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Hunting Magazine - June, 2004

October, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Product Availability Alert Coni’s Corner Success Story Ty’s Tips This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize Product Availability Alert New VOR-TX Loads Now Available Barnes is proud to announce that new loads in 260 Remington, 280 Remington and 300 Weatherby are now available in the Barnes VOR-TX line of ammunition. Click Here [...]

September, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Hunting The Land Down Under Product Availability Alert Success Story Ty’s Tips This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize Deer Hunting Issue of ARGH Product Availability Alert Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition is currently available through Midway USA and Cabela’s. It’s unknown how long it will remain in stock so click over to [...]

Take A Stand Against The Anti-Hunting Agenda

Dear Fellow Sportsman, 60 SECONDS OF YOUR TIME IS CRITICAL NOW. Right now, powerful and well-funded anti-hunting groups are encouraging their supporters to contact our elected congressional officials, urging them to block state conservation efforts to manage wolf populations and support their radical views. If 5 million American sportsmen respond to this threat now – [...]

August, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: New World Record Free Range NZ Red Stag Where To Find 22 Caliber Bullets Coni’s Corner Success Story: African Cape Buffalo Ty’s Tips – 44 Mag & The Different BCs This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize Product Availability Alert Need bullets for your 223? They are in stock through Midway USA. [...]

2013 Fall Rebate

Barnes is proud to announce the 2013 Fall Rebate. Barnes customers have the opportunity to get up to $20 cash back on VOR-TX Ammunition. VOR-TX Ammunition is precision loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. Barnes introduced the VOR-TX line of ammunition in 2010. VOR-TX is available in major cartridges and new for 2013 [...]

TTHA Locked & Loaded Featured Prize

Barnes VOR-TX ammunition is the Locked & Loaded Big Gear Giveaway featured product month of July. Register to Win at or follow the link below.

July 2013, Barnes Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Mule Deer And Coues South Of The Border Coni’s Corner Success Story – Record Iowa Whitetail Ty’s Tips – The Right 110 gr. Bullet For 300 Blackout & MZ Bullets For Colorado You Could Win This Month’s Club-X Prize! Answer The Question To Win A Box Of Barnes Ammunition or Components AR [...]

Banded Solids™

Banded Solids Purpose: Barnes’ Banded Solids™ stop dangerous game right now! In life-threatening situations, you can depend on Banded Solids to put the largest animal down. Machined from homogenous copper/zinc alloy, these indestructible bullets won’t disintegrate or deflect on heavy bone. Multiple bands, or rings, cut into the shank of Barnes Banded Solids relieve pressure [...]

M/LE RRLP­™ Bullets

TAC-RRLP™ Purpose: Barnes’ new RRLP™ (Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration) bullets feature a frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket. The bullets are lead-free—often a requirement in military and LE practice environments. These open-tip bullets won’t come apart in mid-air, even at very high velocities and extreme rates of spin. They combine accuracy with [...]

M/LE TAC XP Pistol Bullets

TAC-XP™ Purpose: Designed for law enforcement and personal defense, 100-percent copper TAC-XP™ pistol bullets meet the requirements of lead-free practice environments. They maintain their original weight and track straight after being fired through intermediate barriers like car doors, plywood and automobile windshield glass. Purchase Barnes TAC-XP Pistol Bullets Find A Dealer   Notice: On the [...]