Tips and Tricks – Q & A – April, 2015

April 23, 2015


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I would like to try some different types of .224 cal bullets for my 22-250. I’m looking for coyote rounds and I’m open to any ideas.

-Billy H.

There are two good options. The .224 caliber 36gr Varmint Grenade slowed to about 3800fps – to 3900fps at the muzzle, typically go in and stay in, and leave a good pelt at ranges from 50yds to 150yds. At 4300fps to 4400fps from the muzzle, and at the same impact ranges, they typically blow up quickly and leave large entrance holes with no exit.

The .224 caliber 50gr TSX is also a good option for fur preservation regardless of their impact velocity, and they are a bit more forgiving in this regard. Being an all copper bullet that is also a good product for deer and other large game such as hogs, this bullet will expand within the first inch of penetration, creating a nice wound channel – but it will always provide an exit. Exits are generally very small and most fur hunters suggest they are very “stitchable”. This bullet is loaded in the VOR-TX ammunition and our good friends at Coyote Control Specialists use this one in many of their videos. You can see their videos on youtube.