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Load Data – 1

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We recommend using the TSX and MRX data when loading TTSX bullets of equal weight.

The pages currently available in this category are summarized below and are listed in the main navigation in the Technical section.

Loading Guidelines

204 Diameter

204 Ruger

224 Diameter

220 SwiftUpdated 10/2009

221 Fireball

22 HornetUpdated 10/2009

222 RemUpdated 10/2009

222 Rem MagUpdated 04/2010

223 RemUpdated 06/2010

223 WSSMUpdated 03/2010

224 Wby Mag

22-250 RemUpdated 10/2009


243 Diameter

240 Wby MagUpdated 03/2009

243 WinUpdated 03/2009

243 WSSMUpdated 10/2009

6mm RemUpdated 10/2009


257 Diameter

250 SavageUpdated 02/2010

25 WSSMUpdated 03/2010

25-06 RemUpdated 03/2010

257 RobertsUpdated 03/2010

257 Ackley ImprovedUpdated 03/2010

257 Wby MagUpdated 03/2010

264 Diameter

6.5×55 Swedish Mauser

260 Rem

264 Win Mag

277 Diameter

6.8mm Rem SPC

270 WinUpdated 04/2010

270 Wby MagUpdated 05/2010

270 WSMUpdated 05/2010

338 Diameter

338 Lapua


348 Diameter

358 Diameter

366 Diameter

410 Diameter

411 Diameter

416 Diameter


423 Diameter

429 Diameter

458 Diameter

474 Diameter

505 Diameter

510 Diameter

585 Diameter






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