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Savannah Avery

Young Hunter Spotlight
Savannah Avery

This is my daughter Savannah. She is 11 years old and this is her deer taken with a single shot from a .243 Winchester and a 75-grain Barnes X.

She has been hunting with me for the last 3 years. I am very proud that she has stuck with it. The first two years Savannah would get so excited, that her breathing sounded as if she had just finished the hundred yard dash. Luckily this young buck gave me a little time to talk her thru it. One well placed shot dropped him stone cold in his tracks.

I have been using Barnes Bullets for years. In both my 6mm and 7mm guns. They are absolutely the best.

Savannah is an avid sportswoman. Not only does she hunt, but enjoys fishing, softball, basketball, and stage acting. I am glad she took the time out for this years youth hunt, as she is currently on the varsity basketball team and doing a play.

Of course you can tell I am a very excited Dad too. To all you other parents out there, I hope you take your children on outdoor adventures also. They grow up all too fast, and I will cherish this memory as long as I live.

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