my MG Arms 300 Win Mag, but also shot a 308 Win and 223.

That afternoon, we were put in the field to face simulated charges of Cape buffalo and elephant life-size moving targets. What a rush! This was excellent practice to prepare me for my trip to Mozambique next month with my daughter, Jessica. Click on the video below to watch the action.

There were also hippo and crocodile moving targets in a good sized pond of water. It seemed so real it was unbelievable. We also sat in a mock blind where a leopard target appeared in a tree. Also, did a short walk looking for Cape buffalo.

The moving target practice was a real challenge and I was glad they had that there because as hunters we know animals may not be standing still for you to make that perfect shot. Not only learning how to shoot, but shoot well, while animals are on the move is an important skill.

The second day we went to a very large area over-looking a canyon for some long-range precision shooting opportunities. Targets were placed at various distances from 200 to over 1000 yards and I am happy to say I hit my target at 1000 yards with a 300 Win Mag. A first for me at that kind of a distance!! It was truly exhilarating. We certainly had a very busy two days.

We met a lot of great people – instructors and students alike. One incredible young woman was Jill Green from Alabama. I liked her the moment I met her and she was very happy that there were other women at the school to pal around with. Jill was getting ready for a Safari in Zambia with her husband. She went to Africa last year but didn’t hunt. She decided after being there that the next time she went she was going to hunt. She made a very good and important decision to attend this school before she started hunting dangerous game. I know she will be a great hunter and shooter and get her trophies in Zambia.

There was also a father there who brought his three sons as well. Good move dad!!!

I highly recommend checking this school out. The food and accommodations are awesome! FTW’s courses will truly help you no matter       your skill level. I will be going back again next year for sure because I know there will always be something new to learn.

Susan Rexrode of SFWA will be here the end of June to conduct a two day personal defense handgun training. We will have ten ladies in the class with a variety of handguns made available to shoot. Immediately following the class, Jessica and I will train with Susan to become certified instructors. Our goal is to educate others (primarily women) about how to choose the right handgun, proper handling and shooting techniques, while improving one’s shooting and personal protection skill levels and abilities.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer with family and friends. Take the time to teach someone to shoot. It will be fun for everyone and you’ll be glad you did. More importantly, they will too.
Coni Brooks