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Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition is currently available through Midway USA and Cabela’s. It’s unknown how long it will remain in stock so click over to their pages and make your order ASAP.


500 Pack 224 Bullets
Now Available Through Barnes Store

Bulk 22 Caliber (224 Diameter) 55 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Flat Base Box of 500

Barnes is proud to offer, direct from the factory, a new 55-gr 224 diameter bullet made for the shooter who has accuracy and affordability on the mind. These bullets are made in the traditional cup and core style, with a copper jacket around a lead core. Fred Barnes started making his bullets in 1932 the same way and it is still the most popular bullet design over 80 years later. An excellent choice for varmint hunting and target shooting where tack-driving accuracy and explosive performance are a must.

Bullet Specs:
  • Bullet Diameter: .224
  • Bullet Weight: 55-gr
  • Bullet Style: JHP

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Don’t Know Where To Shoot?
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Want to know where to practice target shooting, find a safety course or learn how to get started in shooting? Find what you’re looking for at a range near you. This state-by-state shooting range directory is your resource to find where to shoot. Also available through the App Store as a FREE app.


Hunting The Land Down Under

In the August newsletter, you read about the hunting adventure my husband, Thad, and I experienced in New Zealand with Gus Bisset. While making plans with Gus, we mentioned our desire to hunt water buffalo in Australia. Gus turned us on to Matt Kelman, Australia Wide Safaris’ owner and professional hunter. Australia Wide owns and manages Carmor Plains Wildlife Reserve – a 100,000 acre privately owned game reserve on the coast of the Northern Territory located next to Kakadu National Park. Australia Wide offers year round water buffalo hunting, as well as wild boar, banteng, scrub bull (wild cattle), wild goat and saltwater crocodile harvesting. Waterfowl hunting and fishing on Matt’s airboat are also available. I expressed concern about the amount of time needed for this hunt, but once Gus explained that Matt offered very reasonable priced 2- and 3-day buffalo safaris we were in.

We arrived in Darwin and took a cab to our hotel across town near the beach. The cab driver showed us some great pictures of fish he had caught, and explained the do’s and don’ts during our short stay in Darwin proper. Of particular interest was his suggestion to experience the local seafood buffet on the beach while enjoying the most beautiful sunset we would ever witness. However, he advised strongly against going in the water at all due to the danger of saltwater crocs and deadly jellyfish. We complied, and found out his recommendations were spot-on.

Sheree, Matt’s girlfriend, picked us up from the hotel the next day and drove us to camp. During the drive we came to understand that she plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations at Carmor. She not only sees to it that clients are provided delicious meals, but also serves as the airboat tour guide and chief skinner. (Note: be sure to scroll down and check out this month’s recipe – Sheree’s delicious Chicken Spaghetti.) Following our arrival, we took time to settle in our comfortable accommodations, get acquainted with our hosts and animals around camp, and accompany Matt to watch him feed “Bull” – his 15’6” pet saltwater croc. We also got a glimpse of our first buffalo not 100 yards outside of camp and what seemed like a zillion wallabies.

Matt Kelman feeding Bull

It can be difficult getting firearms and ammunition into Australia. No worries mate, Matt has that covered. He offers rifles for rent in a variety of small, medium and large bore calibers. Matt was kind enough to let me use his beautiful Whitworth chambered in 375 H&H. Being of smaller stature, it is a challenge for me to find a factory dangerous game rifle that fits well. The Whitworth suited me beautifully, and it shot Matt’s 300 grain TSX handloads darn near into the same hole at 50 yards. Thad chose a 458 Winchester that shot VOR-TX Safari Ammunition just as well. After a hearty breakfast, we verified point of impact with both rifles and set out for our first day of hunting.

We found the hunting conditions in April to be perfect for what we wanted to experience. While it was the end of the wet season, the water worked in our favor. Walking is quieter in the damp grass, searching the numerous wallows is a great strategy for locating animals. Matt explained that while buffalo have poor eyesight, their hearing and sense of smell are excellent. Shots are normally taken at a much closer distance during the wet season.

The first morning we drove around and saw several buffalo, but no shooters. As the day went on and temperatures rose the buffalo shaded up. Matt changed up the strategy and we began searching out fig trees where they find refuge from the heat. We spotted two young bulls with a nice older bull that Matt suggested one of us shoot. I gave Thad first option, and he passed. Excellent! I look for character, and this was the bull for me: gnarly and rough with nice bases and good mass. We closed in to within 15 yards and I laid the rifle across the sticks. A perfect shot to the shoulder and the bull took off. No way! I quickly reloaded. This guy was running away from us at a fast paced three-legged crow hop with a completely busted shoulder. We followed quickly behind, and he presented a second broadside shot. I put a second bullet in his neck and he went down. Matt had told us about the super tough, resilient nature of these animals and we had just witnessed it first-hand. Unfortunately, we did not get video footage of my bull but the hunt had just begun and we knew there would be more opportunities.

IMG-20130410-00231 IMG-20130412-00267
Jessica Brooks-Stevens with her SCI Silver Medal Water Buffalo. Their hide is extremely thick, elastic and tough.

The next day was eventful. We were on the prowl for Thad’s bull so he was in the shooting seat. He was able to quickly jump out and shoot a large boar we surprised in a wallow with Matt’s 308 Winchester.

Thad Stevens with his first Aussie boar.

That evening, we spotted a large herd on the edge of a vast flood plain. There was a nice bull amongst several cows and calves, but Matt was certain we could do better. As we watched through the binoculars, Matt pointed out a very old cow trailing the herd. It was obvious she was in poor health, so Thad decided to take her. We stalked and intersected her just after the rest of the herd cleared a fence. She could not keep up, so she had holed up in a dense growth of bush and trees. As the shot broke, a boar charged out of the bush not ten yards from her. With a quick reload and one shot, he was down as well. What a rush! That evening after supper, Thad connected on a boar with very large tusks. He had all the luck on his side with boar on this trip.

Thad_bore_2_sized Thad_bore_3_sized
Thad Stevens with water buffalo cow and Aussie boars. 458 Win Mag 450 grain VOR-TX Safari

The pressure was really on our third and final day of the hunt. Sheree knew of a herd in the area that we stalked unsuccessfully for a few hours that morning. They simply gave us the slip and disappeared like ghosts. It is amazing how stealthy and quiet these large animals are in the dense growth. Thankfully, Matt had a back-up plan that paid off. We located a nice, wide bull for Thad and were lucky enough to get the action on film. Click on the video below to watch Matt call the bull’s attention and set up the shot, the pursuit after the shot, and the charge that was stopped abruptly by a final 450 grain TSX.

That afternoon, Matt took us out on his airboat for Barramundi fishing and waterfowl shooting. The entire experience was unbelievable. Thad and I feel very fortunate to have hunted the South Pacific with great success, and we look forward to meeting up again with our friends from New Zealand and Australia in 2014 for more exciting adventures down under.

Photo Gallery:

Thad with Barramundi – they are real fighters.

Matt Kelman Airboat
Australia Wide’s custom-built airboat provides clients with hunting transportation and tours.

Jess & Monkey, 4-13-13, Carmor Plains
Jessica with “Monkey”, Sheree’s 5-month old baby wallaby.

Relaxing in the saltwater pool before the evening hunt.

Aussie sunset on the beach in Darwin, NT.

For more information about Australia Wide Safaris, visit their website or email Matt Kelman

Barnes’ Tips, Tools & Techniques Q&A August 2013

Andy Writes:
(My) reloading dies came with a .311 expander ball and a .308 expander ball. I assume I use the .311 on the .310 Barnes bullet? For the Barnes 108 MPG flat base 7.63×39 bullet, the data received from you shows IMR 4227 (RRLP) 18.6 to 20.6 grains – Same data for MPG? Does it need to be crimped for a Ruger Mini 30 (7.62 x39 mm) or a AR15 platform in 7.62 x 39 mm?
After sizing, the inside neck diameter needs to be .001” to .003” smaller than the bullet for proper neck tension and consequently good accuracy. If this means using the .308 cal expander ball to achieve this measurement then use it – better too small than too large. RRLP (reduced ricochet, limited penetration) and MPG (multi-purpose green) are the same bullet and use the same load data. We just market them under the RRLP label for police and military. We do suggest crimping when the ammo is going to be used in semi-auto rifles. This is because the ammunition gets slammed into the chamber and has the potential for bullet movement.

Craig D asks:
I just bought two boxes of the 45 ACP TAC-XPD ammunition. What is the black coating on the copper bullet? What effect does this have? It does look rather cool!
The black coating on the all copper bullet is nickel-plating and it has no effect other than appearance – It does look cool and that is why we do it!

Happy Hunting,

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Barnes Awards

American Rifleman’s Editor’s Choice
TAC_XPD_editorsChoice 001

Read More

VOR-TX Ammunition won the 2012 NRA American Hunter magazine’s Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition Product of the Year! For more information about the award, click here.

Barnes VOR-TX 300 AAC Blackout 110 grain TAC-TX Ammunition awarded BEST OF SHOT ’12 by MilitaryTimes GearScout.

Barnes’ Tipped TSX is the recipient of the North American Hunting Club’s Seal of Approval. The TTSX received an outstanding 97% approval rating from the NAHC field test members. Click here to view the article.

Success Story


I have recently returned from a plains game hunt in South Africa. I was using your bullets in my .308 Win and .338 Win Mag (My own hand loads).
I shot a wildebeest, kudu, impala, warthog and a gemsbok with the .308 Win. and shot an Eland, zebra, another wildebeest and impala with the .338 Win Mag! FYI, I shot the Kudu and Wildebeest at distances of 275 and 250 yards with .308 win. One shot each. Oh them 180s shoot straight!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I was “pleased beyond expectations” on how well your bullets performed would be an understatement. They worked Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did retrieve 4 bullets from 9 animals taken. It’s Amazing how well each of those bullets performed! A damn fine bullet you all make. Keep up the great work!

Dean Opatz

Recipe Of The Month

Thad and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Australia Wide Safari’s Carmor Plains camp. We especially looked forward each day to the delicious meals prepared by Matt’s girlfriend, Sheree. She and I became “mates” very quickly as we found that we have much in common. We are both hunters, aren’t one bit afraid of getting dirty, and enjoy a large brood of random farm animals. Sheree’s herd is a little more diverse than mine including wild boars, goats, “Nunya” the emu and “Monkey” the baby wallaby to name a few. We also share a love of cooking, and she was kind enough to share her uncle’s recipe for Chicken Spaghetti. I was surprised that she used chicken thighs, rather than breasts. “Ah, well, the dark meat gives it a rich, beautiful flavah!” She is indeed correct.
–Jessica Brooks-Stevens

P1020094 P1010924
Photos from Sheree’s successful hunt in New Zealand this year using her Blaser chambered in 308 Winchester. Duncan Fraser, Cardrona Safari’s, PH.

Chicken Spaghetti Recipe


  • 2.25 lbs. chicken thighs or boneless chicken meat, cut into bite size pieces
  • 4 small onions, chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 2 Tblsp mixed herbs
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp pepper
  • 2 cups red wine
  • 28 oz. bottle tomato and onion spaghetti sauce

Preparation Instructions:
Mix all ingredients together in a large pot. Simmer on the stove for two hours on low heat. Mix with cooked pasta and serve.

Club-X Members are invited to share favorite recipes (preferably with photos). Send to, and be sure to include “CLUB-X RECIPE” in the Subject line and get a Barnes hat if we use your recipe.

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August Club-X Prize

Club-X prize for the month of August:

Barnes – Range Preparedness Package


Be prepared at the range or at home with the this month’s prize – A Barnes Range Preparedness Package. This package includes a Barnes Range Bag that can be filled with whatever you may need for success, a Barnes Water Bottle so you will remember to stay hydrated, a Barnes Cold Steel Double Agent II knife and two boxes of Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition (available in 380 auto, 9mm Luger, 40 S&W and 45 Auto).

Congratulations to August Club-X Prize Winner – Cecil Adkins

Cecil was the lucky winner of a Barnes Fan Package that included a Barnes range bag, a Barnes gun case, and and a box of 308 caliber 175-gr LRX bullets.

Cecil Adkins1 Cecil Adkins2

I can not believe I was selected to win such a fine prize package from Barnes Bullets. This truly is a surprise and could not be happening to a more dedicated Barnes Bullet fan. I began using the Barnes 165 grain TSX back in 2006 when I killed the biggest buck of my hunting days. at 186 yards I sent the TSX into the fire pit of the buck, with two does beside him he just stood there, shaken up because he didn’t move I gave him another round , still no movement, then as I watched through the scope his hips began to sway, He was go’in down – does bedded with him – case of dead deer standing. (The) 2nd buck, 216 yards away… Again at the crack of “Ma Belle’ the bucks heels kick up and in 3 yards, he was down. Dirt Nap Time. I converse with Ty from time to time to help me with load data so he’s been part of both buck pictures.


racksbook facebook_icon

This month’s Racksbooks/Facebook question:

The hunting season is upon us and the Barnes facility is abuzz with talk of where, what and when everyone has been and will be hunting. So this months question is: What percentage of Barnes employees are active hunters? for your reference, according to the NSSF and the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service (USFWS) 6% of people over the age of 16 hunted in 2011. Closest guess is the winner. One guess per person.

A link to the submission page will be posted on the Barnes Racksbooks and Facebook pages on Friday, September 13th on or after 8:00 am MDT. The first person to guess the exact score or the closest guess will be the winner. Answers submitted before the link is posted and not submitted by following the link will not be accepted. Good Luck!

Parting Shot


Just a few of the many pallets of TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition all packaged and ready for the truck. Learn more about TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition HERE.