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Barnes Photo Gallery

Chris Crosby 7mm RUM 150 TTSX Colorado

Chris Crosby of the Production department put in the time and came away with this bruiser. Chris used a 7mm RUM and a 150-gr TTSX.

Chris Anderson 270 Win 130 TTSX Bear

Chris Anderson, of the ballistics lab, Harvested this bear on a spot-n-stalk hunt using a 270 Win 130-gr TTSX.

Brett Throckmorton Whitetail, 50 Cal 250 Gr T-EZ

Brett Throckmorton, Public Relations at Barnes, took this Tennessee Whitetail buck with the help of 250-gr Barnes
T-EZ, a Knight Mountaineer muzzleloader and High Cotton Hunting.

Mike Painter, OEM Sales at Barnes Bullets, celebrated Independence day by thinning out the
local coyote population and helping the deer. This coyote was shot with a DPMS
Prairie Panther and a Barnes 55-gr TSX. One shot and that is all she wrote!

Mike Worwood of the maintenance department took this nice 6×6 bull in the Manti unit located
in Utah. He used his Browning 270 win loaded with a 130-grain TTSX.

Gregg Sloan, from the ballistic lab, took this impressive 6×7 bull elk in an limited entry unit
located in central Utah. He used a 300 Win Mag Weatherby rifle loaded with a 180-grain TTSX.

Cagen Carter of the ballistics lab took
this bear with his 300 savage and a 165-grain TSX!
Cagen shot this deer with a custom
6.5-300 WSM rifle and a 120-grain TTSX bullet.

Gregg Sloan of the ballistics lab
took this hog with his T/C encore muzzleloader loaded
with a 250-grain TEZ at 100 yards in Texas.
Left to right: Gregg Sloan, lee Ryan, and Geoff Sloan.
Greg’s grandpa took this deer at 150 yards with
a 270 Win and a-130 grain TTSX

Fathers & Sons hunt, January, 2009

Thad Stevens, Barnes Ballistics Lab Manager.
His feral hog was taken with a .454 Casull Ruger Super Redhawk and the 250-grain XPB.
Riley Stevens and his feral hog.
He used a DPMS LR-308
and a 150-grain Tipped TSX.

Greg Christensen (left) always enjoys hunting with his family each year.
His father, Stan Christensen (right), shot this moose with his .300 Win and a 168-grain TSX.

While hunting in New Mexico Thad Stevens (center) took this antelope with a .300 Wby and a 168-grain Tipped Triple-Shock. Pictured also is Joseph von Benedikt (left) from Rifle Shooter and Jessica Brooks (right).

Jessica Brooks shot this antelope with a .300 WSM and a 130-grain Tipped Triple-Shock bullet.
She was hunting in New Mexico.

Greg Christensen, Production Manager, harvested this Colorado deer using his .300 WSM and a 168-grain TSX.

Dave Wheeler from the production department enjoys coyote hunting on the weekends.

Carl Carter, Manufacturing Engineer, shot this Wyoming antelope with a .30-06 and a 150-grain TSX bullet.

RJ Bryan from the press department shot this deer with a .300 Winchester Magnum and a 165-grain Tipped TSX. His son, Talon, is also pictured.

Scott Witney from the machine shop used a .243 Winchester and an 85-grain TSX bullet to take this deer.

Thad Stevens, Ballistics Lab Manager, shot this bear with his .340 Weatherby and a 225-grain Triple-Shock bullet.

Ty Herring from the customer service department spent a few days rabbit hunting. He used a .45 Colt rifle with 225-grain XPB bullets in Cor-Bon factory loads.

Tim Janzen, Research & Development engineer, took this Iowa whitetail with a .50-caliber Knight Disc Extreme and a 250-grain Spit-Fire TMZ bullet.

Mel Harward spends his free time shooting prairie dogs with the explosive Varmint Grenade bullets.

Jessica Brooks with a Wyoming antelope taken with a .300 Weatherby and the 130-grain Tipped TSX at 300 yards. Jessica is Product/Marketing Manager at Barnes.