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Hunting Magazine - June, 2004

Featured Hunt

The Long Awaited Moose Hunt By Hal Blood Moose hunting in Maine is a little know secret to most in the Hunting world. When most think of Moose Hunting, they think about destinations such as Alaska, The Yukon or maybe Quebec. The little know secret is that Maine has the highest density of Moose per [...]

October, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Product Availability Alert Coni’s Corner Success Story Ty’s Tips This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize Product Availability Alert New VOR-TX Loads Now Available Barnes is proud to announce that new loads in 260 Remington, 280 Remington and 300 Weatherby are now available in the Barnes VOR-TX line of ammunition. Click Here [...]

September, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Hunting The Land Down Under Product Availability Alert Success Story Ty’s Tips This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize Deer Hunting Issue of ARGH Product Availability Alert Barnes TAC-XPD Defense Ammunition is currently available through Midway USA and Cabela’s. It’s unknown how long it will remain in stock so click over to [...]

Take A Stand Against The Anti-Hunting Agenda

Dear Fellow Sportsman, 60 SECONDS OF YOUR TIME IS CRITICAL NOW. Right now, powerful and well-funded anti-hunting groups are encouraging their supporters to contact our elected congressional officials, urging them to block state conservation efforts to manage wolf populations and support their radical views. If 5 million American sportsmen respond to this threat now – [...]

August, 2013 Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: New World Record Free Range NZ Red Stag Where To Find 22 Caliber Bullets Coni’s Corner Success Story: African Cape Buffalo Ty’s Tips – 44 Mag & The Different BCs This Month’s Club-X Contest Question & Prize Product Availability Alert Need bullets for your 223? They are in stock through Midway USA. [...]

2013 Fall Rebate

Barnes is proud to announce the 2013 Fall Rebate. Barnes customers have the opportunity to get up to $20 cash back on VOR-TX Ammunition. VOR-TX Ammunition is precision loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. Barnes introduced the VOR-TX line of ammunition in 2010. VOR-TX is available in major cartridges and new for 2013 [...]

TTHA Locked & Loaded Featured Prize

Barnes VOR-TX ammunition is the Locked & Loaded Big Gear Giveaway featured product month of July. Register to Win at or follow the link below.

July 2013, Barnes Bullet-N

IN THIS ISSUE: Mule Deer And Coues South Of The Border Coni’s Corner Success Story – Record Iowa Whitetail Ty’s Tips – The Right 110 gr. Bullet For 300 Blackout & MZ Bullets For Colorado You Could Win This Month’s Club-X Prize! Answer The Question To Win A Box Of Barnes Ammunition or Components AR [...]

Banded Solids™

Banded Solids Purpose: Barnes’ Banded Solids™ stop dangerous game right now! In life-threatening situations, you can depend on Banded Solids to put the largest animal down. Machined from homogenous copper/zinc alloy, these indestructible bullets won’t disintegrate or deflect on heavy bone. Multiple bands, or rings, cut into the shank of Barnes Banded Solids relieve pressure [...]

M/LE RRLP­™ Bullets

TAC-RRLP™ Purpose: Barnes’ new RRLP™ (Reduced Ricochet, Limited Penetration) bullets feature a frangible, powdered-metal copper-tin core inside a guilding metal jacket. The bullets are lead-free—often a requirement in military and LE practice environments. These open-tip bullets won’t come apart in mid-air, even at very high velocities and extreme rates of spin. They combine accuracy with [...]