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Tim Sundles

Tim Sundles of Buffalo Bore Ammunition hunted the Yukon and took this amazing Moose with a .338 Win. Mag and a 210 gr. Barnes TTSX bullet.

Marty Barber

Marty Barber took this Stone Sheep in the Yukon with a 300 RUM and a 180 gr. TTSX

Robert Neilsen

Robert Neilson shot this mule deer las year in Utah general season. The deer is 29″ wide and has a gross score of 183. Robert says he shot a 5 point bull and cow last year all with Barnes TTSX 210 gr. .338 bullets out of a .338 Ultra going 3,265 fps.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith shoots a .284 Win. Mag with a 120 gr. TSX bullet. This buck was taken with one shot which went through both lungs — he fell in his tracks. Scott said, “in the past I had to search for deer but with this it was simply amazing.”

Keith Atcheson

Keith Atcheson — Jack Atcheson & Sons — took this Reedbuck with a .416 – 300 gr. TSX bullet.

Terry Blauwkamp

Terry Blauwkamp used Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition in .270 Win 130 gr. TTSX to take this Gemsbok. He said, “the ammunition was especially impressive. it was the ONLY time I have dropped a Gemsbok right where he stood, as I swear, they always run no matter what you hit them with, and then pile up 50 yards away.”

Rod Yaksich

Rod Yaksich took this Persian Ibex in SE New Mexico with his Muzzleloader. He says his favorite way to hunt is with a muzzleloader. The Barnes Spit-Fire MZ in 245 is his go to bullet. These Persian Ibexs are on public land and free range. This Billy is currently ranked number six for muzzleloader in SCI.