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Barnes Bullets Virtual Tour

We here at Barnes are proud of both the products we provide to shooters AND the place where we make them. Taking visitors on a tour of our facility lets us show that pride. However, we understand not everyone will be making a trip to Utah any time soon so we thought we give everybody a chance to see where we makes the product that you put to use in the field through a Barnes virtual tour.

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6 Responses to “Barnes Bullets Virtual Tour”

  1. mike says:

    I’m looking to buy 2000 .55 grn .223 cal bullets

  2. Tilghman Scott says:

    I try to find a simple listing of your products made in .224 – that’s all I ask for.

    You show me a list o many types of bullets some are .224, some are not.

    Why can’t you keep things a little simple – I have better things to do with my time rather tha spend it opening pages that have no connection to my own information need.

  3. regie says:

    im wanting to take my kids backpacking–if i need to take a bear down what bullet should i use that is the most effective using a 44mag

  4. bbullets says:

    Hello Regie,
    Please contact our customer service techs at and they would be happy to help you with that question.

  5. Pete Flores says:

    Does Barns make a lead free .35 Remington bullet in 150 grain. Does it have any in .35 Remington, I purchaced the Barns reloading Manual #4 and I did not find any thing for 35 Remington. I wish to purchase some. Thanks pete

  6. bbullets says:

    Hello Pete,
    The lightest, lead-free, 35 caliber bullet Barnes Manufactures is a 180 grain TTSX.

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