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November 2007 Barnes Bullet-n

Randy Brooks Message:  

Last week the American Rifleman TV show visited Barnes Bullets headquarters. The segment they filmed featuring our company will be aired on the Outdoor Channel during the first and second quarters of 2008. The first show will appear sometime in March, so be sure to watch for it.

While the crew was filming, Denny Austad, an old friend of Barnes, dropped by to show us a trophy buck he’d just shot in Utah’s Henry Mountains. The mule deer buck green-scored 230 inches gross non-typical, and should net more than 200 points typical after the drying period.

We’re hearing a lot of similar success stories these days, thanks in part to the efforts of wildlife support groups like the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. This organization has done a terrific job in Utah and other states it operates in. It’s made a huge impact on the quality and numbers of game available to hunters.

Another success story was—literally—even closer to home. Coni and I are building a new home in rural Mona, Utah, adjacent to the site our new company headquarters will soon occupy. Our neighbor’s son-in-law recently shot a mule deer buck within 300 yards of our home, which is still under construction. The buck will gross over 200 inches.

Earlier, the same neighbor’s daughter killed a 370-plus-inch bull elk on public ground right next to the Barnes property. Utah sportsmen and sportswomen have never had it so good!

Tessa Kay

I hope you’re taking great trophies of your own, and hearing similar success stories from other hunters in your area. If you are, remember to thank the wildlife support groups that help make this success possible. Better yet, get out your checkbook and be sure to volunteer your time.

Good hunting,

Randy Brooks

Hunting season is over for me, at least for this year. I feel I had a pretty successful hunting year with my Australia and Utah hunts. They provided me with some great hunting experiences I’ll long remember.

Now it’s time to focus on getting new products out for 2008. Along with new products and a new catalog for 2008, we are also putting the finishing touches on the new reloading manual #4, as well as getting ready for the trade show season.

This time of year is really hectic for all of us here at Barnes, and bullets are selling fast. A lot of our employees like to hunt, so our workforce is slightly reduced during this busy time. We’re glad we have great employees who hunt with the bullets they help manufacture.

We are very excited about all the new products we will be introducing in 2008. I have mentioned some of them in Coni’s Corner over the past few months. You can check out our new 2008 products by going to our website I also want to mention that some of these new products are available now and all the new products will be available in the next few months. We are always thinking about new products, and pride ourselves in being innovators—not imitators.

This month, I want to turn my focus on the upcoming elections. I always stress about what the outcome will be. I have always thought it is important to make sure that I vote and it is especially important that all sportsmen vote. With the presidential election coming next year, I fear that if we all don’t get out and vote, the outcome could be something we will not like.

To help counter the gathering storm of anti-gun rhetoric and the likely nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, the National Rifle Association, along with an ad-hoc industry committee, is mounting a campaign to achieve “Dynamic NRA Membership Growth.” The campaign’s simple message, “Insure Your Gun Rights, Join the NRA—Today,” will be seen nationally in print, TV and radio ads, and in 10,000 firearm dealers’ shops across America.

A new report released recently by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation demonstrates that, by any measure, America’s hunters and anglers are among the most prominent and influential of all demographic groups. Spending more than $76 billion a year on hunting and fishing, the country’s hunters and anglers would rank in the top 20 list on the Fortune 500. The report shows that hunting and fishing remain a very powerful force in American recreation, countering recent news reports that chose to focus on declining numbers of hunters and anglers. “Hunting pumps $23 billion into the economy, benefiting not only the manufacturers of hunting-related products, but everything from local mom and pop businesses to wildlife conservation in every state in America,” said Doug Painter, NSSF president. The CSF report uses the results from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, and compares hunters’ and anglers’ impact on the economy with that of other industries and constituencies.

We sportsmen are a powerful group, but if we all don’t do our part to support and vote for the politicians who think like we do and protect our valued way of life, we will pay a price that won’t be pretty. Please make sure you do the best thing you can—support the efforts of the NRA and get out and vote!

We are really glad you’re a Club X member, and have truly appreciated your support this year. Without hunters and shooters like yourself, we wouldn’t be in business. Thanks so much. We wish you many years of good hunting.

Remember, if you haven’t ordered the new “Bullet Myths Busted” DVD, be sure to go to our website,, and place your order. The DVD is both fun and educational for the whole family. It’s FREE, so don’t pass up this opportunity to learn more about Barnes Bullets.

Coni Brooks

Ty’s Tips

To celebrate hunting season, I have a few little-known facts about Barnes Bullets I’d like to share.

Did you know that, to insure quality, we test every 5,000 bullets as they come off the press? This is as much as 20 times more testing than some of our competitors perform.

Barnes sells bullets worldwide. We have 59 major distributors and thousands of dealers located in the U.S., Canada and most foreign countries.

Many PHs and hunters in Africa refer to Barnes Bullets as “Magic Bullets” because of their outstanding penetration and performance.

Barnes employs 60+ people at any point in time.

The Barnes Ballistics Lab shoots approximately 15,000 bullets each month performing about 3,000 independent tests. Bullets are tested for accuracy, function, performance in ballistics gelatin or other test media, and various other sets of criteria for production or R&D. Load data is also developed with the bullets.

Barnes has a 300-yard indoor shooting range with an Oehler chronograph system. It’s often used to calculate actual fired BC values to 300 yards, providing Barnes users the best true BC value available. Some other brands use a “static” or “theoretical” BC value, which is based on the shape of the bullet.

Our newest bullet design, the Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullet, goes through 20 production steps before it’s a finished product. This does not include several quality checks made along the way.

Barnes’ owner Randy Brooks hunts and field tests approximately 100 days per year. One year, he was in the field 150 days.

Did you know the Crossman brand pump-action BB gun produces an approximate velocity of 500 feet per second (fps) with nine pumps? It generates roughly half the velocity of a .45 ACP pistol round commonly used by police. Some single-pump pellet guns generate velocities exceeding those of .45 ACP cartridges. Barnes uses 10 pumps with the Crossman to calibrate our ballistics gelatin to within + or – 9 fps of 590 fps. The BB must penetrate no less than 2.95” and no more than 3.74” for the gelatin test to be valid.

Randy and Coni Brooks started building bullets in their basement in 1974.

Randy and Coni Brooks both love riding horses. In the company’s first years, Randy made more money team roping than making bullets.

Barnes hands out some 30,000 expanded bullet samples at various tradeshows, seminars and sales presentations each year.

If a single bullet press ran continuously 24 hours a day for an entire year, it would produce 31,536,000 bullets.

Barnes’ bullet dies are built in-house with our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to within .0001” tolerance. This measurement is the equivalent of splitting a human hair 30 times.

Fred Barnes taught Randy the methods and procedures to build the Barnes Original bullets when the company was first purchased. Fred stayed in a small camping trailer on their property. Randy & Coni’s two young daughters, Jessica and Chandra, called him “Uncle Derf”, which is Fred spelled backwards.

Four generations of Brooks family members shoot Barnes Bullets and are currently employees of the company. (Randy’s father, Bob, still attends industry trade shows and helps out with various tasks during the week. Randy and Coni’s daughter, Jessica, is currently managing Public Relations and overseeing the Ballistics Lab. Jessica’s son, Taylor, works in the packaging department.)

Randy can swim 70 yards carrying a dutch oven filled with cherry cobbler and not soak the cobbler! Couldn’t resist—I just had to throw that one in.

The current Barnes facility covers 40,000 square feet. A new building site has been purchased and construction will begin shortly. The new facility will be about double the size of the current operation, with future plans to build a 1,000 yard shooting range.

I hope you enjoyed these facts as much as I did bringing them to you.

Promote the shooting sports by teaching the next generation.

Happy Hunting,

Ty Herring

Success Story


Scott used a 7mm-08 firing a 120-grain Tipped TSX bullet to kill this wolf at a range of 140 yards.

Recipe of the Month

Turkey Pimento Soup

1 cup wild turkey, cooked and finely chopped
3 cups turkey or chicken broth
6 tbsp. margarine
4 tsp. onion flakes
1/3 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup light cream
1 sm. jar pimento, chopped

Melt margarine in sauce pan and add onion. Blend in flour and stir in liquids. Cook over low heat stirring constantly until thickened. Add turkey, pimento and seasonings.

From The Lab

Jessica Brooks, Manager
Clay Eshom, Supervisor

The following test was designed to determine accuracy, pressure and velocity differences produced by standard and magnum primers using specific ball and extruded powders.

Test parameters:
Data readouts included pressure, velocity, and accuracy readings obtained with pressure barrels and measured with the Oehler chronograph system.

The .30-06 Springfield was selected as the standard cartridge, while the .300 Weatherby Magnum was the magnum cartridge used in the test. The .300 Weatherby Magnum is a highly popular hunting round, while the .30-06 Springfield has proven its effectiveness for more than a century. The .300 Weatherby Magnum has a belted magnum case, while the .30-06 case has no belt. They are representative of the two basic cartridge groups.

Federal GM210M and GM215M primers—selected because of the manufacturing requirements for match-grade primers—were used to insure consistency. Powders consisted of Hunter (Ramshot ball), H4831 (extruded) for the .30-06, and IMR 7828 (extruded) for the .300 Weatherby Magnum. The bullet selected was the 200-grain TSX. We felt differences were more likely to occur with this relatively heavy bullet.

We began by using the same load of either ball or extruded powder with both standard and magnum primers. We wanted to see if there were differences between primers and the affect they had on the powders used. Standard pressure/velocity barrels normally used in our production tests were employed for this experiment.

We recorded the differences in pressure, velocity, and accuracy for each test performed. The testing procedure consisted of firing three rounds to warm the barrel, followed by a single 10-shot group for each powder/primer combination used in each cartridge. Results were recorded in a table format for ease of comparison.

The results showed that differences in pressure were likely when using the same load with different primer types. This was especially evident with the extruded powders used in this test. The pressure variation indicated that, if the load called for a standard primer and a magnum primer was used instead, pressures could cause safety problems. Ball powder test results did not indicate significant pressure differences.

As seen in the table below, shot-to-shot differences in .300 Weatherby Magnum velocities for IMR 7828 (the extruded powder) were approximately 70 fps. Standard deviation was only 10-11 for the load used. Yet the pressure difference was 4400 psi. Accuracy with this cartridge was good, as seen by the .8-inch groups for both extruded powder tests.

Ball powder tests with the 300 Weatherby Magnum showed a decrease in pressure when standard primers were used. There was also a loss in accuracy, but an almost 20 fps gain in average velocity. The best accuracy was a .7-inch group at 100 yards and a 1.9-inch group at 300 yards.

The .30-06 Springfield’s extruded powder test appears to mirror that of the .300 Weatherby Magnum. As seen in the table below, there was a pressure drop when standard primers were used. The pressure drop was not as significant, only 600 psi, but was present. Velocity differences were only a few fps, but again followed the same pattern seen in the 300 Weatherby test.

The Ramshot ball powder test for the .30-06 Springfield differed from that of the 300 Weatherby Magnum. Readings showed an increase in pressure and velocity when standard primers were used instead of magnum primers. Accuracy was better with the magnum primers. The highest Standard Deviation for the entire test was 18 fps in the 30-06 with the Ramshot ball powder and a standard primer.

All in all, both cartridges shot the 200-grain TSX FB very well. The .300 Weatherby Magnum accuracy was outstanding, with all 300-yard groups measuring less than three inches across. Most 100-yard 10-shot groups measured an inch or less in diameter. The .30-06 Springfield also performed well, with all 100-yard groups less than 1.5 inches across, and less than six inches at 300 yards.

.300 Weatherby Magnum

        Accuracy Accuracy
Primer Powder Average FPS Average PSI 100 yds 300yds
GM215M IMR 7828 Extruded
GM210M IMR 7828 Extruded
GM215M Ramshot Ball
GM210M Ramshot Ball


        Accuracy Accuracy
Primer Powder Average FPS Average PSI 100 yds 300yds
GM215M H 4831 Extruded
GM210M H 4831 Extruded
GM215M Ramshot Ball
GM210M Ramshot Ball

*Note. This test reflects results obtained from one magnum and non-magnum primer, using only three selected powders. Testing was limited to firing 10 rounds with each powder-primer combination. Results are for general comparisons only with these specific powders, and should not be considered statistically relevant.

Barnes News


Congratulations Club-X Prize Winner!

Bob Purkiss

Bob Purkiss is the winner for the month of October. He won the IST Designs Rifle Sling

Here’s a photo of me with a cow elk I harvested in Colorado’s unit 76 using a .300 RUM loaded with a 180-grain Barnes MRX bullet.

I am 59, married to wife Chris, and work with severe needs kids at Gunnison High School in Gunnison, Colorado. I am an avid hunter and fly fisherman. I feel very fortunate to live in a place where I can enjoy so many of my hobbies whenever I wish.

–Bob Purkiss

Prize for November

Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter®

New Products Are Exciting But Some Proven,
Reliable Oldies Stand the Test of Time

If you’re into gear, it’s always fun to look at and read about all the new products created to make your outdoors activities more enjoyable, more successful.

At the same time, there are many tried-and-true field accessories that have been around for years and have proved their reliability over and over again.

Think about knives, and your mind may well think first of the famous Model 110 Folding Hunter® from Buck Knives. That knife, which really changed the course of hunting knives, was actually created 44 years ago!

Yes, it’s undergone some evolutionary modifications, each designed to make it a little better. But essentially it’s the same knife that Al Buck, his son Chuck, and their small crew of craftsmen perfected in 1963.

Bolsters and liners are lustrous brass. Handles are a handsome natural woodgrain. The positive lock-open action is safe and reliable. The 3-3/4” clip blade is made of Buck’s high carbon, high-chromium 420HC steel, with an ideal hardness of 58 on the Rockwell C scale, just right to hold an edge longer.

Locked open, the Folding Hunter is a solid 8-5/8” long, yet it folds into a compact 4-7/8” that fits neatly in its black genuine leather sheath. It weighs 7.2 oz. Suggested Retail Price $62.00.

As with all Buck knives, the Folding Hunter is backed by Buck’s respected Lifetime Guarantee.

For more information visit our website at

Parting Shots From The Lab

MPG™ Multi-Purpose Green™ Bullets from Barnes

Barnes is developing two new bullets featuring Multi-Purpose Green (MPG™) technology developed for military and law enforcement applications. MPG bullets feature a highly frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket.

Unlike frangible bullets lacking a protective jacket, MPG bullets remain intact under the rigors of handling, feeding and firing. This eliminates the primary cause of jammed actions and plugged barrels often experienced when firing frangible ammunition.

A 140-grain 7.62mm (.308) version will be available for AR-10, SR-25, M40 (Remington 700) and M14 rifles with 1:12” or faster rifling twists. A 55-grain 5.56mm (.224) MPG bullet will be best suited for M4, HK416 and AR-15 type autoloaders and other firearms with rifling twist rates of 1:9” or faster. These open-tip bullets remain intact at ultra-high velocities and extreme rates of spin. On impact, they deliver explosive fragmentation. Below is the 30 caliber MPG bullet fired into ballistics ordnance gelatin at an impact velocity of approximately 2600 fps.

Barnes’ Multi-Purpose Green bullets are exceptionally accurate. They’re ideal for shooting steel targets, competition, plinking, varmint hunting and home defense. “Green” is military shorthand for “lead-free”—a requirement in military and LE practice environments.

Barnes – Unleaded. Unfailing. Unbeatable.

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