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Product Availability Alert

270 LRX 129 gr

Released last year, the 270 LRX 129 gr. is available through most retailers and online sources. This bullet is an optimized version of the top-selling Tipped TSX bullet with a higher B.C. value, match grade accuracy and delivers excellent terminal performance at close and extended distances.

Coni’s Corner

  Coni's Mulel Deer Close up #3


Last month we attended and displayed at the N.R.A. Show in Indianapolis. The show was very busy as it always is and is always lots of fun seeing customers and friends.


I had the opportunity to talk in depth with a good friend of mine Susan Rexrode at the show. She is the founder of SFWA – Shooting For Women Alliance. We discussed a lot of things about handguns in particular like finding the right handgun to fit your hand which is a science in itself I found out. We also discussed what women could do to prepare and protect themselves in a difficult situation and also about learning how to handle and shoot a handgun well. I know I have a lot to learn and skills to perfect on firing my handguns well and I want to have 100% confidence in myself and the handgun I’m firing.

We decided to have her come from Tennessee to Utah in June to teach and further educate some of us ladies on how to become the best handgun shooter that we can be. She said with 100% confidence that she can teach us how to do that – and I truly believe she can. I am very excited.

After going around to many gun companies with her at the show, I learned that many handguns don’t fit my hand properly and I have never been shown how to determine that until I talked with Susan. I would bet 98% of you don’t know how to check that either!!! I am including a quick guide that she wrote about in her latest magazine that can help you with that process. Read this and then check your handgun at home to see if it does in fact fit you – or better yet, go to your local sporting goods store and try out several different manufacturers ‘ handguns to see how they fit in your hand. I think you will be amazed at what you find out about yourself and the fit of the handgun. Maybe you have the right handgun now – I certainly hope so but it never hurts to check.

PDF-icon How To Precision Fit A Handgun

At the end of May, myself and a good friend Betsy Spomer will be attending a SAAM Safari Training Course in Barksdale, Texas. At SAAM Safari, we will learn the basics of hunting plains game and dangerous game in Africa. The course incorporates action video and interactive shot placement specific to many African species, including the Cape Buffalo and African Elephant. Students shoot life-size plains game targets (i.e. Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck) out to 300 yards and dangerous game targets (i.e. Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Hippo) up close on their moving, charging , and static ranges. Yes, I have hunted Africa numerous times but I really feel like I need some additional training – especially after missing my leopard last year!! I will be heading to Mozambique this year in July with my daughter, Jessica and friend John Mogle that will be filming the hunt for his television show – Hunting Illustrated TV. The show will air in the Fall and Winter of 2015. I am banking on this course to help me become more confident in all of my shots.

I don’t think anyone can have enough training as far as shooting firearms go and the more proper training you get from people that know how to train you – the better you become. I have been to a few handgun training courses but not rifle so I feel like this will be a great opportunity for both me and Betsy. Check out their website at

Have a great and wonderful year!!

Coni Brooks

Recipe Of The Month

Wild Turkey Burritos

• 3 tablespoons olive oil
• 2 red onions, sliced
• 2 bell peppers (preferably 1 red and 1 yellow), seeded, sliced
• 4 cups diced leftover cooked wild turkey meat
• 3/4 cup salsa
• 1 tablespoon ground cumin
• 1 8-ounce package grated Mexican 4-cheese blend (about 2 cups)
• 3/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
• 6 burrito-size flour tortillas

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onions and bell peppers; saute until tender and golden, about 15 minutes. Add turkey, salsa and cumin; stir until heated through, about 5 minutes. Stir in cheese and cilantro; season generously with salt and pepper. Remove from heat; cover to keep warm.

Working with one tortilla at a time, heat tortilla directly over medium-high gas flame (or in dry skillet over medium-high heat) until warm, softened, and browned in spots, about 30 seconds per side. Remove from heat.

Spoon 1 cup warm turkey mixture along center of tortilla; fold sides in over filling, then roll up tortilla to enclose filling. Place burrito seam side down on baking sheet, and place in oven to keep warm. Repeat with remaining tortillas and filling.

Makes 6 servings


Barnes’ Tips, Tools & Techniques Q&A May 2014

Question 1:
I am researching the best bullet for my upcoming Bull Elk hunt in northern Arizona. I shoot a Browning A-Bolt II, chambered in 7mm. I expect shots to be 200-400 yards at around 6000’ elevation, in early December. I’ve been all over the blog sites and hear lots of opinions about tipped vs non-tipped TSX. What is the bottom line? What would you recommend? I already have a box of 160g TSX VOR-TX – just recently found them in our Tucson Sportsman’s Warehouse, but haven’t been to the range yet.
-Greg V.

Answer 1:
The Tipped (TTSX) versions perform very similar to the TSX, with their all copper four petal design. We have seen the TTSX initiate expansion a fraction of an inch faster in ballistics gel. This more streamlined design helps the bullet to buck the wind slightly better, and it also helps the bullet to retain its velocity and energy a bit better. Due to bullet length constraints (for stability purposes) we can only make a tipped configuration in the 150gr for standard factory twist barrels. These 150gr TTSX’s are loaded in the Barnes factory VOR-TX ammunition and you can find them at your local sporting goods dealer. Both versions should provide complete penetration so the difference is slight. I suggest you go with the version that gives best accuracy in your rifle.

Question 2:
I am looking for a heavy bullet to reload in my 1/8 turn AR15 platform. Looking at your TAC-X and the TSX bullets and wanting to know if the rings can be used as a crimp location like a cannelure for OAL in this caliber?

Answer 2:
We build the 62gr and 70gr TSX and TAC-X bullets for the AR platform, with the idea in mind that you will crimp into the groove that is closest to the tip.
For reliability of feed and to ensure chambering, I like to recommend the small base die set when loading for the AR rifles. Full length die sets don’t size the case body quite as much and unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way – while on a hunt.

Ty Herring – Consumer Services

Barnes Awards

American Rifleman’s Editor’s Choice
TAC_XPD_editorsChoice 001

Read More

VOR-TX Ammunition won the 2012 NRA American Hunter magazine’s Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition Product of the Year! For more information about the award, click here.

Barnes VOR-TX 300 AAC Blackout 110 grain TAC-TX Ammunition awarded BEST OF SHOT ’12 by MilitaryTimes GearScout.

Barnes’ Tipped TSX is the recipient of the North American Hunting Club’s Seal of Approval. The TTSX received an outstanding 97% approval rating from the NAHC field test members. Click here to view the article.

Success Story

James Britton

Jim Britton - 416-400 gr. Cape Buffalo #2 Zimbabwe

Safari! A magic word that was planted in my thoughts while I was in Junior High School. Almost 50 years later, I got to harvest that planted seed. I booked a Cape Buffalo hunt in Zimbabwe with a good friend of mine. He had been there once before, and was going back again. I decided to go with him. It was a once in a lifetime adventure that I will probably not get to repeat.

We were going after Cape Buffalo and whatever plains game we could manage. I chose a 416 Remington for my heavy rifle, and a 338 Win Mag for the light rifle. With these two exceptional calibers, I needed to choose exceptional bullets. I chose the Barnes 400 grain TSX for the 416, and the streamlined Barnes 225 grain TTSX for the 338.

Both these bullets gave me near minute of angle accuracy with good muzzle velocity. Their performance on game is legendary, and I was going to have a chance to verify that. I did, in spades!

Jim Britton - 416-400 gr. Cape Buffalo - Recovered Bullets
Jame’s Recovered 416 TSXs

I got my Cape Buffalo using the 416. I made an 80 yard broad side shot and managed to center punch the heart. I made four more “insurance” shots before the buffalo was still. The last two shots were at about 70 yards and at 5 yards, both entering the back and ending in the brisket. These were the only two bullets recovered during the entire hunt. Both bullets opened perfectly and retained 100% of their original 400 grain weight.

I also managed to get a beautiful Impala and a magnificent Kudu with the 338. The last day of the hunt brought the 416 back into play. I made a 100 yard shot at a going away Zebra. Out of necessity, it was a Texas Heart Shot. The 400 grain TSX entered the backside and exited the chest. The bullet went completely through and through. That is Barnes Performance with a capital P!

Barnes bullets helped make my Bucket List hunt a success. I’m glad I chose to believe the legend.

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May Club-X Prize

Remington Squeeg-e
DSC_0033 prize3 VORTX_Bullet_box

This month’s prize includes a Remington Universal Gun Care System, a brand new Barnes Flex-fit hat, a 25th Anniversary engraved 375 H&H dummy round and keychain, and a box of Barnes Components or Ammunition of the winners choice.

Congratulations to April Club-X Prize Winner – Joseph C.

Joseph will receive a Barnes T-shirt stamped with an eye catching graphic and a Barnes hat stitched with the latest 25 anniversary graphic, a box of Barnes VOR-TX ammunition or Components of his choice and a 25th anniversary engraved 375 H&H dummy round and keychain.

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This month’s Racksbooks/Facebook question:

Name That Cartridge

The first person to accurately name all of the cartridges or the person with the most correct list by submission closing time (24 hours after the link is posted) will be the winner.

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How to enter: A link to the submission page will be posted on the Barnes Facebook and Racksbook page on May 19th. After the question is posted you may enter your guess. Submissions posted before the submission page is posted will not be accepted. Good Luck

Parting Shot


After the El Diable Gatitos, a softball team near Bend, Oregon, learned that their first game of the season was going to be against Nosler, Inc., the team contacted us to let us know. We were more than happy to help them keep the sun out of their eyes with some Barnes hats as they blitzed to a 30 to 15 victory over their adversaries.