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Barnes With NRA Women’s Outlook *VIDEO*

Our friends from the NRA Women’s Outlook recently shared a video highlighting firearms safety techniques.
To learn more about NRA Women’s Outlook follow the link below:

Practice makes perfect, and that is also true when it comes to safe gun handling. Watch this video from Barnes Bullets to see how the girls in the Brooks family learned to check a firearm—even when they were sure it was clear.

2 Responses to “Barnes With NRA Women’s Outlook *VIDEO*”

  1. yup.. agree with this article, practice make perfect. Thanks for sharing

  2. Carl Talley says:

    You forgot the first rule. control the muzzle- Then check it. I know you said dont point it unless you intend to destroy it. When you hand it back and forth the person receiving the gun should say control the muzzle then check the weapon or gun.

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