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New Tipped TSX

For 2011, Barnes is adding nine new bullets to its Tipped Triple-Shock™ (TTSX) lineup. The TTSX bullet adds a streamlined polymer tip to the company’s best-selling Triple-Shock X Bullet. The polymer tip and re-engineered nose cavity mean even faster expansion. The tip also boosts BC, improving long-range ballistics.

The Tipped TSX™ features a 100-percent copper, lead-free body. Multiple rings cut into the shank relieve pressures and virtually eliminate copper fouling. The rings also contribute to the bullet’s outstanding accuracy.

Hydraulic pressure forces the nose of the TTSX bullet open, causing it to expand instantly on contact. Double-diameter expansion creates four cutting petals that wreak extensive internal damage. The bullet retains virtually 100 percent of its original weight as it produces pass-through penetration. Count on this bullet to exit the far side of deer or elk, even when heavy bones are struck. Exceptional TTSX performance means clean, quick kills.

New for 2011:

Caliber Weight Description S.D. B.C.
22 Cal 50-grain TTSX Flat Base (1:12″ Twist or Faster) .142 .229
22 Cal 55-grain TTSX Boattail (1:9″ Twist or Faster) .157 .272
22 Cal 62-grain TTSX Boattail (1:8″ Twist or Faster) .177 .294
6.8MM 95-grain TTSX Boattail .177 .292
30 Cal 165-grain TTSX Boattail .248 .442
35 Cal 180-grain TTSX Flat Base .201 .295
35 Cal 200-grain TTSX Boattail .223 .369
9.3MM 250-grain TTSX Boattail .267 .440
375 Cal 250-grain TTSX Boattail .254 .424
416 Cal 350-grain TTSX Boattail .289 .444

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