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NEW! 300 AAC Blackout Barnes Products

Barnes’ all-copper, polymer-tipped 300 AAC BLK/Whisper 110 grain TAC-TX bullet will be available for sale to handloaders mid-February, 2012 through the Barnes Online Store and Retailers. 300 AAC BLK Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition will be available in May through retailers only.

Specially designed profile ensures flawless magazine-length loading in AR rifles. Full (50-caliber) expansion and 20-inch plus penetration at 300 yards (tested in short and standard length barrel rifles) provides terminal performance unmatched by the competition. All-copper construction provides consistent terminal performance through barriers – an excellent choice for hunters and defense initiatives.

Click here to view load data for the 300 AAC BLK with the new 110 grain TAC-TX.

Click here to order 300 AAC BLK/Whisper 110 grain TAC-TX bullet (note: this is not loaded ammunition!)

NOTE: Trajectory, Velocity & Energy information updated on 3/21/12 based on a muzzle velocity of 2,350 fps.


Muzzle 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds
-1.5″ 0 -6.7″ -24.0″ -55.5″


Muzzle 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds
2350 2070 1810 1574 1369

ENERGY, ft lbs

Muzzle 100 yds 200 yds 300 yds 400 yds
1349 1046 800 606 458

21 Responses to “NEW! 300 AAC Blackout Barnes Products”

  1. Rick Benson says:

    Can’t wait for the Vor-TX to come out for the 300 Whisper/ACC Blackout. Can you keep me informed?

  2. floyd kittrell says:

    What calibers will this be manf. in

  3. Ron Gablehouse says:

    Looks to be just about useless to me.

  4. John Minnich says:

    I’m not sure I understand the 300 AAC cartridge. Balistically it lags far behind the 30 Remington AR. The 30 Rem AR with a 150gr bullet (Barnes of course) easily generates 2500fps and 2240 ft-lbs muzzle energy out of a 22″ bbl (Hornady reloading manual #8 pg 480). Even allowing for a muzzle velocity of 2300 fps muzzle energy is 1800 ft-lbs. Besting the 300AAC by a whoping 33%. Keep the great Barnes products coming. Awesome bullets.

  5. Jerry Farr says:

    where is the data?

  6. bbullets says:

    There are real advantages to be realized with this cartridge. It allows 30 caliber bullets to be fired from an AR platform with no modification to the standard magazine or platform other than a simple barrel change. The terminal performance of this cartridge is much improved over the 5.56/223 (comparable platforms) out to 300 yards. Think about it: the lethality of a 22 caliber bullet vs. a 30 caliber bullet. A low cost option to switch calibers by utilizing the same platform. The AAC BLK’s recoil is light, minimal muzzle blast (comparatively) and the Barnes products for this cartridge make it lethal on deer & hogs out to 300 yards.

  7. bbullets says:

    300 AAC BLK load data is located here, under the Technical tab at the top of the Barnes website:

  8. Richard says:

    Pretty exciting stuff. I’m very happy to see Barnes loading for the .300 BLK. This is one of the few “new” cartridges to roll out that I have really seen as being something different. Having people like Barnes supporting it will help make it a standard instead of a “could-a-been”.

  9. Cliff Stonaker says:

    Thanks for the load data and ballistics. I’ve tested the 110 Tac-TX with 19 grains of H110 prior to this data being published and produced one hole groups with them. This cartridge is designed to give a hard hit up close and thats what it does without much recoil or noise. Add a suppressor to it and have fun.

  10. Michael Manhart says:

    300AACBlackout 110gr blacktip one groove TAC-TX FB #30811, & 110gr two groove TAC-Tx FB #30851,loaded with 19 gr H110, shoot exact same group at 150 to 200 yds, same group with cci#41 &remington 71/2 primers. Excellent results! This is the load I will shoot in my Wilson 16′ fluted Bull barrel. I use Hornady bullet collet to set depth in case. Both load bullet depth set at .299 ogive dia. with in 1.500 (+.005-.001) length. Using Lee 308 Crimp on Grove. Use deep wide diameter seeater plug or drill out .190-.195 to clearance poly tip, so tip is not deformed whent seating bullet! Future results to be posted. Barnes is Best bullet made. I am changing to TTSX in all my hunting factory & reloads! I shoot 270, 7rmm, 300wm, 300rum, 300wby, 308win. MM Hutto Texas

  11. jethroUSMC says:

    Now design a TAC-TX that will reliably expand at subsonic velocities that will be the key. That is where these cartridges shine – subsonic and suppressed. Get consistent expansion down to 989 FPS and you’ll sell a bunch.

  12. dirtcurt says:

    I love the whole idea and love the 300 Blackout. But I get 50 rounds of the 30811 to test the load and now can’t get any until September???? Barnes come on! I am planning on using this cartridge in California lead free hunting zones for my 13 year old but need more bullets! If anybody else fills this need I’m gone, sorry this is stupid! All sorts of awards and no bullets.

  13. Mike says:

    I mirror what JethroUSMC said. Make a round that will reliably expand at subsonics velocities (down to 950 fps) for hunting that will hold together like the other bullets Barnes is famius for and you will sell all you can make. This is where the 300 BLK shines is in subsonic use.

  14. Will says:

    I’m continually surprised at the misunderstanding that surrounds the 300 blackout. I read where people are comparing it to everything from a a 223, to a Grendel, to a .308, and even now to a 30 remington. As I have remarked before, the comparisons are akin to comparing a swiss army knife to scalpel AND a chefs knife. When viewing the blackout through the lens of its intended role, it shines like no other. I can run both supersonic and subsonic, supressed and unsupressed, with nothing more that simply changing the ammo. There are no adjustments to the gas system (piston or DI). It’s energy characteristic surpasses both the .223 and 7.62×39 in terms of consistency. Furthermore, going from a 16″ barrel down to a 9″ barrel, you lose only 200fps from supersonic rounds! The disparity is even less when subsonic. Most game is taken in less than 200 yards. Most 2 legged encounters happen in less than 75 yards. At those ranges, Id rather have the 300blk in my hands than any other current offering. Muzzle rise is identical to a .223 (nonexistent). And the recoil is milder than a 6.8. So, for an all around, do everything, Swiss Army knife of a weapon, it can’t currently be beat. And like teh afore mentioned 6.8, future load development will only make it shine brighter.

  15. V says:

    The “Subsonic/Supreesed, This is where 300 BLK shines” may be true for your personal planned use but in practice and theory, the 300 BLK shines in multiple areas. I have personally chronographed the 110 gr TAC-TX at 2256 fps (5 shot average) using 20 grains of Hogdon H110. Using the equation “velocity squared x Bullet weigh / 450395″ = 1243 ft lbs of energy. Thats 1243 ft lbs gents,, out of a 9.5 inch barrel. Try to get that out of a .223 or 5.56. Please, make it work for you & how you want it to, and the rest of us will do the same. The 300 BLK shines in many, many, many areas. Choose yours, be successful & refrain from passively or otherwise devaluing the other potent, factual results others have realized.

  16. Mike says:

    Thanks for the info on this round. Since the shooting at Sandy Hook school the 5.56 rounds have been flying off the floors in all gun shops and wholesalers. I’m converting two AR’s to 300 Blackout. Seems these rounds aren’t being bought up like 5.56 and 223. Plus, you get the improvement over .223

  17. Adam Bernardy says:

    Just got some of this ammo for my Harrington&Richeredson handi rifle chamberd on the 300 AAC Blackout. And this ammo rocks cant wait to use this hunting next fall.

  18. king berry says:

    maybe you should make more? would be nice to actually be able to buy these supposed products.

  19. Darrell Kinsley says:

    Will you have any 130-140 grain TTSX bullet/ballistic data for 300 Blackout? Seems to be a grand fit for hunting. Hard to find ammo for 300 Blackout in New Mexico, it really is still part of the US.

  20. Darrell says:

    Has anyone tried using Accurate5745 powder with 130-150 grain bullets? Really curious as to results.

  21. Steve Royce Stave says:

    First 5 shots at a 100 yds, 4 were covered by a dime and 1 was under an inch from other 4…. That’s with a 10 1/2″ AR pistol….

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