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New Match Burners

Barnes Match Burners

Barnes’ New Match BurnersTM Re-define Accuracy

Barnes is now offering the most accurate and affordable line of match bullets on the market. Providing competitive shooters with pin-point precision, as well as high BC on boattail bullets for flatter trajectory (*FB offerings for Benchrest) the all-new Match Burners have redefined accuracy while offering optimum caliber/bullet-weight ratios.

From Benchrest, High Power Rifle, 3-Gun, and Tactical matches to everyday target shooting, these premium Match Burners have proven to deliver aggressive results. Designed specifically with the competitive shooter in mind, Match Burners will perform time and time again building and maintaining any marksman’s confidence.

The new Match Burner additions for 2012 include:

Caliber Weight Description S.D. B.C.
7mm 171 grain Boattail .303

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