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September 2010 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:  

As Barnes enters into the ammunition arena with the all-new Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition, I can’t help but be reminded of what has brought our company to this point. Reflecting back to the early 80s, I recall the large amount of pressure from our customers who did not handload Barnes premium bullets and were requesting them in factory ammunition. We finally gave in to the pressure and decided to produce a run of ammunition to test the waters. The ammunition was only sold in Alaska, so the offerings were consistent with the needs of the Alaskan hunters and game. Loads were tailored for caribou, on the smaller side, but we also loaded the bigger ticket items for grizzly and brown bear. During this time Barnes became well known for its heavy-for-caliber loads in our Supreme line of ammunition, such as the 300-grain 44 Magnum in the handgun line. In the rifle line, some of the most popular loads were 250-grain RNSP in 30-06, 300-grain RNSP in 338 Winchester Mag, and 350-grain RNSP in 375 H&H.


The ammunition sold very well, but as demand grew, we didn’t have the resources or the facility to keep up. We were forced to make a very difficult decision—to scale our ammunition manufacturing back to the most popular selling cartridge which was the 44 Magnum. This ammunition was very successful for a number of years and definitely filled a niche, but in the end we were forced to instigate the death of the Barnes 44 Magnum ammunition line (to the deep regret of our Alaskan market) to free up resources for the birth of the X Bullet.

As we fast forward to 2010, we are very pleased with our FGI affiliation and new sister companies. New resources are now available to us which has allowed us to launch VOR-TX. This premium line of ammunition was released mid-July, and it is being very well received in the marketplace. Offering ammunition once again, but on a larger scale and with the proper resources and facility in place, has allowed Barnes Bullets to graduate to the next level.

Overall, I am very pleased with the progression Barnes has made. I remember the day Coni, myself, our two daughters and extended family moved the company from Montrose, CO to American Fork, Utah 36 years ago. It took us three pickup trucks and trailers to transport the equipment and inventory on that 350 mile trip.

I don’t dwell on the past much, but I never forget history. I cherish my heritage and culture, and it is very satisfying to reminisce about the past while envisioning the future. I feel very fortunate to have had great opportunities presented throughout my life, and sincerely appreciate all of you who are reading this that have supported us in our efforts to be the best we can be.

I hope you have an enjoyable hunting season, and we look forward to hearing of your successes in the field.


Hello To All Club-X Members,

Here it is September – where did the summer go?! Seems like as we get older, time goes by faster, doesn’t it? I want it to slow down but what I want, and what I get, are two different things. I’m just happy to be here and enjoying life – and enjoyable it is!!

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the 3S Dealer Shoot and Seminar in Sparta, Illinois. It was held at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex. What an amazing facility this is. They offer Trap, Skeet & Cowboy Action Shooting, Camping, Fishing and a permanent vendor area. Click here to get information about the WSRC.


We had a fun time shooting Trap and also testing products from some of our Freedom Group sister companies. Remington shotguns and rifles were on the docket of products to shoot. I had the pleasure of shooting Remington’s NEW VERSA MAX shotgun and what fun that was! It’s a 12 gauge that offers the felt recoil of a 20 gauge – works for me! This autoloader reliably cycles all 12-gauge rounds, from 2 ¾” to 3 ½” magnum. I have one on order and can’t wait to get it. They will be shipping soon so keep your eyes open for it. Click here to get the latest on this new, innovative product from Remington.

Dealers from across the country also got to shoot Bushmaster and Dakota rifles. They got acquainted with a custom Remington 40X PBR loaded with some of the new Barnes VOR-TX ammunition firing at targets placed at 232 yards. The shooters had one chance to hit a target which was a small plastic bottle filled with Tannerite – an exploding target. The individuals who hit it won a raffle ticket to enter a drawing for a Remington shotgun. I must say, many were able to hit the target including a lady and three young boys. The rifle and ammo performed perfectly!!!

We also shot cantaloupe at 232 yards as well. It was interesting to watch as the VOR-TX Ammo loaded with Tipped TSX’s literally blew up the cantaloupe while other bullets punched a small hole through the cantaloupe without blowing them up. Just another test to show how Barnes all copper bullets PERform. It makes me proud to watch our bullets do their magic on all sorts of media.

Before the dealers arrived we had a bit of fun test driving this mini-car. We had several names for it but most can’t be written here. Cars have always intrigued me and still do. I told the guys that when I was growing up I always wanted something like this but for some reason never got one. I’m not sure if I am ready to let it replace my Suburban but maybe I can enter the INDY 500 with it and achieve another dream I had which was being a race car driver. What more can a girl ask for!!!!

Getting back to my job, which is selling, let’s not forget that the Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition is shipping and should be available at most of the stores you frequent. If you can’t find it, please give us a call and we’ll do all we can to locate some for you.

Also, just want to remind you again about the Barnes component rebate going on now through December 31st. A sample of the rebate coupon is below, which can also be printed from our website under the Special Offers section.


Well, that is a lot of information and I hope you all enjoy checking out the various products I have mentioned here.

Thanks for your membership in Club-X and keep on being good, responsible sportsmen. Remember to involve your children and/or grandchildren and especially your wife in shooting and hunting. The future of this sport depends on our support.


Barnes’ Tips, Tools, and Techniques – Muzzleloading

Many of the muzzleloading hunts are coming soon, or are already underway. Here in Utah, they will begin in just a few weeks. We are fielding a variety of calls in regard to the many choices of bullets and sabot combinations, so I would like to discuss options that are available from Barnes. I’ll also throw in an aftermarket combination that is proving to be successful for some folks. For the purposes of this article, we will be working with and referring to the 50 caliber inline muzzleloaders and saboted bullets.

Let’s begin by saying that all muzzleloaders are not created equal. Even within a given brand of firearm, there may be a variety of bore diameters. We have noticed a trend from older muzzleloaders (most all brands) with larger bore diameters, to many of the new muzzleloaders having very tight bore diameters. We have found that generally speaking, but certainly not always, muzzleloaders that are about 8 years or older typically range in bore diameter from .502 to .504”, while those that are newer typically range from .499” to .501”. I’ll refer to the .502” to .504” bore as the “large bore diameter”, and the .499” to .501” as the “small bore diameter” from this point forward to simplify. Because there are so many variations it can be very difficult for any one bullet and sabot combination to work well in all of the various rifles. To add fuel to the fire, there are numerous powder choices as well.

The Barnes 250gr and 300gr MZ Expanders that come paired with the MMP black HPH 12 sabots have a large hollow nose cavity and a flat base design. These bullets have been a great choice as packaged for those muzzleloaders with the larger bore diameters. For the small bore diameter, a simple sabot substitution can be made to aid in the ease of loading. I’d suggest MMP’s HPH 24 as the “best solution” we have found, but another good option is the MMP 3-petal EZ. Both are available from Muzzleload Magnum Products (MMP) in Harrison, AR, phone #870-741-5019, or online at

Barnes Spit-Fire and Spit-Fire TMZ have a more streamlined nose and a boattail design. The TMZ has a polymer tip. This unique boattail requires the special yellow sabot these bullets are packaged with that is made exclusively for Barnes. This combination works well for the large diameter bore. For small bore diameters, Knight offers a blue sabot that is packaged with these same bullets in their Ultimate Slam Series. It is our experience that sabots commonly used with flat base bullets produce very poor accuracy when used in conjunction with these boattail designs. Therefore, we don’t recommend that combination.

The newest addition to the Barnes line of muzzleloader bullets is the EZ loading T-EZ. These polymer tipped flat base 250gr and 290gr bullets come packaged with a thin blue sabot (MMP’s HPH 24) that works very well in the smaller bore diameters. We’ve also received positive feedback about the T-EZ in the .502” bores as packaged. The T-EZ bullets will work in large bore diameter guns when used with the HPH 12 sabot from MMP. Note that the blue sabot from Knight used in their Ulitimate Slam Series is only for the boattail version and the Blue T-EZ sabot from Barnes is used only for the flat base bullets.

To re-cap bullet and sabot packaging, the Barnes MZ Expander line is packaged with the MMP black HPH 12. The T-EZ is packaged with a blue version of MMP’s HPH 24; however, the MMP HPH 24 sold to consumers is black. The MMP HPH 12’s and HPH 24’s sold to consumers are both black and can be easily confused. Connie at MMP says the secret to telling them apart is by the number located in the hollow stepped base of the sabot. It is a hand written number for the HPH 12 and the HPH 24 has a more squared or typed number in the base.

That concludes our standard muzzleloader lineup and appropriate sabots for the various barrel diameters. However, we are always getting calls from folks that want something “outside the box.” The one 50 caliber combination that has gained a really large following is the Barnes 45/70 .458” 300gr Barnes Original Spitzer (#457010) coupled with the orange MMP sabot. It seems to load well in a variety of rifles and we’ve had numerous reports attesting to its potency and lethality.

Over the many years I’ve worked for Barnes, I’ve had the pleasure to listen to several hunting stories. The most common comment about the Barnes muzzleloader bullets is in regard to the fantastic penetration capabilities of these fine bullets and I quote “they leave a trail of blood that a blind man can follow”.

We thank you for your business – keep in touch.

Ty Herring

Recipe of the Month

Duck & Sauerkraut Casserole

-4 duck breasts

-1 quart sauerkraut

-8 strips bacon

-1/2 cup chopped onion

-2 sliced apples

-1 Tbsp. caraway seed

In skillet brown the duck breasts on both sides.
Place 1 1/2 layer of sauerkraut in bottom of a casserole dish.
Place the duck breasts on top of the sauerkraut.
Cover each breast with a 2 strips of bacon.
Cover with onions, sliced apples and caraway seeds.
Cover the breasts with another layer of sauerkraut and pour sauerkraut juice over it.
Cover the casserole dish and bake two hours in an oven heated to 350 degrees.

Barnes News


Congratulations Club-X Prize Winner!

Richard Ehrart

I’m a 61 year old retired art teacher. I have been loading MRX bullets since they first came out. Last year I went to Newfoundland and shot my first woodland caribou. It was also my first hunt with an outfitter, and I loved every minute of it. The caribou went down with one shot from my .308 win. loaded with a 180 gr MRX! I plan to be back in Newfoundland for moose and another woodland caribou this year, but intend to use my Rem. 7MM mag loaded with a 160 gr MRX. I also load Triple-Shock in .243 and .223 as well as Barnes MZ bullets in my black powder rifle. GO BARNES BULLETS..

-Richard Ehrart

Fast Snap™ 2.0 – Pistol/Revolver Cleaning System.
Fast Snap™ 2.0 – Rifle Cleaning System

Fast Snap™ 2.0 – Shotgun Cleaning System

Richard is the winner of the Remington’s Fast Snap™ 2.0 Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Cleaning Kits featured in the August newsletter. This kit will come in handy for all of his shooting adventures!

Prize for October

Remington’s Sportsman™ Series F.A.S.T.® (Fixed)

10 1/2″ overall length with a 5 1/4″ matte finish stainless partially serrated blade. Realtree Advantage Max4 HD pattern rubber coated stainless handles with a lanyard hole. A black nylon belt sheath is included with the knife. Perfect for all of your outdoor and hunting adventures!

For more information visit Remington’s site.

Parting Shots

Lyndon Combs II of the Kentucky Backwoods Magazine shot these tremendous groups
with the NEW Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition and his 7mm Remington Mag.

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