Ty Weaver

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Address: Groves, Texas
Date of Birth: March 13, 1995
School: Groves Elementary, Grade 4
A/B Honor Roll

Hunting Information

-Was taught to shoot a centerfire 6mm PPC benchrest rifle in Pennsylvania at two years old by his grandfather, “Pappy Al.”

-Moved to Texas at age three.

-Began big game hunting at age four.

-Harvested 10-point Texas whitetail at four years old with a Barnes X-Bullet from his custom 6mm PPC.

-Harvested his first big game animal with his bow at age six.

-2002-2003, youngest recipient of the Jason McCullen Memorial Youth Hunter of The Year award from Trophy Game Records of The World. Other TGR Awards: 1st Place Canadian Whitetail Modern Arms; 1st Place Axis Deer Modern Arms; 1st Place Javelina Archery; 2nd Place Aoudad Sheep Modern Arms; 3rd Place Blackbuck Antelope Modern Arms; 6th Place North Texas Whitetail Modern Arms; 7th Place North Texas Whitetail Modern Arms.

-2003-2004, Trophy Game Records of The World awards: 1st Place & New Diamond World Record Rio Grande Turkey Modern Arms; 1st Place Bobcat Modern Arms; 1st Place Javelina Modern Arms; 1st Place North Texas Whitetail Modern Arms; 1st Place Wild Boar Archery; 1st Place Corsican Sheep Archery; 2nd Place Catalina Goat Modern Arms; 2nd Place Axis Deer Modern Arms; 2nd Place Blackbuck Antelope Modern Arms.

-2004 – 2005 Trophy Game Records of The World awards: 1st Place and New Diamond World Record Javelina with In-Line Muzzleloader; 1st Place and New Diamond World Record Zebra Modern Arms; 1st Place Rio Grande Turkey Modern Arms; 1st Place Bobcat Modern Arms; 1st Place Blesbok Modern Arms; 1st Place Kudu Modern Arms; 1st Place Gemsbok Modern Arms; 1st Place Bison Archery; 2nd Place Kudu Modern Arms; 2nd Place Blue Wildebeest Modern Arms; 2nd Place Blackbuck Modern Arms; 2nd Place Aoudad Modern Arms; 3rd Place Impala Modern Arms; 7th Place Axis Modern Arms.

-Hunted the Mayfield Ranch and harvested American Bison with a bow at age nine.

– Appeared on Ted Nugent’s Spirit of The Wild television show.

-Appeared live on two hour-long interviews on Fox News Radio with Billy Halfin, and Newstalk AM 560 KLVI with Chester Moore.

-Featured in Ted Nugent’s Adventure Outdoors Magazine and Texas Fish & Game Magazine.

-Front page write up and sport section articles in several newspapers, including The Beaumont Enterprise, The Orange Leader, The Port Arthur News, The Mid County Chronicle (Texas) and The Times News (Pennsylvania).

-2004, harvested several animals with Rossi .50 caliber muzzleloader loaded with Barnes 245-grain Expander MZ.

-At the age of 10, Ty has harvested 87 big-game animals with bow, rifle, and muzzleloader.

-Member of the Jefferson County 4H Small Bore Shooting Team. Placed first in the 2004 county match.

-At the age of nine, became a booking agent for Limcroma Safaris (he actually does a great job helping his Dad) hunting South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

-Produced his own big game hunting video: “Hunting from Texas to Africa – Bow, Rifle, Muzzleloader”.

School Recognition

-Recognized as an Honor Roll student.

-Three-time recipient of the Presidential Physical Fitness award.

-Recognized as bringing in the best “Show & Tell” stuff. (One time he took Hannes Els, an African Professional Hunter. The kids, teachers and principal all had a great time with Hannes.)

Experience With Barnes Bullets

At the age of four, Ty experienced the value and performance of Barnes Bullets. He took his first big-game animal-a ten-point Texas whitetail with a 75-grain X-Bullet from his custom 6mm PPC. The big whitetail dropped in his tracks in plain view of Ty. The excitement was beyond description. The rifle was built by his grandfather on a Remington Model Seven action with a heavy barrel to reduce recoil, and fitted into a “sawed off” HS Precision stock.

As Ty grew so did his caliber selection. At five years old, “Pappy Al” performed his magic and built Ty a .243 on a Model Seven action. The barrel was equipped with a muzzle brake and was lighter for stalking more open-range game. The 95-grain X-Bullet was put to the test. Once when hunting his West Texas lease for blackbuck antelope, Ty glassed an Aoudad ram a long way off. He made a stalk to 235 yards and ran out of cover. He lowered his bipod and set up for the shot. When he squeezed off the shot the huge Aoudad dropped! The little X-Bullet broke both shoulders and exited. No other bullet would have performed like that on such a tough animal.

Ty shoots a minimum of 50 shots a week from his rifles in various positions and distances. (There’s no telling how many Barnes bullets are buried in the dirt backstop.) After literally wearing out his .243 barrel in the field and at the range, Pappy Al chambered Ty his favorite caliber to date: the .308.

He has shot fifty-plus animals with this rifle using Barnes 110-, 130-, 150-, and 168-grain XLCs. During a hunt in West Texas Ty used his .308 and a 110-grain Barnes X-Bullet to harvest an unbelievable blackbuck antelope at a distance of 278 yards. On the way back to the four wheeler he spotted several Rio Grand turkeys. Ty made a great shot from his bipod and the turkey scored as the new Diamond World Record in Trophy Game Records of The World for modern arms. Barnes Bullets are accurate!

At the age of nine Ty took his first African safari. Ty loaded 43.5 grains of Accurate Arms 2520 into Norma cases primed with Federal 210Ms and topped with 168-grain XLCs. To make a long story short: Seven shots, seven animals.

Ty is heading back to Africa in 2006 to hunt larger game and he is currently developing a cartridge in .375 caliber. It will be loaded with a Barnes, of course.

He realizes how fortunate he is to hunt Africa at such a young age.

Ty has also taken a liking to his Rossi .50 caliber muzzleloader. He has harvested several great Texas trophies with the Barnes 245-grain Expander bullet.

Ty’s Personal Quote

“I can’t understand why some people don’t use Barnes X-Bullets: I just can’t figure that out! They have never let me down. I’ve shot big game with Barnes X-Bullets in .22ppc, 6ppc, .243, 6x.284, .250 Savage, 7×57, .308, and .50 caliber muzzleloader. One time, I shot a big Axis with a competitor’s bullet: I hit the animal good but did not get the penetration like a Barnes. We finally found the Axis after a very long time. That will never happen again!”