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Barnes Introduces New Webpages

Barnes® has introduced a set of new user-friendly webpages for a number of its components, including the popular TSX, TTSX and LRX bullets. The webpages feature an animated video that demonstrates how a Barnes bullet functions as they travel down a barrel and strike the shooter’s intended target. Additionally, customers will now be able to scroll through an illustrated side-bar to see the all the bullets offered in a particular family of Barnes bullets, seperated by bullet caliber and weight.

The new web pages still provide Barnes customers with important information while the illustrated sidebar make it easier for customers to find the specifications of the particular bullet they are in search of.

These new webpages are currently available for the public to view on the TSX, TTSX, LRX, XPB and Barnes Buster pages. Barnes is continually improving and every component line will soon feature the newly enhanced web pages.

To view these new web pages visit or click on one of the hyperlinked components above.

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