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CR-10 Bore Cleaner

Barnes’ specially formulated CR-10™ bore cleaning solvent effectively removes copper and powder fouling. This aggressive bore cleaner quickly loosens and lifts heavy copper deposits left by jacketed bullets as they pass through the bore. Leaves rifling clean for better accuracy and longer barrel life. CR-10 bore cleaner is non-corrosive and won’t harm barrels. Offered in 2 and 8-ounce bottles.

CR-10 – Questions
We have had calls asking if CR-10 will damage your rifle bore. The answer is, no. Let me explain. CR-10, along with most other copper cleaning solvents, contains ammonia to remove the copper. Ammonia attracts moisture, which in turn causes the clean steel to rust very quickly. We have tested barrels submerged in it for 18 months without any damage to the barrel. An oil patch is also recommended after cleaning to prevent the rust process. Using CR-10 will NOT damage bores.

When I use CR-10 cleaner, why are my patches coming out blue?
The ammonia in CR-10 will react with the copper in your barrel and create the blue discoloration you see on your patches. We recommend running CR-10 soaked patches through your barrel until they come out virtually clean. For excessive fouling, alternate soaked patches with a CR-10 soaked bronze brush to increase scrubbing intensity. Run a dry patch on a jag through the bore to wipe out most of the CR-10. When finished, remove any excess CR-10 left in the bore with a non-chlorinated brake cleaner soaked patch. Repeat until all CR-10 is removed from the bore. Remember to follow the directions and don’t leave the CR-10 in the bore for more than fifteen minutes.

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