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Varmint Bullet with DETON-A-TOR™ core

Taking it to the limit is the name of the game with varmint hunters! Barnes Bullets is pleased to re-introduce this copper-jacketed, lead-core, hollow-point varmint bullet – with the highly explosive DETON-A-TOR core.

The VARMIN-A-TOR varmint bullet has all the accurate and explosive tendencies sought after by varmint shooters at the right price – CHEAP! A scored nose cavity and thin, tapered jacket assures that this bullet will vaporize anything in its path.

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Diameter: In Thousandths of an inch Weight: In grains
Description: Bullet style and shape SD: Sectional Density
BC: Ballistic Coefficient LG: Bullet Length
CAT#: Catalog, Part or sku number  

Caliber Weight Description S.D. B.C.
20 Cal 32 grain .204″ Flat Base – 100 pack 0.110
22 Cal 40 grain .224″ Flat Base – 100 pack 0.114 0.153
22 Cal 50 grain .224″ Flat Base – 100 pack 0.142 0.192
6mm 58 grain .243″ Flat Base – 100 pack 0.140 0.173
6mm 72 grain .243″ Flat Base – 100 pack 0.174 0.208

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