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X-Cellent Shots

525 Gr. Barnes Round Nose Solid

D’Arcy Echols of D’Arcy Echols & Co. sent this photo of a 65 lb elephant taken in Botswana. Bryan Walt, hunting with John Oosthuizen of Hunters & Guides, fulfilled a lifelong dream when he took this excellent bull elephant with a single shot, broadside, at 45 yards. Bryan used a Classic 505 Gibbs rifle assembled by D’Arcy Echols & Co. firing a 525 Gr. Barnes Banded Solid Round Nose bullet. Congratulations to both Bryan and John.

Gustavo Guajardo

Gustavo Guarjardo, with the help of his PH Johan Potgieter of Savanna Hunting Safaris, brought down this beautiful kudu with one shot using a 180 gr. .30cal Barnes TTSX. The bull measured 63″ on one side and 63.75″ on the other.

Justin Cherington

Justin wrote to thank Barnes for making what I feel is the best handgun hunting bullet in the world. Using a 250-gr XPB bullet and a 454 Casull revolver he was able to drop this Montana buck antelope at 125 yards with a single shot. It passed through both shoulders and you could see the shock produced.

Brian Spear

The opening week of bear season in North Carolina was a great success with our group taking seven bears. Six were over 400 lbs with the two largest at 540 and 550. Ranges were from 14 to 343 yards.
One interesting part of the hunt is everyone was shooting .30 caliber rifles but several different bullet manufacturers. Hands down the Barnes Triple Shock bullets performed the best with the most efficient and ethical kills.

From this experience, I’ll never shoot anything but Barnes. And I’ll recommend the bullets to all I hunt with.

Here’s a picture of me with my 480lb bear. I’m having his skull measured as he will most likely make the Boone & Crockett All-Time book. The 180-gr Barnes TSX in a .300 Remington Ultra Magnum is the perfect medicine for big black bears.


Brian Spear

Dale Gardner

Dale was recently invited to go on a hunt in Namibia, Africa. He accepted the invitation and decided that he wanted to use a gun that he’d purchased several years ago but had never really shot. This invite was on short notice, therefore he did not have much preparation time, but he got the gun out of storage, loaded some ammo and then headed to the range. At first he was disappointed in the gun and/or bullets. His group sizes were measured 3” – 5” depending on the loads. He did some minor adjustment with the gun and different loads but it seemed the best he could do was maybe just under 2” groups at 100 yards from the bench. Dale had never shot any Barnes Bullets before, but someone made the suggestion and so he gave some a try. Upon switching to the Barnes Bullets, he started to get 1” groups and even better. The gun and bullets gave him the confidence he was looking for. Unfortunately, the guns did not show up for three days and he was only able to take one animal with this particular gun, but it and the ammo worked great. A well placed shot using Federal Premium ammo loaded with the 140-gr Barnes triple shock bullet were very effective on the this nice bull gemsbok. The gun was a Kimber 84M classic in 7mm-08 Remington.