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Question #1
I had picked up some TSX 115 grain bullets to load for my 257 Weatherby. I only noticed after that, the box advised 1:9 twist minimum. I have a Weatherby Vanguard 2 with a 1:10 twist. Do you think these will stabilize in my gun? I should be launching them at around 3200-33fps. I thought this velocity should stabilize them.

Answer #1
Most of the time the high velocity of the 257 Weatherby will stabilize that bullet in the 1:10 twist barrels – especially at high altitude. However, at low velocities and also at low altitudes, where the air is more dense, you may actually experience bullets tumbling. Therefore, we have the recommendation of a 1:9 or faster barrel twist.

Question #2
I have a CZ 597 in 223 with 1:12 twist. My daughter will be using this rifle on deer. The load she has been shooting is key holing with this slow twist. What weight and bullet would you recommend for deer with this twist?
-Adam K.

Answer #2
The 1:12 twist barrels will stabilize our 45 grain, 50 grain, 53 grain and 55 grain TSX bullets – along with the 50 grain TTSX. All of these are good choices for deer. I’d suggest the 53 grain TSX just because I’ve had more experience with it and it shoots well in my personal rifles.

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