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Megan Copeland

Young Hunter Spotlight
Megan Copeland

I just wanted to say ”thank you” to all the people who put hard work into making such a great bullet! I have taken two deer with the small, but powerful .223 loaded with 62-grain Triple-Shock X Bullets. I fire these TSX bullets in my AR 15, which has a twenty-inch barrel. Muzzle velocity is about 3,050 feet per second (fps).
My friend and good hunting buddy didn’t feel comfortable using her gun because it hurt her shoulder, so I loaned her my AR 15 after I claimed my animal. She got her deer the same night I did! I was very happy with the results. Both shots were through and through, and did a lot a damage to the vitals of the two deer. What took me by surprise was that, even on my second deer (which was about 200 yards away), the bullet also went through and through.
Also satisfying is that it was a perfect heart shot—when we removed the heart, it was in two pieces. The deer went only about 20 yards before falling to the ground. After we opened up my first deer (which had been shot at a range of 50 yards), we found that the lungs were destroyed.

Thank you for such great—performing bullets!

—Megan Copeland

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