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Accuracy News

At Barnes we continually strive to make better products that outdo the competition. We now not only have the best performing bullet out there today – we have one of the most accurate bullets on the market.

Please read some testimonials from our customers that have experienced first hand how true these statements are!!!

500 yard group 2.25 inch three shot 6.5-284 Norma

Gregg Sloan of the Barnes Special Project division, shot this 2.25″ group using a 6.5-284 and 120-gr TTSX bullets at 500 yards. The group below was also shot by Sloan with his 6.5-284 at 1000 yards.

1000 yard target - 400

Klaus Beiglbock from Austria used his .30-06 and a 130-grain TTSX for this 3-shot group from 100 meters.

This is a 5-shot group from a Kimber of Oregon “S” series rifle in 22 Hornet with the new 30-grain Barnes Varmint Grenade. The rifle has a 22.5” barrel and a 1:16 twist. This group was posted at 100 yards while at the Tri County Gun Club in Sherwood, Oregon and was witnessed by Pat Mundy, Director of Public Relations at Leupold and Stevens. Wade Stevens, the shooter, is the Key Accounts Manager at Crimson Trace.

I fired this 100-yard three-shot group with a .300 WSM I built for the Grand Slam Club Convention auction. This is a Grand Slam Rifle 4; it weighs 7 1/4 pounds with a Swarovski 4-12x Scope mounted. The group measures 0.173 inch, center-to-center. I used 168-grain TTSX bullets loaded at 3120 feet per second (fps).

Jim Borden
Borden Rifles


When I got the 85-gr TSX bullets I was expecting hunting accuracy (all I have ever got from the rifle is 1.25-1.50” on a good day) and great bullet performance. I was not expected to find what I did; with Triple-shock bullets my .243 Winchester is a shooter. Talk about new life for an old rifle! See attached groups. I can hardly wait to use it on antelope and deer.

-Aaron Cummins

Roger Schaefer shot this target during a shooting competition using .50 caliber 290-grain TMZs.Roger still holds the National record for that match with a score of 50-1x. The target was shot offhand at 50 yards using a Austin & Halleck rifle.

Denny LaVell shot this target with his first load using his .270 WSM and a 110-grain TSX

Gregg Anderson fired this 3-shot group from 200 yards
with his .223 Remington and 36-grain Varmint Grenades.

Compliments to Barnes,
Just wanted to convey my experience regarding the use of Barnes 140-grain XPB 357 Mag bullets. I reload and shoot target. I have been using these bullets with Hodgdon HS-6 in a Taurus 608ss revolver and turns out to be a very pleasant load to shoot. I am amazed at the accuracy and how flat these bullets shoot, 50 to 60 yards, right on with a 4? ported barrel.

-Andy Michaels

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I worked up some loads with the 36-grain Varmint Grenades that work fabulously in my T/C Encore Pro Hunter. My best load used Winchester cases, Federal GM210M primers and 40-grains of Varget powder. This combination produced the best groups yet! This is a six-shot group fired from a clean barrel at 100 yards from a Caldwell Lead Sled. A BSA Mildot 6-24x40mm illuminated-reticle scope was mounted on the rifle. The first shot was high, and the next five measured .43-inch in outside diameter. Center-to-center measurement was .23-inch.

This same load worked also best in my cousin’s Encore 26″ barrel and also my son’s Encore 26″ barrel. So far I have used about 300 rounds getting the perfect loads and now I’m a happy boy and will be happier when I get to put some chuck’s to sleep!

-Matt Maurice

This group was fired from my .300 Weatherby. It is .3904 inches. The MRX preformed very well on paper.

-Todd Orr

“…just like the .270Wby mag Ultralight-weight when shooting the TSX’s, the 340 shot the best groups it has ever shot….. needless to say…I am beyond pleased with the groups this wonderful bullet is giving my 340. Knowing that it isn’t going to come apart on me if an elk or kudu presents itself at say 30 yards or so, is pure icing on the cake to my piece of mind.

“I’m getting unreal groups with them compared to all the other bullets I’ve tried. The worst group I shot in the tunnel was with a very hot barrel and it still was only .605-inch. And remember, this is the same gun that shot everything else at 1.5-inch. These things are awesome!”

-David Archerd

Outdoor writer, Chuck Taylor shot these targets using a .300 RSAUM and Barnes Triple-Shock Bullets.

This is a 3-shot target using my 300 Weatherby Accumark at 200 meters with 180-grain TSX. The group measures .351 inch. Keep up the good work Barnes!


-Stephen Schnoor

I have been shooting 450-grain TSX bullets in my 458 Winchester. Because of the exellent results I had been getting I thought I would try some 350-grain X bullets in my Pedersoli Sharps. Here is a target I fired at 200 yards. Tthanks for the great bullets.

-Chris Storeng

Thank you for developing such a deadly and accurate hunting bullet!

For many years I have attempted to hand load your Barnes X-Bullets in .375 H&H, 30-06, 30-06 Ackley Improved and 300 H&H rifles, but could never get the accuracy I felt I needed. I actually gave up on Barnes a couple of years ago and was reluctant to give the TSXs a chance. Then in January of this year, I started my loading for brown bear. The .375 TSX was everything I had been looking for, and more. Extremely accurate (consistent sub-MOA five-shot groups) and none of the copper fouling I had experienced with the predecessor bullets. I was very fortunate to kill a very big brown bear with one shot at 150 yards in May of this year.

Encouraged by the success with the .375s, I bought some 180-grain .308 TSXs for the 300 H&H, and that rifle has never shot so accurately. The TSX is giving me consistent ¾-inch or less three-shot groups-and if I do my part, many of these groups measure less than one-half inch.The attached target measures less than 7/16-inch across.

I just wanted to thank the folks responsible for creating such a great bullet. I am a believer!

-Gary Butts

Dear Ty,

I just wanted to thank YOU for the load advice you have given me, and Barnes for making what I think is the best bullet on the market today. I have been using 180-grain Barnes Triple-Shock bullets in my .300 Winchester Magnum and 168-grain TSX for my .308 Thompson Encore. The groups I get with these bullets are amazing. The .300 Winchester Magnum did a fantastic job in Africa on wildebeest, zebra, kudu, impala and blesbok.

I had been having trouble getting the Encore to shoot with any load, so with your help I played with the seating depth and went back to working up to the right load in half-grain increments. I have used Barnes bullets since you started making them, and have always been impressed with the stopping power they provide. However, I have never been so impressed as I am with the accuracy, penetration and killing power of the Triple Shock.

Thanks again for all your help.

-Richard Petropulos

Here is a copy of a three shot group. I was checking the zero on some rifles and decided to try the 100-grain TSX in an old .257 Roberts that I often use deer hunting. It had performed well with the XLC bullets but the proof is in the group. It is even better with the TSX bullets. I am discovering similar results with the 140-grain TSX bullets in a 7mm-08. Across the board, I am getting tighter groups with the TSX bullets with the same impressive performance on game. Good job!

-Tom Page

I thought you might like to see the results of today’s session at the rifle range. This is eight shots at 100 yards utilizing Barnes MRX 180 grain slugs. The shot that is outside the group was the first shot from a clean cold barrel. The group is seven shots! Great bullet! It will be going hunting with me for Idaho elk.

-Paul Wyatt

Here is a picture of a group I shot at 100 yards with my 375 H&H Magnum using a 300-grain TSX. It measured exactly .375 inches center to center! Great accuracy in a great design. Can’t wait to take them to Tanzania for a buffalo hunt!

-Todd Rathner

Frank Oldread’s 8-shot group using a .375 H&H and 300-grain TSX at 100 yards.

(*Note: Maximum load! Approach with CAUTION!)

I had to drop you a line to share a bit of my success with you. I recently purchased a very inexpensive Stevens Model 200 rifle chambered for the 7mm-08. After shooting 50 or so non-Barnes bullets to break in the barrel, I loaded some 7mm 140-grain Triple-Shock X-Bullets. My first three shots at 100 yards produced a 1/2-MOA group over *49.0 grains of RL 19 powder. Well, I stopped my load development right there. I mean, what else could I ask of a rifle that cost less than $300.00? The Barnes TSX bullets sure made a winner out of this rifle.

-Donald Watkins

Triple-Shock Delivers!

(*Note: Maximum load! Approach with CAUTION!)

After having excellent results loading 150-grain Barnes Triple-Shock bullets for my .308, I decided to work up a new hunting load for my semi-custom 7mm Remington Magnum with a Schneider barrel. Please see the attached three-shot, 100-yard group, which measured just 3/8 inch across. This was the first group I shot!

The load consisted of *64 grains of IMR 4831 powder, which chronographed at 3,068 fps. I seated the Triple-Shock bullets .050 inch off of the lands, as recommended. My second three-shot group went into 3/4 inch. I have shot numerous hunting loads through this rifle, including bullets like Nosler Partitions, Ballistic Tips and Accubonds, as well as Swift Scrirrocos. No other bullet groups as well as the Barnes Triple-Shock does. This is quickly becoming my bullet of choice for all my hunting rifles. Keep up the good work!

-Al Andrews, Jr.

Ken Mattern sent us this target using a .223 Ackley Improved
and 53 grain XLC bullets at 300 yards.

(*Note: Maximum load! Approach with CAUTION!)

This is the kind of accuracy I’ve come to expect from Barnes Bullets.
Great product!

Here’s the load I used:

Bullet: .308″ 180-grain Triple-Shock X-Bullet
Cartridge: .300 Weatherby Magnum
Primer: Federal 215m
Case: Weatherby
Powder: *84.5 grains of IMR 7828
At 100 yards, it produced this 3-shot group measuring .389 inch, center to center.

-Joel Blitz

First, I would like to thank Barnes Bullets for the quality bullets you make. My family has harvested several elk using your bullets. Each elk was harvested with a single shot.

Awhile back I emailed you for some advice on loading the 270-grain Triple-Shock bullet for my .375 H&H Magnum rifle. I’m sending you a photo of the results I obtained with your Triple-Shock bullets.

After trying several loads from your manual, I settled on one that produced great results from my Weatherby Mark V with a 24-inch barrel. I shot this group at 100 yards. It was witnessed by several other shooters. The group measured just 1/8 inch by 1/2 inch.

-Mike Kidwell

I loaded up some 130-grain Triple-Shock X-Bullets in my .270 WSM and let me say they are the BEST shooting premium bullet I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. They consistently shoot at least a quarter inch better three-shot groups than other bullets I have used previously. I am a true believer and plan to tell everyone who asks that Barnes Bullets are the best route to take.

I will keep you informed over the season how hunting with the Triple-Shock goes. I expect it will perform flawlessly, and I will have nothing but smiles.

Carl Flesch
Technical Representative
Kimber Rifles

The TSX, Unbelievable! Just finished working up another sub-MOA load.
Finally I have highly accurate and deep penetrating bullets for my .270 and
.300 RUM.

I absolutely love Barnes TSX!

Thank you!

-Bill Dehaan

I do all the family reloading. The Barnes X Triple-Shock has performed well in every caliber. It is accurate, clean and retains weight better than anything else we have experimented with in all fifteen calibers I reload. One shot kills are the norm and we really like that!

-George Coughran

I haven’t had a chance to test the 210-grain Triple-Shock bullets you sent me to try in my .340 Weatherby, but I figured that if you thought they’d help make my .340 shoot, then maybe my other “problem child” – a Weatherby Ultralight .270 Weatherby Magnum – might also benefit from using Triple-Shocks.

This rifle has shot only 2.5-inch groups (at best!) no matter what bullet I tried. Sciroccos, Accubonds, A-Frames, Interlocks, Combined Technology BST and FSs, etc. – none would shoot better than 2.24 inches. It made me want to sell the rifle.

Then I tried Triple-Shocks.

The very first five-shot group with the first powder I tried measured .443 inch across! I about fell out of my chair! I cleaned the barrel and tried Sciroccos again-they flew everywhere. Cleaned the barrel again and put five more Triple-Shocks into a .393-inch hole.

I let the rifle get cold, then shot it again three hours later. It printed the group you see in the picture. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic over these groups and the bullet. The best part is, this isn’t a target bullet designed for punching paper, but one of the best game bullets on the planet. The mule deer are in trouble now!

I have shot five more five-shot groups with this load, and the largest measured .605 inch (and that’s with a hot “noodle” barrel!) These bullets are IT!

Thanks so much for your help, Ty. My hat’s off to all of you people at Barnes for designing such a wonderful bullet.

Best Regards,

David J. Archerd
Quality Assurance/Product Testing
Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that you made this old man’s hunting life complete by sharing with other hunters my story and picture of my buck in the September, 2005 issue of your monthly newsletter. I hope this helps convince others that Barnes Bullets are the only ones to use if you want one-shot kills–and not have to chase a wounded quarry for hours. Animals seldom suffer when shot with a Barnes Bullet, as they are usually dead before they fall.

Three generations of Shoemakers use your bullets exclusively in their handloads. My son was the last to join my grandson and me in doing this. He asked me to load up some 120-grain Triple-Shocks for his 7mm Remington Magnum. He tried them on paper, and was happy with the results.

This year he took another fine 3×3 buck with an arrow, and on the second day of rifle season he took a nice 3×2 that came from the same area as my last year’s buck. My grandson was given the first shot, but missed. My son shot backup and decked the buck with one round at 320 yards. It was “take that shot or no shot,” as there was nothing but open area between them, and no possibility of making a sneak stalk. Needless to say I’m very proud of them. I’m also proud of you and your products for treating hunters with respect and complimenting them on a job well done when compliments are earned.

My son talked me into getting the buck pictured in your newsletter mounted. Told me it had a lot of family history in that it was taken through efforts of our three generations.

Thanks again for giving us a product that we have complete faith in. We know that what we hit will be going down the first shot 99 percent of the time. I’ll be 68 this Halloween, and will be chasing elk in Colorado beginning November 5th.

- Ed Shoemaker

Just wanted to tell you how much I like your bullets. I bought a Winchester M70 Stainless Synthetic rifle in .375 H&H last year just because I’ve always wanted a big rifle. When I looked at your website, I saw that you made 210-grain X-Bullets for that caliber. I got a couple of boxes of these bullets and started loading. I found that with 77 grains of RL 15 I could get one big, ragged hole at 100 yards! That load does exactly 3000 fps, according to my chronograph. This bullet makes the .375 H&H even more versatile-in fact, I plan on using it for whitetails this fall. I took a picture of a group that I shot at 100 yards. This is a decent group, but by no means is it the best that I have shot with this load. Thank you for a great product.

-Brian Peot

(*Note: Maximum load! Approach with CAUTION!)

I just got back from the range after having my first shooting session with the new Triple-Shock bullets. WOW! That’s all I can say. I was shooting *48.0 grains of H 4350, which drives a 100-grain TSX bullet from my .257 Roberts Ruger No. 1. Fired from the bench, this load gave me a 1/4-inch 3-shot group at 100 yards. My rifle went from a one-MOA rifle to a 1/4-MOA rifle, not to mention the fact that I gained almost 200 fps in velocity. My .25-06 AI and 7mm-08 are next up for load testing. I will be shooting only TSX from here on out. Thanks for a great product.

Craig Lovelace
Firearms Product Specialist
Gander Mountain

Here is a target I recently shot at the “Hunters Helping the Hungry” match in Elkins, West Virginia. It is a five-shot group shot off the bench at fifty yards. I was using 250 grain Barnes Expander MZ’s…and an Austin & Halleck gun.

-Brad Bennett

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your Triple-Shock bullets’ performance. I just got back from South Africa where I took five plains-game animals. They were all one-shot kills with a 180 grain .300 Winchester Magnum TSX bullet. I was able to recover the bullet from my Blue Wildebeest and what a perfect mushroom with 99.9 percent weight retention!

The accuracy with these bullets is incredible. All of my hunting buddies have switched to these bullets after my accuracy demonstration and the recovered bullet. Thanks for making a great product and keep up the great work.

-Craig Summerfield

(*Note: Maximum load! Approach with CAUTION!)

The rifle is a new Browning Stainless Stalker, 22-inch barrel, in .270 Winchester. I broke in the barrel with 25 Winchester factory rounds: ten shots, cleaning thoroughly after each. Fifteen shots cleaning after each five. Finally, Barnes CR-10 to remove any trace of copper.

Having only six Barnes 140-grain Triple-Shocks on hand I decided to look in the Barnes Reloading Manual Number 3 and see what loads were listed for the .270 Winchester X-Bullet in 140 grain.

I drove out to the local sand-pit and shot at 100 yards from a wobbly camping table using my sand bags. The first group was the three with *60 grains of H 4831 starting with a 100 percent clean barrel. It measured exactly 1/2 inch. I let the barrel cool, adjusted the scope left five clicks and shot the second group of three loaded with *55 grains of H 4350; it measured 3/8 inch. I was surprised at the accuracy of the first group because I started with an extremely clean barrel. Velocity of all shots was just over 3,000 fps. This rifle loves Barnes Triple-Shocks and so do I!


Just a short note to let you know that the Federal factory load of a 160 grain TSX consistently shoots 1/2 inch from my Model 70 7mm Remington Magnum and the Federal factory 180-grain TSX load consistently shoots under one-inch in my son’s Model 70 .30-06. Tremendous accuracy for over the counter loads, and most credit is due to your bullets and Shilen barrels. We will be shooting TSX’s in Namibia this coming August. Thanks for a great product.

-John Wright

When I was loading up your 30 caliber 168-grain Triple-Shock bullets in a customer’s .308 Winchester I was getting better accuracy than the Sierra Match King 30 caliber 168 grain. Well under 1/2 inch groups.

-Larry Barnett, Superior Ammo

Just a short letter thanking you for wonderful bullets manufactured by your company.

We custom load your bullets for clients of Trophy Ammo that have used your bullets in Russia, Mongolia, Argentina, China, all over Africa and of course, Canada, Alaska and every state which offers hunting.

We have used tens of thousands of your bullets from smallest caliber and weight to the largest caliber made by you. We have never had to apologize to a client.

When one asks, about a fine hunting bullet which delivers maximum velocity, accuracy and penetration we have no problem recommending Barnes Bullets.

We at Trophy Ammo live for accuracy, 3 shots inside a 1/2-inch group at 100 yards. With your bullet, it’s routine.

I have personally used your bullets on eleven Safaris. I am enclosing a target from my 300 Weatherby, shot at 100 yards (6-shot group) velocity 3248 at muzzle using Barnes XFB, 180 grain.

Thanks for helping us provide the best quality products for our customers.

Yours in good hunting,

-Sam Sanjabi, Trophy Ammo

Here is a target I shot yesterday. I took some photos of it for future inclusion in my work. I thought you might like to see it. The Morrison barrel is certainly part of the reason the group is so good. But if the bullet were not precise, the group could not have been made with any rifle barrel, even a Morrison.

The three-shot group was fired from a portable bench, by the way. Conditions were perfect, however, zero wind and sun at my back with a very clear view of the target. The scope was a Swarovski 10X.

-Sam Fadala, Outdoor Writer

Dear Barnes Bullets,
I’ve been trying some of your products, and have found the one I will stay with!

I just completed some load development using 168-grain Triple-Shocks, and have come up with a load that is more than “sweet.” I am shooting a Pac-Nor 29 inch super match grade barrel on a pre ’64 Model 70 Winchester action. Groups fired from 100 yards measure 1/4 inch in diameter! I can completely cover the single elongated hole with a dime–including the paper tear around the edge of the hole! Now that’s performance from a .300 Winchester Magnum!

Thanks for a great product!

-Siegmar “Fritz” Reiniger

I am so pleased and impressed with the 140 grain 7mm Triple-Shock X-Bullet. I used this bullet first in my STW rifle to determined its accuracy, and was amazed when it produced 1/4-inch groups at 100 yards. Then came the hunt with three deer – including a trophy buck – all dropping in their tracks as if someone had turned off a switch. These deer didn’t even twitch! Thanks a million for an awesome product.


-Gus Ramos

Superior Ammo loaded the new Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullets for the .300 Magnum I used on my Polar Bear hunt the end of March.

When I took this huge bear, I was very happy with how this bullet performed. The first Triple-Shock X-Bullet broke both front shoulders, putting the big boar down.

These bullets are extremely accurate. They group as well as the ballistic tip bullets I have used.

-Caleb Stroh

I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate Barnes Bullets for the development of the new Triple-Shock X-Bullet. After the appearance of the X-Bullets a few years ago I though there were no possible new designs that could be of much significance. Was I wrong!?!?

I purchased a box of your 168 grain .308 caliber Triple-Shock X-Bullets for myself and one of my buddies. We both shoot .300 Winchester Magnums and to my amazement we got good groups with every load we tried. In addition to the accuracy, I’m getting over 3300 fps (with one-inch groups). It’s like I’ve suddenly got one of those “super-mag” rifles with just the change of the bullet.

I have been convinced first hand of the benefit of the X-Bullet on tougher game but this new Triple-Shock design takes it a step further.

-Howell Crawford

Here is a picture of a fine 6×5 Colorado mule deer that I took at 290 yards with my .243 and an 85-grain Barnes Triple-Shock X-Bullet. The bullet dropped this buck in his tracks after breaking both front shoulders and coming to rest right under the skin on the off side.

The bullet retained 100 percent of its weight and expanded to just over double its original diameter. Not to mention the bullet shoots 1/2-MOA groups. I’m sold!

-Jay Loar