“Products You Can Count On - Every Time”

Advertising Campaign

The hardest hitting advertising in the industry! Crack the cover of the leading shooting and hunting magazines any time soon and you and are likely to come across Barnes® “Opportunity Knocks”, TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition, “Final Say,” VARMIN-A-TOR™, Long Range X, MATCH BURNERS™, and Barnes VOR-TX® Ammunition advertising campaigns. It graphically explains the how and why of Barnes’ superiority over ordinary lead core, copper jacketed bullets. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from publication editors,writers and readers.

For 2014 you will see Barnes Advertising in:

NRA Publications: American Hunter, American Rifleman, and Shooting Industry

African Hunting Gazette

Beckett Publications: Gun World, Concealed Carry Handguns, Home Defender and World of FirePower.

FMG Publications: Shooting Industry, Guns, and American Handgunner

Grandview Media: Predator Extreme and Whitetail Journal – plus Online Advertising – AR Guns & Hunting, Predator Extreme, and Whitetail Journal

Wolfe Publishing: Handloader and Rifle

Sports Afield

Safari Club International – Safari Magazine

InterMedia Outdoor Publications: Shooting Times and Handguns

Harris Publications: Rifle FirePower, Tactical Weapons, Combat Handguns, Personal Home Defense, Concealed Carry, and Complete Rifleman

California Deer

Varmint Hunter

Hunting Illustrated

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