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Wes Reagan

Wes Reagan - 338 Win. 210 gr. TSX - Crocodile

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for building the best bullet on the market. I used your .338 caliber 210-gr Barnes-X bullet on a Hippo/Nile Crocodile/Sable safari to Mozambique in the latter part of August of 2012.

Wes Reagan - 338 Win.210 gr. TSX - Hippo

All of my veteran safari friends said the .338 Win Mag was “too light” to use on Hippo & Croc, especially with the 210-gr bullet. Well, they were wrong. One shot on the Hippo bull resulted in a complete pass-thru on a side brain shot. In one ear, out the other. The PH was extremely impressed with the performance of the Barnes bullet and even said that most .375 H&H rounds do not exit with that shot. He was equally impressed with the performance on a 14’-7” croc at 100 yards. A perfect side brain shot resulted in the croc never moving anything other than his tail! Again, perfect performance. The Sable was a broadside 130 yard heart shot with complete pass-thru. The bull only made it 30 yards. Perfect performance as expected. Keep up the fantastic work.

One Very Happy Customer!
Wes Reagan

Wes Reagan - 338 Win. 210 gr. TSX Sable