Barnes Helps Take Utah CMP High Power Team Championship Title

August 25, 2015

Outdoor writer and shooter, Joseph Von Benedict, recently posted this to his social media page:

“Folks, at the risk of tooting my own horn, my partner and I just won the Utah CMP High Power Team Championships.

“This weekend I competed with my trusty Rock River AR-15 National Match rifle and Barnes's high-BC, magazine-compatible 85-grain Precision Match ammunition. Touting the rifle and ammo more than my skill, I turned in top scores of the day, winning with my partner Joe Kennedy, and went on to also win the following CMP EIC competition. Even in a gusty wind, my scores at 600 yards were 98 out of 100 possible during the team match, and 95/100 and 97/100 during the EIC match. Not only is it superbly accurate, the 85-grain bullet bucks the wind well.

"Scores at 200 yards and 300 yards were exceptional as well. In fact, I shot a 97/100 offhand at 200, which is unheard-of high for me. Got to be the rifle and ammo–’cause I’ve never done that before!"

Congratulations Joseph.