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Fern Rivers

Young Hunter Spotlight
Fern Rivers

Fern Rivers’ Sheep
By Larry Rivers

Fern took a nice Dall ram in August, and later shot a Marco Polo Sheep.
The Marco Polo Sheep was taken with a single shot at 400 yards, while the Dall Sheep was shot at 300 yards.

Tajikistan authorities said the nine-year-old hunter was the youngest to ever take a Marco Polo Sheep, and-as far as they know-the fifth woman. The previous youngest successful Marco Polo hunter was a 22-year-old male.

At first, the guides didn’t trust Fern’s marksmanship abilities. After they finished sighting in at 100 meters, they asked my daughter-”the little girl”-to try a shot. She smiled and asked them to move the target out a little farther, to at least 350 meters. They did, and she fired twice. Mouths were agape. She then asked if it was OK to shoot at a rock even farther out. They picked one the rangefinder said was 450 meters away. Again, she shot twice. After that there were no more questions. The valley was barely wide enough to accommodate dad’s smile.

Fern has tried a variety of bullets, but shoots Barnes by choice. She has kept every bullet she’s recovered.

Click on the attached links to see photos of her hunting trophies.
Hunting caribou
Hunting Africa

Fern is a real Barnes aficionado. Whenever I buy her a new cleaning rod, shooting glasses, rangefinder, whatever-she asks if it was made by Barnes. If not, she wants to know why it’s not. I love it.

-Larry Rivers

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