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December 2011 Barnes Bullet-N

Randy Brooks Message:  

Club-X Friends,

I wanted to let you know this will be my last regular, monthly column that I write for the newsletter. I’m sure I will drop in from time-to-time with a yarn or two, but the format is changing for 2012 so I have been given the boot! Only kidding. Actually, because the November Gobbler Special received so much attention, Coni and Jessica plan to run specials regularly in the newsletter. I think that’s a great idea. Helps you all save a little cash on your favorite Barnes products, and gets me out of the doghouse when my newsletter column isn’t done on time!

Last week, I was fortunate enough to have my closest family members, including my 84-year old mother, in Las Vegas to show their support for me at the annual World Series Of Team Roping competition. I ended up placing 7th in one of the ropings and brought home a $27,500 check. Coni was pretty excited that I covered my entry fees this year. For many of us ropers, it doesn’t often end up that way. My family has supported me at this event every year I have competed. I often think about how blessed I am to have them in my life, and particularly at this time of year with the holiday season upon us. With the passing of every year, I am amazed at how the love and gratitude for my family continues to grow. I have lost several close family members this past year. Tragically, a special nephew of mine lost his battle with a rare form of cancer just days ago.

If you are a member of our Armed Forces, or you have family members serving away from home, I offer you my heartfelt thanks and best wishes. My oldest grandson, Taylor, received his orders a few weeks ago. He leaves for Afghanistan on January 15th. Hard to believe how quickly our kids and grandkids grow up, isn’t it? We are exceptionally proud of him, and will continue to ask the Lord to bless him and all American soldiers who are serving this great nation around the globe.

I would like to leave you with a final message that comes from the very grateful side of Randy. Life is short and precious. Live every day to its fullest, and let those closest to you know how much they mean to you all year long – don’t wait until the holiday season or other special occasions. Let me take this opportunity to let you all know how much Coni and I really do appreciate your support. Club-X members visit with us at shows and compliment us on the products. You share your stories and experiences with us about Barnes products. You tell us how much you enjoy reading the newsletter. You make product suggestions and much more. This all means a great deal to us both.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a great New Year and a blessed 2012.

Randy Brooks

Coni’s Corner:  

Merry Christmas to our great Club-X Members!

It is truly hard to believe that the end of 2011 is so near. I am really having a hard time with that. I don’t like how time speeds by these days and it seems like the older I get the faster time goes by.

Well, I promised to talk about my elk hunt. Wish I had a picture of an elk to include with this message but unfortunately, I don’t.

I hunted for six days in the Fillmore and Oak Creek area of Utah. We definitely saw elk, one in particular that we watched from afar to try and get a handle on how big he was. Turns out he was a very respectable bull – but a few years back I took a wonderful bull in Wyoming on a blustery winter day in December that I felt this guy just didn’t quite measure up to. The Wyoming hunt was difficult and the bull I shot is truly amazing. Until I get a bull in my sights that I feel is his senior, I will continue to hold off. That is really okay with me because nothing beats getting out and seeing the country, being around great people and enjoying wildlife.

My hunt was near the end of the season and to be truthful, I’m sure the elk had seen their fair share of hunters. Therefore, the bulls and cows alike were very skittish to say the least!

Anyway, my big hunting adventures are done for 2011, but I will continue my quest and expect great things in 2012. Possibly leopard in Tanzania? Also, Jessica and I are hoping to go to Mexico in January, 2013 for either Coues deer, Desert muley or both. The planning of a hunt really builds-up the excitement as the time draws nearer. It is a big part of the whole experience for me.

I would like to mention that we have a Christmas Special going on for the month of December. November’s “Gobbler Special” was a huge success! A special thanks to those of you who ordered the 6.8 MPG bullets. So, just for you 6.8 caliber guys, we decided to keep the MPG’s on for one more month AND add some of the 6.8 TSXs and TTSXs. Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of my article, look the special over and place your order by or before December 20th. Barnes will be taking a Christmas break until January 3, 2013 so there will be no shipping of anything after December 20th.

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year amongst family friends. If you are so lucky to have hunting time left this year, be safe and enjoy that as well.

Coni Brooks

December Special

Click here for the Barnes Christmas Special PDF with links

Barnes’ Tips, Tools, and Techniques

We’re going to get right into the thick of the bullet making process this month on our virtual tour by showing you the large presses that make the raw materials into bullets.

I’m going to start with our most popular TSX and TTSX all copper bullets. Last month we covered the slug making operation. Now we are going to feed those slugs into the press. These presses are called transfer presses. This is because they transfer the bullet from die to die via the transfer bar. You can see the transfer bar as it moves side to side in the video below. A series of dies rest in the bottom of the press, and a series of punches in the top. These punches and dies form the bullet in multiple steps under great pressure. The following video tells the tale.

Bullets such as the Varmint Grenade, MPG, RRLP and Match Burners are made with a copper jacket and a powdered metal or lead core. This is referred to as the cup and draw process. Instead of using copper wire as the main ingredient, we use a flat copper banding material. This flat copper is then punched into a small circle similar to a penny. Larger bullets require a larger penny. This copper coin is then stamped into a cup and the cup goes through a series of cup stretching dies to form the jacket that surrounds the core. Once the core is inserted into the cup, the nose of the bullet is formed and the bullet is basically complete.

The last bullet we’re going to look at is our Banded Solid bullet. They are made by turning them on a computerized lathe. A long brass bar is fed into the Bar Feed CNC machine and it is then spun to about 3500rpm. The computer moves the bar in and out as the cutting blades do their magic. Finally it cuts the bullet from the bar and voila, you have a bullet. Due to unforeseen circumstances I’m not able to show this machine cutting a bullet. To show how the machine works I’m including a video of it making the delrin tips for a special project. I’ll include video of it making a bullet in one of the next few tours.

This section was one of my favorites because you get to see the real presses in action. I had a blast bringing it to you. Your business is appreciated!

See you next month!
Ty Herring
Consumer Service Lead

Barnes’ Awards

Barnes Bullets is the proud recipient of the North American Hunting Club’s seal of approval for the TTSX. The TTSX received an outstanding 97% approval rating from the NAHC field test members. Click here to view the article.

Success Story

Linda Darcey

This photo is of Linda Darcey from Moab, UT with her free-range Japanese Sika deer she harvested on a August 2011 hunt in south Texas .

Linda used her Browning A-Bolt micro medallion in .22/250 loaded with the 53 gr TSX bullets pushed by RL15 powder. She has used this combination to account for a wide variety of game from Utah mule deer to Namibian springbok over the past few years.

Congratulations on a nice trophy!

Recipe of the Month

Four-Bean Taco Soup

Submitted by Beth Cowgill

1 – Pound ground elk

1 – Can light red kidney beans

1 – Can pinto beans

1 – Can black beans

1 – Can niblet corn

1 – Can diced tomatoes

1 – Can green chilies or Rotel (if you like your chili hotter)

1 – Package taco seasoning

1 – Package dry ranch (for a little extra taste)

Do not drain the canned items. Also, you can either add 2 cans of tomato soup (undiluted) or 2 cans of tomato sauce.

Mix all together is a large pot and let simmer for a couple of hours. Sprinkle some cheese, do a dollop of Daisy® and toss some Chili Cheese Fritos® in there as well.

Barnes News



Congratulations Club-X Prize Winner!

Henry Schoggins

Thank you for being a member of Club-X. Henry won a Remington Heritage Series Knive!

All of the Heritage Series knives are made in America from the finest materials and have their bolsters stamped with the same distinctive Remington Arms company shield that was present on all Remington firearms produced from 1888-1914.

For more information on this prize click here.

Prize for December

Rands Custom Hat

In the early west, one of the cowboy’s most important pieces of equipment was his hat. It shaded his eyes from the sun, kept the rain off his neck and, in a pinch, served as a bucket for water and feed. It was an integral part of his existence, and he was seldom without it. It was the first thing he put on in the morning, and the last thing he took off at night. Today’s cowboy, and those who fancy western apparel, expect no less from their hat than the cowboy in the old west. It reflects their taste and lifestyle. In this age of cheap workmanship, it is difficult to find the hat to fit these needs. It’s with that thought that Rand’s approaches the design and construction of their custom hats. Utilizing traditional artisan’s tools and skilled craftsmen, we have achieved a quality product that combines the skills of the past with the concerns of today. Antique copper steamers, wooden sizing blocks, curved pencil curling irons and other traditional implements abound at Rand’s, reminding us that the skills of the past are still with us.

For more information about Rand’s and the products they offer, click here.

Barnes Monthly Facebook Contest

Correctly guess the first game killed with an X Bullet®.

Guess the right answer and win a free box of Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition or Barnes Components. The posting may begin on or after Wednesday, December 21st at 7:00 am Mountain Time. Posts made before that time will not be accepted.

We will be posting this announcement on our Facebook page on or after Wednesday, December 21st by 7:00 am Mountain Time so be sure to get there first! Good luck.

Congratulations to Randy Zirk for guessing the correct answer on the contest featured in last months newsletter! Randy received a box of 270 WSM 140 gr TSX VOR-TX Ammunition!

Parting Shots

Denny Levella shot this great group using his brand new Marlin X7VH in a 308. Denny was using a 130 gr TSX. This three shot group was at 100 yards. Great shooting!