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Owners of Barnes Bullets ® since 1974, Randy and Coni Brooks work tirelessly to promote the hunting and shooting sports. They’re similarly dedicated to preserving wildlife and conserving animal habitat.

In their continuing search for optimum bullet design and performance, Randy and Coni have hunted both large and small game throughout the world. The all-copper X-Bullet ® and the recently introduced Triple-Shock™ X-Bullet ® Randy developed have set performance standards conventional lead-core bullets simply can’t match.

Coni harvested this Utah mule deer at 372 yards using a .300 Winchester Magnum loaded with
a 130-grain Tipped Triple-Shock bullet. The deer had an outside spread measurement of 34 1/2″

Coni took this terrific water buffalo in Darwin, Australia at 40 yards using
a .375 H&H Magnum loaded with a 300-grain TSX.

Randy took this Mexico Mule Deer hunting near Sonora, Mexico with Vaquero Outfitters in December 2006.
The deer, which scored 209-6/8″, was taken with Barnes’ 180-grain MRX bullet from a .300 WSM Kimber.

Hunting in New Mexico with Ross Johnson Outfitters, Randy Brooks killed this record-book 394 6/8″ elk with a Knight Disc Extreme muzzleloader and a Barnes 245-grain Spit-Fire MZ bullet

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Barnes Bullets is the oldest supplier of premium hunting bullets
in the United States.