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October 2009 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:  

This is a critical time for our nation. Many vital issues involving all of us are at stake. The country’s political climate has never been more important.

Coni and I, along with several of our employees, recently joined in a paintball competition held as a fundraiser for Senator Mark Madsen. Barnes co-sponsored the event with Cobra Firearms. Our good friends from North American Arms were also present and certainly put up a good fight. Senator Madsen is a champion of conservative rights, and has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. Also attending the event were Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who is campaigning for a U.S. Senate seat in 2010 with a “Take Back America” theme. Members of Senator Orrin Hatch’s office were also there, along with other state officers and assemblymen.

As co-sponsor of the event, Barnes provided one of the seven paintball teams for the competition. Our team was made up of employees from the ballistics lab, customer service, production and advertising departments. Everyone had a lot of fun, and I’m pleased to report our team prevailed.

A great breakfast and lunch were catered by Ruby River, a fine Utah steakhouse. The event provided us a valuable opportunity to share our feelings about gun ownership, health care, and other core values.

Important mid-term elections are looming next year, and we all need to be involved as much as we possibly can. Opponents of firearm ownership and other vital freedoms must be prevented from gaining political office. Liberals have taken control of both government and the media, and this must change! Ridiculous legislation that threatens our rights is being promoted. For instance, AB962 which is on Governor Swarzenegger’s desk would severely limit the amount of ammunition California residents would be able to legally purchase and from where, among other things.

While our rights are being threatened, the gun-owning community is very large. We need to be aware, be vocal, and exercise our right to vote in the upcoming elections. It’s vitally important to be informed. Research the issues and the candidates you’re considering. Regularly check the NRA Institute for Legislative Action and National Shooting Sports Foundation websites to keep up-to-date with important developments that threaten your cherished rights.

More than ever, it’s important to cast your vote. Let your voice be heard!

Best Regards,

Randy Brooks

Here it is October already. It’s so hard to believe that this year is almost coming to an end. Of course, we all have hunting to look forward to in the next few months. For those of you who have already been out, I certainly hope you’re having success, whatever in particular that means to each of you.

I am in Canada hunting black bear and whitetail as you read this and I hope to come home with some fine trophies. I’m using the 130 grain TTSX in a Montana Rifle custom 270 Winchester – it fits me like a glove. The hunt will be filmed for a new television show called “International Sportsman TV,” which Barnes is sponsoring along with Montana Rifle Company and others. The show will be launched this fall on Wild TV Canada, The Outdoor Channel, and Versus Channel in the United States. We will keep you posted as to when our show will air.

As some of you may recall, in May, Jessica and I attended a defensive handgun course at Gunsite in Paulden, Arizona. We both wanted to get some professional instruction to help us feel more comfortable with our handguns. It was a two-day course and we pounded it pretty hard. By the end of the course, we were feeling much more comfortable in knowing what we could and should do if we had to use our handguns in a compromising situation.

The first day of our instruction was filmed for a television show titled “American Guardian.” It airs on the Outdoor Channel every Wednesday and is produced by the NRA. This is a very informative and interesting show that should be viewed by the entire family. I think everyone can learn valuable information by watching this show. It covers different types of weapons and how to use them. It also explains defensive techniques we can use in everyday life. I talked about this in the June issue of the Barnes newsletter, but I wanted to let you know this particular episode will air on Wednesday, October 21st at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. E.T., and then again on October 22nd at 3:00 a.m. I hope you’ll watch, and make it a habit to tune in to the show each week. There’s something every member of the family can learn from watching it.

We are announcing a number of new products for 2010. The new Barnes Buster bullets announced mid-year of 2009 are all just about complete. This bullet features a hard-lead core with a thick copper jacket for minimal expansion and maximum penetration. The Barnes Buster is a heavy-for-caliber hunting bullet for .44 .45 and .500 magnum revolvers. The .44 Magnum Buster bullet has dual cannelure grooves for both the standard .44′s and the Super Redhawks. We plan to put two grooves on the .500 Magnum Buster as well. The 45/70 can be used in .45-70 and .450 Marlin lever rifles. They’re great for hunting hogs and offer ideal handgun protection against grizzlies and Alaska’s giant bears. These bullets deliver maximum penetration in the largest, toughest game. In fact, our Gunsite trainer Il Ling New is taking the .45 caliber Buster to Africa next month in a .460 S&W for cape buffalo. We’re anxious to hear about her results and will share with you what we find out.

In May, I took a 650-pound hog in Utah with a 400-grain Buster bullet fired from a .45-70 Marlin Guide Gun. The hog was about 50 yards away when I fired. The bullet entered the chest, traveled all the way through the hog’s body, exited one back leg, then entered and exited the other rear leg. Penetration was exactly what we’d hoped for. The hog had so much fat on its body I couldn’t believe it! Everyone who watched the shot was amazed at how well the bullet performed. The shot and its outcome couldn’t have been more perfect. I talked about this hunt in the July issue of the Barnes newsletter, but this is just a friendly reminder to let you know the new Buster bullets will be available soon. We have already shipped some of these to customers, and more will be available this month.

Other bullets we are introducing include some added calibers and weights for the Triple-Shock line, the TTSX line, and the new TAC- lines of M/LE bullets introduced in 2009.


6.5 100 Gr. TTSX BT
7mm 110 Gr. TTSX FB
.30 Cal. 110 Gr. TTSX FB
.30 Cal. 200 Gr. TTSX BT
8mm 160 Gr. TTSX BT
.338 Cal. 185 Gr. TTSX BT
.458 SOCOM 300 Gr. TTSX BT



.22 cal. 50 Gr. TSX FB
.338 Lapua 285 Gr. TSX BT
.375 Cal. 350 Gr.TSX FB




.375 Cal. 350 Gr. Banded Solid




.338 Lapua 285 Gr. TAC-X BT

TAC-TX: TAC-X with a tip
6.5 100 Gr. TAC-TX BT
.30 Cal. 110 Gr. TAC-TX FB
.30 Cal. 200 Gr. TAC-TX BT
.458 SOCOM 300 Gr. TAC-TX BT



TAC XP – Handgun

9mm 95 Gr. TAC-XP



Check our website store often to see when the above bullets will be offered for sale. Some are ready now, and others will all be available by or before January 2010. You should start seeing most, if not all these bullets in your local stores shortly after the first of the year.

We are currently working on some additional new offerings, but are not quite ready to announce them. Rest assured that as soon as we can make this announcement, you’ll be the first to know. This is another special perk of being a Club-X member.

Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful and successful hunting season.

—Coni Brooks

Ty’s Tips

I’m just getting around to a new project. I want to handload my .30-06 with No. 30827 Barnes X boat-tailed bullets, preferably using IMR4350 powder. The load will be used in a Remington Model 700 BDL with a 20-inch barrel. I have two questions: can you provide load data, then tell me differences between my 2001 X-Bullet and your newer offerings?


—Leroy Stenzel

Hi Leroy,

Please see the load data I sent you via email.

Basically, the Triple-Shock X Bullet is an X Bullet with grooves cut into the shank to lower pressures, reduce fouling and increase velocities. Best of all, with the TSX bullet we see improved accuracy in most rifles.

Thanks for the great question.

—Best, Ty

Follow-Up Question

Thanks for the VERY FAST and effective response! Although I have been doing some handloading for decades, I still consider myself a beginning handloader. I like to follow the motto: “Start low, go slow.” I use a chronograph to check velocities and try to stay near the middle of the envelopes. No surprises yet!

Two more questions: (1) Is there a special bullet-seating tool I can use in my RCBS die? The bullet points look fragile. (2) What case lubricant, if any, can you recommend?

Thanks again for your help.


Hi again Leroy,

The seating die pushes on the ogive (the curved portion of the nose), and not directly on the tip of the bullet, so no damage to the bullet should occur. However, RCBS will make you a special seating plug for a given bullet if you have the company’s die set. Call RCBS at 1-800-533-5000 for instructions.

We use and recommend Hornady’s “One Shot” case lubricant. It comes in a convenient spray can and is very efficient. Very little of the One Shot lubricant builds up in the die. This lubricant helps reduce dents in the shoulder of the case typically caused by other roll-on or spray-on lubricants.

—Best, Ty

Recipe of the Month

Mustard Fried Caribou

4 Caribou steaks



2 Tbsp. dijon style mustard

1 tsp. horseradish

1 Tbsp. oil

Season steaks with salt and pepper. Combine mustard and horseradish. Smear this mixture on each side of the steaks so that the steaks are fully coated on both sides. Pan fry in hot oil until browned- medium rare. Probe a steak with a fork and as soon as the juices run clear, steaks are done.

Barnes News


Congratulations Club-X Prize Winner!

George Schaub

My name is George E. Schaub. I am a retired tool & die maker, and now spend my time as an amateur gunsmith/ballistician specializing in obscure and obsolete calibers.

My current projects include a pre-64 model 70 chambered in .300 H&H Pfeifer Improved. I’m using 180-grain Triple-Shock X and Tipped Triple-Shock X bullets. With a muzzle velocity of 3100 feet per second (fps), the Tipped TSX bullets can print 100-yard cloverleafs for as long as I might care to pull the trigger.

Another rifle I’m working with is an FN Mauser chambered for the .256 Newton. The 130-grain Triple-Shock X Bullet easily and safely exceeds even Newton’s optimistic ballistic claims. As long as I do my part, this rifle and bullet produce one-hole groups at 100 yards.

All of my rifles are finished using Niedner’s cold rust bluing formula. Once you see a rifle blued with this formula, nothing else will quite do. I guess that makes me as old- fashioned as the calibers I choose. My next project will be a 9.3mm or .375 something.

I look forward to receiving the MTM rest. I’ll make good use of it, I’m sure.

Thank you very much.


George E. Schaub

George won the MTM Predator Shooting Rest

Prize for October

Caldwell Lead Sled™

The Caldwell Lead Sled takes the pain out of test firing or zeroing large caliber rifles and can reduce felt recoil by up to 90%. This exclusive design allows the shooter to add up to four 25 lb bags of lead shot (sold separately) to the base of the rest. The upright rear rest supports the butt of the stock and transfers the recoil impulse to the rest itself, rather than your shoulder. This prevents flinching and the creation of bad shooting habits. The front rest is adjustable for height.

Winner of the 2005 American Rifleman Magazine Accessory of the Year!


All steel construction

Adjustable height front rest

Large rubber feet

Some assembly required


Padded butt stock support protects firearm

Tray holds up to four 25 lb bags of lead shot

Tray itself is 9.5″ wide, 2.56″ high and 12″ long

Uses same universal shooting bags as other Caldwell rests

Cradle post is 1-8 UNC thread

Filled Medium Deluxe Universal front bag

MSRP $159.99

For more information, visit the Caldwell website: .

Parting Shots


Wade Welcker, Ballistics Lab Supervisor, pictured above during a competition held at the Browning Arms facility in Morgan, Utah on September 17th, 2009. The event was a fundraiser for Utah’s current Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and his “Take Back America” political campaign for a U.S. Senate seat. Congratulations to Wade for winning the Annie Oakley skeet event!

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