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Achieving optimum accuracy with Barnes all-copper bullets.

1) Thoroughly clean your barrel with an aggressive copper remover (Barnes CR-10 or Sweets 7.62). Our all-copper Triple Shock X Bullet is made of a softer material than used in conventional jacketed bullets. Be sure to clean any jacket fouling from your barrel before you shoot TSX Bullets. We’ve found that jacket fouling diminishes accuracy with our bullets.

2) Because TSX Bullets are all-copper, they have different pressure characteristics compared to conventional jacketed bullets. In our lab, we have experienced best pressures and accuracy when TSX Bullets are seated .030″ – .070″ off the lands (the grooves or rifling in a barrel.) The majority of the time, we’ve seen optimum accuracy when bullets are seated .050″ off the lands, so start there. Then move backward or forward in .005″ – .010″ increments to find the “sweet spot” for your particular rifle.

Try using a lighter weight bullet.

Because the TSX Bullet retains nearly 100 percent of its original weight and penetrates so well, many shooters select a lighter-weight TSX Bullet over a heavier conventional bullet. The lighter TSX Bullet delivers higher velocites and a flatter trajectory, and outperforms heavier bullets of conventional design.