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November 2010 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:  

This time of year has always been a favorite of mine. The heat of summer has past, but the bitter cold of winter is yet to come (at least for us Utah folk). It is a season of hunting and a season to spend with family and friends. Whenever you can combine these two components into one setting, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I recently returned from a mule deer hunt with Coni. Coni had the tag, but I had the time of my life. In my younger years (a couple years ago), I believed that if I was out hunting, I must always have a tag in hand and rifle in tow. I have since learned that this is not the case at all. Coni’s hunt was a success for both of us. We were both able to hunt. I spent most of my time in the quiet serenity of nature glassing hillsides and spotting for a big muley. All along the way I caught myself soaking in every moment while observing the outdoor environment in action. Coni and I saw a number of deer and other wildlife. I figure that the destination means nothing if you don’t enjoy the journey. While this hunt did end in success with Coni shooting a deer, it was the time spent with family and friends that made the trip a good time and a great memory.

My next hunt is an elk hunt with Coni. I say “My next hunt” because that is exactly what it is. While Coni will pull the trigger and has the tag for the elk, it is just as exciting for me to go along for the ride. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and entering into the woods where there isn’t a worry in the world is priceless. If you have been there before, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven’t, get there!

Coni and I have been fortunate enough to hunt many different animals in various parts of the world. While the animals we have hunted and the terrain has changed, I have noticed that one thing remains the same. From Africa’s desert prairies and Tajikistan’s snow-pelted mountains, to my good‘ol stomping grounds here in Utah, the impressions that nature’s serene settings provide are matchless when spent with friends and family. So whether you are a world hunter or hunt close to home, or if you are the tag holder or just along for the ride, memories will be made in the great outdoors.

Congratulations to all of you who have had successful hunts this fall, and good luck to those of you who are patiently waiting for your opening morning.

Good Hunting,


November in Utah is typically very cold and this November looks like that isn’t going to change. We encountered snow and rain during much of my deer hunt that started on October 23rd. Although the cold weather isn’t always comfortable, it does get the deer moving. As luck would have it, I took a mule deer with the new VOR-TX ammunition in 300 Win Mag with a 165-grain Tipped TSX bullet.

That was my first animal taken with Barnes VOR-TX ammunition and my new lightweight MG Arms Rifle. The rifle and ammunition performed well in spite of a particularly tough shot, as the area was very thick with high sage brush and pinions that we were hunting in. Just as I touched off the first shot the deer moved right behind a big pine and the placement was too far back. Thankfully, after just a minute or two of intense trailing, we came upon the deer again and a much better open shot. That one connected perfectly and the deer went down.

It is extremely important to me that I follow through with ethical hunting practices, for one, because I think this reduces the risk for the need to take multiple shots. However, we all know that sometimes circumstances occur where it’s necessary. I am not the most perfect shot – far from it – but time after time, the TSX and Tipped TSX bullets perform when the shot placement is less than perfect.

I have two more hunts coming up this year. An elk hunt in New Mexico and a whitetail hunt in Missouri. Randy will go with me on the elk hunt and the whitetail hunt is with my daughter Jessica who oversees Marketing. We are all looking forward to these hunts and spending quality time together.

Elk hunting is probably my most favorite type of hunting. I’ve been on lots of elk hunts where I have come home empty because I waited for a boomer, so I’m banking on this being the hunt where I can get my dream elk. You’ll certainly hear about it when I do!

I hope you have had, or about to have a great hunting season. With the new VOR-TX Ammunition (a product that Randy and I have always wanted to offer for hunters that don’t reload) everyone that wants to shoot Barnes can do so whether they reload or not. Of course, there are other companies out there loading Barnes Bullets as well and we are very grateful to those great business partners who have offered our products in factory loaded ammunition for many years.

On a sales note, remember that the $5.00 per box Barnes Rebate for up to 10 boxes is offered to those who purchase Triple-Shock, Tipped TSX, Varmint Grenades or MPG bullets is in effect until December 31st. It’s a good way to save some money – especially in these difficult times – on top quality products.


If you’re looking for Barnes products and can’t find them, the Barnes website will direct you to an outlet that carries components and VOR-TX ammunition. Simply click here Component Dealers or VOR-TX Availability. Please note there are many dealers stocking our products whom we may not know about and have not listed. If that is the case, let us know and they can be added quickly.

Thanks for your support and interest in Barnes and as always, for being a Club-X member. By the way, I hope you all voted – RIGHT!

Have a wonderful November.


Barnes’ Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Barrel twist can be the difference between a very accurate rifle and bullets that zing off into never-never land, making you scratch your head and wonder what the heck is going on. When a bullet is too long for the barrel twist it’s fired in, it could give very poor accuracy or even cause the bullets to key-hole (travel sideways) as they impact the target.

Bullet manufacturers try to take the guess work away by marking the packaging of certain bullets with special twist requirements. But how do you know what the barrel twist is in your rifle? I’m going to show you how to measure your barrel’s twist in this section of Tips, Tools and Techniques.

First, you want to start by putting your rifle in a fixture to hold it in place. We are using a vice but anything that will hold the rifle for you (including a buddy) will work.

Next, you’ll need a cleaning rod and jag with a patch that fits tight in the bore.

Place a piece of masking tape near the handle on the cleaning rod.


Now push the patch a few inches into the bore from the muzzle end of the rifle – just enough to hold the cleaning rod in place.

Draw a small parallel line on the top of the tape.

Place another piece of tape where the cleaning rod meets the muzzle.

Now, simply push the cleaning rod into the barrel watching the mark you made on the piece of tape near the handle, until it makes one full revolution and comes straight back up. Stop.

Place a third piece of tape where the cleaning rod now meets the muzzle and measure the distance between the last two pieces of tape. This is your barrel twist. 1 revolution in 10 inches is a 1 in 10″ twist.

A barrel with a 1 in 10 twist is faster than one with a 1 in 12 twist. This is because the bullet is making one revolution in a shorter distance. Normally, you can use a barrel with a little faster twist than what is required and get good results. However, the reverse could cause those bullets to tumble as they leave the barrel. For example, a box of bullets is specified for use in a 1 in 12 or faster barrel. You have a 1 in 10 twist. These bullets will properly stabilize and should provide good accuracy.

Now you can go shopping for bullets and have the confidence to make a good informed decision.

Thanks for taking the time to read the November Barnes newsletter and remember to take a child hunting this season. They will value the experience for years to come!

Ty Herring – Barnes Lead Tech

Wounded Warriors

Below are photos of a group of Purple Heart recipients from Fort Bragg who put the new Barnes VOR-TX 7mm Rem Mag ammunition to the test. They took these trophies on the NX Bar Ranch near Sheridan, WY with Barnes’ 160-grain TSX bullets. The hunt was sponsored by Robert and Deb Chase.

Josh Kinser, who is the Field Activities Director of the Military Warriors Support Foundation and contributing writer for Texas Trophy Hunter Magazine said, “The 160-grain TSX bullets put down every animal right where it stood or just a few yards away from the point of impact. The accuracy was also very good, most were shooting 1″ groups or better. And…although not in the pictures attached, one of the soldiers (a former sniper) took a pronghorn with a 950 yard-shot with a VOR-TX cartridge.”

Success Story

Art Bradshaw

Art Bradshaw took this magnificent bear in Prince William Sound, Alaska, earlier this year. It fell to one shot from his 300 Win Mag and a 200-grain TSX at 240 yards. The boar didn’t get 25 feet before collapsing from a double lung/heart shot that left an exit hole somewhere between the size of a quarter and a half dollar. The coat on this bear was perfect, long, full, and no rubs. Art is going to enjoy his bear rug. Great job!

Recipe of the Month

Bacon Roasted Wild Turkey

- 1 10-12 lb. wild turkey cleaned

- Salt & pepper

- 1 large onion, chopped

- 1 stalk of celery, chopped

- 1 carrot, chopped

- 2 tsp. poultry seasoning

- 1 tsp. sage

- 1 lb. sweet pork sausage

- 1 1/2 qt. soft bread crumbs

- 3 Tbsp. chopped parsley

- 6 strips of bacon

Prepare the turkey by seasoning it with salt and pepper inside and out.
Weigh turkey to determine cooking time, aprox. 20-25 minutes per pound.

Prepare stuffing:

Cook onion, celery and carrot with sausage in skillet for 5 minutes.
Add poultry seasoning, sage and bread crumbs and mix completely.
Moisten with a little hot water if too dry.
Stuff mixture into turkey cavity.
Place turkey breast down in uncovered pan and roast for half the total required time.
Then turn bird breast up.
Lay strips of bacon over breast.
Finish roasting.

Test by pushing a sharp-tined fork into a thigh and the thick part of the breast.
If fork enters easily and if juice has no red tint, the bird is ready.

Barnes News


Congratulations Club-X Prize Winner!

Willie Miller

Willie Miller of Nicholville, NY is the winner of the Remington’s Fast Snap™ 2.0 Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Cleaning Kits featured in the October newsletter. This kit will come in handy for all of his shooting adventures!

Fast Snap™ 2.0 – Pistol/Revolver Cleaning System.
Fast Snap™ 2.0 – Rifle Cleaning System

Fast Snap™ 2.0 – Shotgun Cleaning System

Prize for December

Heritage Series – Laminate Handle – Big Game

This beautiful Remington knife features a 440 stainless steel blades and pins, brass liners, laminate wood handle, and Bolsters etched “Remington Arms Co.” crest that dates back from 1888-1914. Made in the USA, it measures 4 ½” closed. Includes clip, saw, and gut hook. Also features R-31 pattern and comes with leather sheath.

For more information on this great knife visit Remington’s site.

Barnes Monthly Facebook Contest

Jayce Christensen, son of Barnes Operations Manager Greg Christensen, was hunting with his dad in Arizona when he came across this buck and was able to make a great 200 yard running shot. The deer fell in its tracks to a 130-grain Tipped TSX bullet shot from a 270 WSM. After boning the deer out and loading it into packs he and his dad headed back to the truck in the dark. On the way out the fog and snow set in so thick that they got lost. At first it looked like they were going to be spending a long wet cold night on the mountain, but after 3 hours of searching they stumbled across a road and eventually got a ride back to their truck. Awesome buck and great memories to go along with it!

Try your hand at guessing the gross score Jayce’s Buck to win a prize. We will be posting this announcement on our Facebook page on Monday, November 8th by 7:00 am Mountain Time. The first correct guess, or the closest guess by 4:00 pm Mountain Time on November 8th wins a free box of VOR-TX Ammunition or Barnes bullets of their choice.

Congratulations to Travis Frampton for guessing the correct score on the contest featured in last months newsletter. Travis won a box of Barnes bullets!

Parting Shots

Preston Bunker, Barnes Public Relations, took this 180 pound boar on the Tejon Ranch in Lebec, California. He used a DPMS LR-308 AR-10 rifle, topped with a Leupold Mark-AR 3-9x40mm scope, and Barnes VOR-TX 308 Win ammunition loaded with 168-grain TTSX bullets. An impressive one shot kill at 200 yards!

Nice job Preston!

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