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If you’re already a Club-X member, congratulations! In addition to other membership benefits, you’re now eligible to join the Copper Club–Barnes’ Premium online site you’ll definitely want to check out! Not a Club-X member yet? That’s even more reason to give the Copper Club a close look. If you don’t, you won’t know what you’re missing. Club-X membership is free, so you have nothing to lose!

Another benefit that’s available to Club-X members is the Copper Club – a Premium online site offering several unique advantages to its members. Those joining the Copper Club can choose one of the four premium packages available. Each package includes several valuable products, which will be immediately shipped to you.

In addition, Copper Club members will have access to the very latest loads as soon as they’re developed in the Barnes laboratory by the best ballisticians in the business. Many are the same loads that will be included in the next edition of the Barnes Reloading Manual-but you’ll see them months before they appear in print. Whenever new Barnes bullets are introduced, you’ll have the handloading lowdown on them first! This includes updates to current loading information–you’ll be the first to know!

There’s more! Copper Club members are automatically enrolled-at no extra charge-in the Barnes University. Many courses are offered. These range from handloading basics for beginners to advanced techniques to help you fine-tune your loads and maximize your firearm’s performance. The courses and quizzes are for shooters and hunters of all ages and experience levels. These narrated PowerPoint presentations are fun, highly informative, and easy to understand.

Barnes University courses include:

  • Beginning Reloading Techniques 1 & 2
  • Introduction to Barnes Family of Bullets
  • Rifle Cleaning for Peak Performance
  • Reloading Do’s and Don’ts
  • Quality Aspects of a Bullet
  • Building Better Bullets
  • Statistical Definitions
  • Using Statistics to Trouble Shoot Loads
  • Advanced Definitions
  • Understanding Twist Rates
  • Trajectory & Performance
  • Advanced Long Range Shooting
  • Advanced Reloading Techniques

Complete these courses and take the quizzes to become a more knowledgeable shooter and hunter. After passing the quizzes following each course, you’ll be awarded a Bachelor of Reloading Science Degree, complete with a certificate suitable for framing.

We’re inviting you to check out one of the courses offered to Copper Club Members free – with no risk to you before signing on. Simply click on this link. We’re sure you’ll agree that the small fee charged to join the Barnes Copper Club is worth every penny! The tangible items you immediately receive are worth a total of $100.00, so you’re already $50.00 ahead! The additional benefits mentioned are hard to put a price on. Don’t delay! Become a Copper Club member today! It’s easy! Take a moment now to sign up online. Annual membership fees are only $49.95 US Dollars for United States, $79.99 USD for Canada and $84.99 USD for other countries.

Thanks, and Happy Hunting!