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May 2011 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:  

For the first time in 35 years, the abuses of the Endangered Species Act have been addressed. May 5, 2011 is a historic and most important day for hunters. Wolves are now officially removed from Endangered Species Act protection in all of Idaho, Montana, eastern parts of Oregon and Washington, and a small portion of Northern Utah.

My good friend, Don Peay, of Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and Big Game Forever, stated in a note to me “The decision, per US Congressional Action cannot be challenged in court. Done. Over. Now, the states of Idaho and Montana can have their commissions start wolf hunts and manage wolves.

“The Congressional Action also clearly stated that the Wyoming Judge Johnson ruling stands which specifically states that the dual status – trophy game and predator zones stand. The Governor of Wyoming and USFWS are negotiating a final agreement, and hopefully Wyoming can have their wolf hunt by the fall of 2011 as well.

“Sec. Salazar also announced today, the USFWS has no further intentions to restore more gray wolves to any other states – he considers wolf recovery done. Sec. Salazar also announced the decision to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota as well.”

Fellow hunters, we all know that while this is a great milestone and victory, the animal rights groups will continue to push their agenda. They will most certainly sue against the further removal of wolves from the ESA in other states. Don Peay is absolutely correct when he states “that is their business model, suing every proposed government action, they don’t care about the environment or wolves, it is how they employ literally hundreds of attorneys: SUING.”

Congressional Action will still most likely be required to finish the fight. Therefore, I encourage all of you who have not done so, to visit Big Game Forever and sign the petition. The information from the petition is used to recruit legislators. It lets them know where we stand on this issue and that hunters demand to be heard!

Barnes receives communications from time to time regarding this particular position. The negative message some authors wish to send is that they will no longer “patronize our company with their business” due to the strong position taken with the delisting and responsible management of wolves. It is amazing to me that these people do not understand the simple facts. Not solely based on hard data, but also from testimonials of those in the field, in the very near future there would be no more big game hunting in the West should the wolf population remain unchecked. How is that good for business?

If you haven’t already done so, please get involved, if only by signing the petition.

Randy Brooks

Coni’s Corner:  

We just returned from the NRA Show in Pittsburgh, PA. What an excellent convention! It was wonderful to visit with many Club-X members and loyal Barnes customers. Our “Show Me The Bullet” contest was a huge hit. People came to the booth by the thousands to get their expanded bullets. Twelve lucky people won $250 on the spot when asked by a Barnes representative to “Show Me The Bullet!” Those who were asked and could not produce an expanded Barnes bullet quickly ran to the booth to get theirs. It was really fun to see the expression on people’s faces when they were handed the gift cards. Check out the Barnes Facebook page to view the winners. We were asked a lot of questions about new products for 2011. I know there are many new Club-X members out there who have just signed up recently, so here we go:

The MPG line has changed just slightly to include a new .308 cal 150-gr weight that replaced the .308 140-gr version.

We have a new .451 cal 200-gr 45 Colt XPB bullet. This one is designed for those that can’t load to the higher +P pressure limit. It has a reduced impact velocity requirement and is best suited for the lower pressure Taurus Judge, Colt SAA, and Uberti revolvers to name a few.

Again, I am probably sounding like a broken record at this point BUT, for those who don’t reload, VOR-TX Ammunition has several new offerings this year. All new VOR-TX standard rifle and handgun cartridges will ship on or before the month of June, and many shipped as early as February. Be sure to check out the Availability page to find an online or local retailer nearest you. They include the following cartridges and bullet weights:

25-06 100-gr TTSX
270 WSM 140-gr TSX
7mm-08 120-gr TTSX
7mm Rem Mag 150-gr TTSX
30-06 168-gr TTSX
300 WSM 150-gr TTSX
300 Win Mag 150-gr TTSX
300 RUM 165-gr TTSX
338 Win Mag 210-gr TTSX
45/70 Govt 300-gr TSXFN

There is also the VOR-TX Safari line and they include the following VOR-TX cartridges and bullet weights:

375 H&H 300-gr TSX
375 H&H 300-gr Banded Solid – Round Nose
416 Rem Mag 400-gr TSX
416 Rem Mag 400-gr Banded Solid – Round Nose
416 Rigby 400-gr TSX
416 Rigby 400-gr Banded Solid – Round Nose
458 Win Mag 450-gr TSX
458 Win Mag 450-gr Banded Solid – Round Nose
458 Lott 500-gr TSX
458 Lott 500-gr Banded Solid – Round Nose
470 Nitro 500-gr TSX
470 Nitro 500-gr Banded Solid – Flat Nose
500 Nitro 570-gr TSX
500 Nitro 570-gr Banded Solid – Flat Nose

The VOR-TX Handgun line includes:

357 Magnum 140-gr XPB
44 Magnum 225-gr XPB
45 Colt 200-gr XPB

We also offering a VOR-TX Metric line. (*Note the 8×57 Mauser VOR-TX Ammunition will not be available in the USA – for international customers only due to a higher pressure limit allowed by CIP for this cartridge.)

7×64 Brenneke 140-gr TTSX
8×57 Mauser 200-gr TSX
9.3x62mm 286-gr TSX

I hope you are all out and shooting plenty of Barnes bullets and ammunition. Have a wonderful Spring season….

Coni Brooks

Barnes’ Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Things are really ramping up for the hunt seasons. Already new products are flying off the shelf faster than we can make them. The demand for these new bullet designs and information about them is causing the phones to ring off the hook. So I thought I’d share a few bits of information to keep you up-to-date and informed.

Let’s start with the most popular new LRX designs. These bullets are very similar to the Barnes TTSX. In fact two of the four new bullets really aren’t new at all – they were pulled from the new 2010 TTSX product line, thus the new line of Long Range X’s (LRX) was born. These bullets have unusually long secant nose profiles and stretched boattails in order to provide optimized BC values. Not only have the bullet profiles become more efficient, but Barnes has increased the function window required for expansion. This alone will allow you to achieve bullet expansion at greater distances.

Actual fired 300yd G1 BC values are as follows:

.284 cal 145-gr LRX – .486
.308 cal 175-gr LRX – .508
.308 cal 200-gr LRX – .546
.338 Cal 265-gr LRX – .575

The next new bullet line for 2011 is our Match Burners. These hollow point jacketed lead core bullets are designed for accuracy. Customers have asked for this one for years and we are very pleased to offer them at a very reasonable price – even cheaper than the competition in many cases. They have guilding metal jackets and lead cores, which makes them great for plinking or targets.

Actual fired 300yd G1 BC values are as follows:

.224 cal 52-gr – BC .224
.224 cal 69-gr – BC .339
.224 cal 85-gr – BC .410
.243 cal 68-gr – (coming soon)
.243 cal 105-gr – (coming soon)
.264 cal 140-gr – BC .586
.308 cal 155-gr – BC .467
.308 cal 175-gr – BC .521

We have added several new calibers and weights to the fast growing TTSX (Tipped Triple-Shock) line.

.224 cal 50-gr – BC .229
.224 cal 55-gr – BC .272
.224 cal 62-gr – BC .294
6.8mm 95-gr – BC .292
.308 cal 165-gr – BC .442
.358 cal 200-gr – BC .369
9.3mm cal 250-gr – BC .440
.375 cal 250-gr – BC .424
.416 cal 350-gr – BC .444

Other new bullets for 2011 include a whole host of round nose Banded Solids, particularly for bolt action cartridges. When the Barnes Solids were introduced in 1979, the nose profile was round for improved feeding. We owe a big thanks to world renowned gun builder, D’Arcy Echols, who consulted with us on the redesign of the round nose this past year. A statement made by Brian Bingham of D’Arcy Echols & Co. really puts it into perspective: “If you can’t chamber it, penetration is meaningless.”

That said, the flat nose versions are still available from the Barnes website for those that prefer them, and for double-gun only calibers.

For pricing and availability please check with your local retailer or check our store website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s newsletter. We appreciate your business!

Ty Herring
Barnes Consumer Service-Lead Tech

Success Story

Chaz Johnson

Twelve year old Chaz Johnson harvested this mule deer in the mountains of central Utah this last year. this was Chaz’s first mule deer. He used a 243 Win loaded with a 85-grain TSX bullet. Despite the rainy and cold day they had a great time and made plenty of memories!

Recipe of the Month

Honey Baked Pheasant

Legs and breast of 1 pheasant, skinned

1/2 – cup flour

1/2 – cup chopped parsley

2 – cups honey

1 – cup butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Fillet breast and bone the thighs. Cut into approx. same thickness pieces. Season the flour with salt and pepper and dredge the pheasant. Dust pheasant pieces with onion powder. Melt 3/4 cup butter in skillet over medium heat. Brown pheasant pieces and place in a lightly oiled 9×13 glass casserole. Sprinkle with parsley. Add honey and 1/4 cup butter to the skillet. Mix well until butter is melted, then pour over the pheasant (should come about halfway up on the pheasant pieces). Seal the baking dish with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes at 325 degrees.

Barnes News



Congratulations Club-X Prize Winner!

Dean Dudden

Dean Dudden of Prescott Arizona is the winner of the Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition featured in last months newsletter. The pictures above are of his buffalo and moose that he harvested with his 340 WBY handloaded with a 225-grain Original. Thank you for being a member of the Club-X

For more information on this prize click here.

To locate a dealer near you click here.

Prize for May

Remington Heritage Series Knive

All of the Heritage Series knives are made in America from the finest materials and have their bolsters stamped with the same distinctive Remington Arms company shield that was present on all Remington firearms produced from 1888-1914.

For more information on this prize click here.

Barnes Monthly Facebook Contest

What was the year that the first edition of the Barnes Reloading Manual was introduced?

Guess the right answer and win a free box of Barnes VOR-TX ammunition. The posting may begin on Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00 am Mountain Time. Posts made before that time will not be accepted.

We will be posting this announcement on our Facebook page on Wednesday, May 11th by 7:00 am Mountain Time so be sure to get there first! Good luck.

Congratulations to Chris Lutschini for guessing the correct answer on the contest featured in last months newsletter. Chris won a box of 300 Win Mag 180-gr TTSX VOR-TX Ammunition!

Parting Shots

My Brother-n-Law Paul Wilson introduced me to the Barnes TTSX and the TSX this last summer. I gave them a try with an older Browning A-Bolt 270 that I never was able to get a good pattern going with. After trying a number of loads, primers, and seating depths, I hit the jackpot. Above is my final sight-in sheet. 5 rounds bench shot at 200 yards to zero my Burris XTR. Accuracy like this is very hard to come by. I look forward to changing all my loads over to Barnes!

-Randy Wieland

Randy used a 270 browning A-Bolt and a 130-gr TSX to shoot this excellent 200-yard group. Great shooting Randy!