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To order any of these Barnes accessories, call 1 800 574 9200 and talk to our Technical Support team.

Bino Buddy

Keep you expensive optics secure and close to your chest while hiking to that spot or climbing through a barb wire fence. The Barnes Bino Buddy features a thicker strap that doesn’t stretch out like other binocular systems. They are available in both camo or brown and with two options on the graphics etched into the leather.

The Barnes Bino Buddy can be purchased by calling 1 800 574 9200.

Brown Straps With Barnes Logo #30769
Brown Straps With Elk Logo #30768
Camo Straps With Elk Logo #30770
Camo Straps with Barnes Logo #30771

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Barnes MicroFiber Lens Cloth

lens-cleaner5_resized_1000-Attach one these Barnes Lens Cloths to each set or your optics to ensure that you always have a clean, clear lens when you need to spot that monster buck or put the crosshairs on that bugling bull.
The soft microfiber cloth cleans your expensive optic’s without scratching the lens and the cloth is easily stuffed back into the neoprene shell to ensure that it is dry and clean when you need it.

The Barnes Lens Cloth can be purchased by calling 1 800 574 9200.

Don’t Tread On Me Coin
This 1 Troy ounce coin of .999 copper was minted by Barnes from recycled material collected during the bullet manufacturing process. With this coin Barnes declares its stance on recent infringements of our Second Amendment rights. Stand with us.

Note: two coins are pictured to show front and reverse of coin. Sold as single in a plastic coin holder.

Ammo Wallet
Enough with the loose cartridges jingling around in your pocket, making noise and getting hung up on the granola bar at the most inopportune moment. Keep your spare ammunition organized and accessible with the Barnes Ammo Wallet. The Ammo Wallet holds 10 loaded rounds and features a sewn in loop in case you would like to attach it to your belt.


Barnes Gunmaid Cleaning Mat

Keep the oil and cleaning solvents off the coffee table with the Barnes GunMaid. The Gunmaid can stow your cleaning jags and be easily rolled up for clean and easy storage.

All Barnes accessories can be ordered by calling Barnes Tech Support at 1 800 574 9200


Barnes Belt Buckle

This Barnes belt buckle is made in the USA from solid brass right down the road from the Barnes factory. Subtly show off your Barnes love while staying stylish at the same time.

All Barnes accessories can be ordered by calling Barnes Tech Support at 1 800 574 9200


CR-10 Bore Cleaner

Barnes’ specially formulated CR-10™ bore cleaning solvent effectively removes copper and powder fouling. This aggressive bore cleaner quickly loosens and lifts heavy copper deposits left by jacketed bullets as they pass through the bore. Leaves rifling clean for better accuracy and longer barrel life. CR-10 bore cleaner is non-corrosive and won’t harm barrels. Offered in 2 and 8-ounce bottles.

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Reloading Manual #4

The Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 is an all-new reloading manual that provides an up-to-date guide for loading Barnes Bullets. Full color illustrations appear throughout the manual, which has a distinctive embossed and debossed cover.

To view samples of load data from the Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4, click here.

More than 200,000 rounds were fired in testing the loads contained in the manual. Extensive loading data provided covers the full range of Barnes Triple-Shock™ X Bullets® (TSX™) hunting bullets now available. Loading data is also offered for the new Barnes Banded Solids™ for dangerous big game, as well as for the extremely popular Varmint Grenade™—a highly frangible varmint bullet developed from military technology.

The new manual features loading data for many recently introduced cartridges, including Winchester’s Short and Super-Short Magnums, .338 Federal and the .375 Ruger. It also contains data for bigbore dangerous game cartridges like the .470 and .500 Nitro Express, .505 Gibbs and .577 Nitro. Extreme-range accuracy loads for Barnes’ .50 BMG bullets are listed for Very High Power shooters.

New load data is also offered for Barnes’ greatly expanded selection of XPB™ pistol bullets, including those designed for .460 and .500 S&W revolvers. Recommended loads for Barnes’ Expander MZ™, as well as the long-range Spit-Fire MZ™ and TMZ™ muzzleloader bullets appear in a special section.

Customer accounts of Barnes Bullets’ performance in the hunting field are included. As a bonus, noted gun writers like Craig Boddington, Sam Fadala and Brian Pearce share their expertise in feature articles.

The Barnes Reloading Manual #4 can be purchased by calling 1 800 574 9200.