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Ashton Nicholson

Young Hunter Spotlight
Ashton Nicholson


Last June, I had the opportunity to hunt in Africa with my son Mike and grandson Ashton, who is 14 years old. This hunt of a lifetime involved three generations of our family. It commenced when my son and I booked a hunt with Okosongoro Ranch in Namibia one and one-half years ago. While talking to Ashton last year, I asked where he would like to go on a trip.

His response was, “Africa, with you and daddy.”

I told him, “get your gear ready, I’m taking you along.”

I was overjoyed to be able to hunt with Ashton, and watch him harvest his trophies. He collected kudu, oryx, impala, zebra and warthog. Deer hunting will never be the same. All were collected using my 7 MM Remington Magnum and 175-grain Barnes Triple Shock bullets. The Triple Shocks were outstanding, and Ashton hasn’t stopped smiling. Ashton summed up his hunt in a “Thank You” note” I received shortly after the hunt.

“Thank you for taking me to Africa,” he said. “The best part was the three of us hunting together.”

Grandpa couldn’t have said it better.

—Jack Nicholson


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