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February 2010 Barnes Bullet-N

To our respected business colleagues, customers and friends,

It is with excitement and great anticipation for what the future holds that Coni and I are pleased to announce the addition of Barnes Bullets to The Freedom Group (FGI) family of distinguished companies.

As you know, since the 1930’s Barnes Bullets has led the industry in bullet technology. We stand firm on our central focus to provide customers with top quality, performance based products that give shooters a decided advantage. We join hands now with a group comprised of companies steeped in tradition, quality and innovation. Therefore, the acquisition of Barnes really makes sense for this group as it accentuates a great number of diverse product offerings from other respected FGI companies such as Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, H&R, NEF, LC Smith, Parker, EOTAC, AAC, Dakota and INTC.

We are proud to have built a company based on hard work, dedication and sacrifice. It has been our passion for many years now, and will remain so into the future. Naturally, we feel strongly that the culture and team which defines Barnes Bullets should remain intact. Fortunately, FGI recognizes the integral part this company’s culture plays in the lives of our employees, customers and business partners. In light of this, the entire staff remains whole. Direction has been given to continue forward in growth and prosperity by seeking additional resources from FGI to facilitate future goals and objectives necessary for the company’s continued success.

Coni and I are truly grateful for the warm welcome extended by all FGI employees. They are proud of our company’s legacy and the excellent reputation that follows. It is our hope that all of you understand the great benefits and rewards that will come to pass from this alliance. We have the utmost faith and confidence going forward that this mutually beneficial relationship will bolster the superb standards in quality, service and product value that is the heart of Barnes Bullets.

To our customers who use the website regularly, we thank you for your patience during the month of January while the site was down. It was a difficult and trying time for all (our daughter, Jessica, lost much sleep and hair over it!) Fortunately, we were able to get back online fairly quickly with an updated design. Of course, there are still a few items being sorted out as the new launch was not anticipated quite this early. Hopefully, the new look is pleasing to you and you can expect more great things to come.

Yours in shooting and friendship,

Randy & Coni Brooks
President & Vice President of Sales, Barnes Bullets