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Youth Photo Gallery

Coleton 50 cal 250 gr spit fire TEZ First deer

Coleton Younger Couldn’t be more proud of his first deer and Barnes is the only bullet he will shoot. Coleton used a 50 caliber 250-gr T-EZ to take his first buck.

While hunting with her father, Shaunte’ Harris took this record book pronghorn that scored 82-1/4″ and a great 27″ 4×4 mule deer. She was using a 300 Ultra and a 168 gr. Barnes Tipped TSX.

Tom Monarch with his S.C.I. #2 White Springbok taken with a 52 Caliber Knight Disc Extreme and the Barnes 275 Gr. Expander MZ bullet.

Michelle Simpson with her first deer. She used a Ruger 77 Compact in 7.62×39 with a Barnes 123 gr. TSX.

Nicholas Curcio – 9 years old at the time of this hunt took this Oryx in South Africa. It was his first big game animal on his own. He took a 150 yard shot with a 130 gr. TSX. It was a shoulder shot and the Oryx went straight down. Picture attached above. This is a large photo – so I know it will work.