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January 2013, Barnes Bullet-N

NEW FOR 2013

New 2013 Barnes TAC-XPD™ Defense Ammunition
Loaded with Barnes TAC-XP™ Bullets

Barnes introduces the TAC-XPD line of Defense Ammunition: an “Optimized for Carry or Home Defense” solution. Loaded with the venerable Barnes TAC-XP bullets, TAC-XPD ammunition is engineered and designed to deliver top performance when it is most critical: in life-threatening situations. The TAC-XP’s all-copper construction and very large, deep hollow-point cavity expand, penetrate and perform more consistently than any personal defense product on the market.

Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, TAC-XP pistol bullets retain nearly 100% of their original weight and track straight. Performance through bare gel, light and heavy clothing, car doors, plywood and automotive windshield glass is unmatched by the competition.

The lighter bullet weights of all-copper TAC-XP projectiles in comparison to lead-core counterparts enable the shooter to recover quickly due to less felt recoil, without sacrificing terminal performance. Specially engineered loads produce almost no muzzle flash – an important feature in low-light conditions. Distinctive Techni-Crom plated shells feed smoothly from the magazine for reliability shooters can depend on every time.

TAC-XPD Ammunition is sold in a 20 round package.

Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition will be available early 2013:

• 380 Auto 80 grain TAC-XP
• 9mm Luger 115 grain TAC-XP +P
• 40 S&W 140 grain TAC-XP
• 45 Auto 185 grain TAC-XP +P

New VOR-TX Ammunition Offerings For 2013

Barnes is proud to announce new offerings in its precision VOR-TX Hunting Ammunition loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet.


• 22-250 Rem 50 Gr. TSX FB
• 260 Rem 120 Gr. Tipped TSX BT
• 280 Rem 140 Gr. Tipped TSX BT
• 300 Wby 180 Gr. Tipped TSX BT

New Barnes Component For 2013

Barnes is introducing a new 270 caliber 129-gr. bullet into its continually expanding LRX (Long-Range X Bullet™) line-up in 2013. Like the rest of the LRX family, the 270 LRX features an optimized ogive and boattail length to increase B.C. values, improving downrange ballistic performance.

Coni’s Corner

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Happy New Year to all Club X Members.

It seems each year goes faster and faster.  I can’t believe it is now 2013.  Very Crazy.
My husband  Randy and I own land in Mona, Utah.  We have a lot of mule deer on our property.   You won’t find trophy class mule deer but you will find deer for those who desire the meat or just a good first time hunt where they can see lots of deer.  Some of which are good respectable bucks.

This past year in October, we decided to not let a lot of people hunt on our property and reserve it for first time hunters as well as young hunters and ladies.
Our property isn’t hard to hunt.  I have learned over the years that if a young hunter or lady has a tough first hunt and gets cold and miserable, or they just don’t see many animals, it could turn them off to hunting.  I’ve seen it happen numerous times.  Our offer was a  way of getting these hunters excited about hunting through a good positive first time experience, getting them to look forward to future hunting and perhaps be more prepared for a tougher hunt.
Everyone we let hunt our property this past October shot a pretty darn good buck.    

Pictures are below of what was taken in October 2012.

Seirra Fowkes took this mule deer using a .243 Win and 80-gr. VOR-TX Ammunition.

Jaden Carter with his fine Utah mule deer – taken with a .270 Win. 130-gr. VOR-TX Ammuntion.

Taylor Harrison with his Utah mule deer – taken with a DPMS rifle and .308 Win 168-gr. VOR-TX Ammunition.

Sarah Marie Andrews took her first mule deer using a .270 Win and 130-gr. VOR-TX Ammunition

Trenton Fuller, 12 years old used a .300 Win to take his first mule deer.

We are so proud of all these hunters and thank their parents and good families and friends for supporting their desires to hunt and be in the outdoors.

We encourage youth, as well as ladies to send us pictures of their hunts along with stories.
You can view some pictures that have been sent in and their stories by clicking HERE.

All of us here at Barnes are looking forward to having a good year in 2013. There are many challenges that we will be faced with. New gun legislation may possibly be one of them and our continued struggling economy.

Our hearts go out to the families affected by the shootings in Newtown, CT. We are deeply saddened by what took place there and understand the healing process for those left behind will be long and hard. We pray for strength for those families with the challenges they will face.

We have appreciated your support over the past many years. Randy and I deeply love this company and continue to support it by assuring our customers that only quality products that they can trust will leave our factory.

We hope we will see you at one or more of trade shows that we will be attending.
Below are a few of the major shows we will be displaying along with dates of those shows in 2013.

Shot Show – Las Vegas, Nevada – January 15-18 – Booth #14229
S.C.I. Show – Reno, Nevada – January 23-26 – Booth #547
Western Hunting & Conservation Expo – Salt Lake City, Utah – February 21-24 – Booth #317
N.R.A. Show – Houston, Texas – May 3-5

Happy New Year!!!

Barnes Has a New Web Portal For The Varmint Grenade

Varmint Grenade

Don’t forget to check out the existing web portals.
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Locked & Loaded: Big Bear Giveaway

Enter a chance to win a case of Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition and other great prizes.
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Barnes’ Tips, Tools & Techniques

Perry H. writes:
I have a .280 I inherited that was custom built. The problem I’m having is the chamber was setup for factory bullets to be close to the lands so I’m having to seat your 140-gr. TTSX very deep and can only get 52 grains of 4831 in case … I started low and worked up to that and the groups are getting better the higher I go. Have you worked any loads with a faster powder or have any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks…Perry H

Yes our data does go a bit higher and it is common to see groups improve as the charge increases. I’d suggest you continue adding powder until you reach the max charge suggested or see high pressure signs. It isn’t a problem to compress the powder charge – unless the bullet begins to push back out after seating (bullet rebound). You’ll need to measure the length of the loaded round right after seating and again 15 or 20 minutes later to determine if they are pushing their way back out. You can also use a drop tube to help stack the powder a bit better and thereby get more in the case, as we do. Another good trick is to tap the side of the case gently with a pencil to settle the powder. Be sure to cover the case mouth with your finger so powder doesn’t come out.

You may also decide to try a faster burning powder that will give more room for the bullet, but I’d suggest you continue with the 4831 powder.

Tom E. writes:
Can you please tell me the number of various bullet boards you have released? I am interested in the different models, production and cost of each. Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
Tom Ewing

There were a few different designs made, but the time lines they each came available is a bit disputed.

The first Barnes bullet board was a one of a kind and has been lost over the years.
The second design was fairly limited and Randy Brooks suggested to me that there were about 200 to 250 of these made and given away with $500 to $1000 package orders. See the photo.

The third and final sets of bullet boards were available in a variety of configurations. The Standard 20”x14” came in both oak and walnut, with the basic 104 bullet lineup. It came with a counter stand and sold for $109.95. About 500 total of them were sold.

The Limited Edition Board was 26”x20” and 500 of them were made available. They came complete with the “Bullets Made the Way They Ought’a Be” solid brass medallion and was available in both suede pigskin and smooth cowhide backing. You also had the option of either oak or walnut and each board was fitted with a personal nameplate suggesting which of the 500 it was. It too consisted of the basic 104 bullet lineup and the cost was $275. See the ad in the catalog below – circa 1983-1987?

It brings me great joy to be able to bring you these invaluable tidbits of information about Barnes history – I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy Hunting!

Barnes Awards

Read More

VOR-TX Ammunition won the 2012 NRA American Hunter magazine’s Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition Product of the Year! For more information about the award, click here.

Barnes VOR-TX 300 AAC Blackout 110 grain TAC-TX Ammunition awarded BEST OF SHOT ’12 by MilitaryTimes GearScout.

Barnes’ Tipped TSX is the recipient of the North American Hunting Club’s Seal of Approval. The TTSX received an outstanding 97% approval rating from the NAHC field test members. Click here to view the article.

Success Story

Terry Blauwkamp

Recently I had the pleasure to taking quite a few animals with the new Barnes VOR-TX factory ammo during a 6 week trip to South Africa and Namibia.

Test firing this ammo before I left, gave me great sense of optimism because it was just great on paper and over the chronograph.

No matter how small the groups or how fast or consistent the velocity, how does it perform on game is the true test.

During this safari, I used the .270 Winchester 130-gr. TTSX on several animals ranging from Springbok to Gemsbok. Naturally the Springbok were no match for this load, but I was absolutely impressed with how it performed on a Gemsbok as one shot thru the shoulders put him down right there with complete penetration. In fact I never did recover any of the 130-gr. TTSX .270 bullets.

The .300 Winchester used TTSX bullets and it too was impressive on Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbok and Namibian Mountain Zebra. The only bullet I recovered was from the Zebra taken at 200+ yards and it was a perfect mushroom just like the one on the VOR-TX ammo box. On Blue Wildebeest and Gemsbok, every bullet passed thru and the game usually just collapse on the spot.

The .338 Winchester Magnum load uses 225-gr. TTSX bullets and it too was an awesome performer with the most impressive performance on a Blue Wildebeest at 237 yards facing me. The bullet entered just under the chin and put him down right there with hardly even a kick or a wiggle.

The bullet was recovered 42” into the body and again was a perfect mushroom. All in all I recovered four .338 caliber bullets and one .30 caliber bullet as shown in the attached photo. All the recovered 338 bullets were from Blue Wildebeest on frontal shots as all broadside and quartering shots exited.

All of the Professional Hunters we hunted with we absolutely impressed with those “Blue Tip” bullets as they came to be known.

In past years I’ve used both the original Barnes TSX bullets and the new TTSX bullets in my own handloads, and this factory VOR-TX ammo is a good as anything I can put together.

Terry Blauwkamp

Recipe Of The Month

Club-X Members are invited to share favorite recipes (preferably with photos). Send to, and be sure to include CLUB-X RECIPE in the Subject line.

Every year for New Year’s, I try new recipes to get my family to (happily) eat their black eyed peas and collard greens. Well, this year I finally did it! Everyone raved about this dish, and most went back for seconds. In the future, it will be served as a main course. Use any kind of sausage you like, wild or domestic. We particularly enjoyed the hint of smoky flavor the Chipotle seasoning contributed. It was great warmed up the next day, too. -Jessica Brooks-Stevens

New Year’s Wild and Dirty Rice

  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 large chicken breast, cut into 1/2″ chunks
  • 1/2 pound venison sausage in casings, sliced
  • 1 15oz. can of black eyed peas, drained
  • 1 10oz. can diced tomatoes with green chilis, un-drained
  • 4 collard greens (leaves and stalks), chopped
  • 1 cup yellow onions, finely chopped
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon Chipotle seasoning (or your favorite spicy seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 5 cups cooked rice (brown or white, chilled)

Preparation Instructions:
  • In a large, heavy sauté pan or pot heat 2 tablespoons of the oil over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and sausage and cook, stirring until the meat is browned, about 6 minutes.
  • Add the remaining tablespoon of oil, the onions, collard greens, garlic, seasoning, cumin, salt and pepper, and cook, stirring until soft, about 5 minutes.
  • Add the stock and diced tomatoes, and scrape the bottom of the pan to loosen any browned bits. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add the rice and black eyed peas and stir thoroughly.
  • Cook until the rice and peas are heated through, about 5 minutes and serve.

Barnes Ads & Web Links


Monthly Club-X Prize

January Club-X Prize
Remington Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning Kit & Barnes Shed-Horn Hoodie

The Remington Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is based on the revolutionary Rem Squeeg-E, which eliminates the need for cleaning patches, the system includes all the tools needed to clean almost any firearm, from a .22 caliber handgun to a 12-gauge shotgun, conveniently packed in a green canvas range bag with shoulder strap.
The kit includes:

  • (3) Rem Flex Rod Cables (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol/Revolver
  • Patented Fast Snap T-Handle
  • .22/.223/5.56mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • .243 Rem Squeeg-E
  • .270/7mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • .308/7.62mm Rem Squeeg-E
  • 9mm/.380/.357 Rem Squeeg-E
  • .40/.45 Rem Squeeg-E
  • .50/410 Rem Squeeg-E
  • 20GA/28GA Rem Squeeg-E
  • 12GA/16GA Rem Squeeg-E
  • 12GA/16GA Rem Squeeg-E
  • (10) Matching Bronze Bore Brushes
  • Threaded Revolver Adapter
  • Large Thread Adapter
  • Nylon and Brass Hand Brushes (1 Each)
  • Yellow Gun Cloth
  • Medium Rem Pad Gun Cleaning Mat (12″x28″)
  • Rem All In Bore Cleaner (0.5 fl oz)
  • Rem Oil (1.0 fl oz)
  • Instruction Sheet

Check out a video highlighting the Squeeg-E Universal Cleaning System HERE.
Visit to purchase this and other Remington Accessories.

Congratulations December Club-X Prize Winner JD Shanahan!

JD won a Remington Gift Box. just for being a Club-X member. Next month it could be you!

JD’s Youngest son, Jared, on a prairie dog hunt.

JD writes:

I don’t win anything. Ever. Imagine my surprise when I get an email from Brett telling me that I’ve won something from Barnes Bullets!

I returned to hunting after a 15-year hiatus. I grew up in Missouri and hunted rabbits, squirrels, and frogs. The only time I sat in a tree stand waiting for deer with my dad I was unarmed and underwhelmed. After dropping out of college, five years in the Army, and a move to Colorado to return to college my neighbor got me re-hooked on hunting (thanks again Jim!!). In the last 15 years I’ve hunted just about everything that Colorado and Montana have to offer (I don’t have proof of all the hunts, but I do have stories).

I was called to pastor a church in Montana nine years ago. Shortly after arriving, I got involved with the Montana FWP’s Hunter Education Program. Not only do I love hunting, I love passing our hunting traditions on to future generations.

I began reloading about 7 or 8 years ago and found that several of my guns really like to shoot the Barnes TSX bullets. The boys and I were able to tune a load for both of their Savage rifles (chambered in .243) that shot under 1” groups (with one rifle shooting 100 yard, dime-sized groups regularly). I’m currently tweaking a load for my new favorite caliber, the .325 WSM.

Thanks again Barnes! For a great selection of bullets and for the Remington Sportsman gift box.

Barnes Monthly Facebook Contest

January Question:
Guess the cartridge! Correctly guess the cartridges below (left to right) and be the winner of the Barnes January Facebook question.

Guess the right answer and win a free box of Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition or Barnes Components by posting your answer on our Facebook page.Posting may begin on or after Monday, January 7th at 8:00 am after this notification is posted. Posts made before that time will not be accepted. Good Luck!

Parting Shot

Chris Anderson of the Barnes Ballistics Lab took this bear with a 130 gr. TTSX out of a .270 Win. on a spot-and-stalk hunt in Utah.