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Barnes Banded Solids Update

Please click here for an update on the Barnes Banded Solids/ATF decision.

20 Responses to “Barnes Banded Solids Update”

  1. Brian says:

    Just more evedence of the lack of common sense in our government. I know they mean well but and bullet has the potential to be a killer/cop killer bullet. As a police officer I support officer safety but I think this going past safety and into the ridiculous.

  2. Ed says:

    I’ve never seen a more clear-cut attempt to restrict our freedoms as this move by the ATF and by proxy the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. I would like to see the germ on information that led to this action.

  3. LSP says:

    This is an extremely poor use of government dollars.

  4. Gary Adkins says:

    How is it that the Nosler copy of this great Barnes bullet has been overlooked by the ATF?

  5. Calin Brabandt says:

    It’s all part of the Executive branch’s “under the radar” civilian disarmament (“gun control”) strategy and the U.S. Constitution can’t stop them. After all, it’s just ink on paper! Only a sizable number of determined PEOPLE can stop them, and it is why the gun-grabbers divide their efforts into many small attacks–to keep the opposition small.

    Barnes, or a certain type of bullet, or a certain style of weapon is singled-out, because it’s consistent with the strategy of divide and conquer. A single, divided, and isolated opponent is easier to defeat than an enclave of opponents. Next time it’ll be another manufacturer, or lead bullets in just one geographic area, or a certain style of weapon. To compromise in response to any one of the gun grabbers fractional attacks is to lose!

  6. Matt says:

    I’m a Game Warden, and I’m constantly under the threat of being shot by a high powered rifle. The fact is that almost any high powered rifle round is armor piercing. This decision to ban the banded solid is ridiculous.

  7. Duane Corley says:

    The Federal Government in so far as guns/ammo are concerned are an embarassment, they demonstrate why govt is awkward,fumbling and serve only their own political Masters. We the people would be words ahead if each State was left alone without the bungeling of the Intellectuals of Washington. All I Wanted to do today was order some 350 gr solid .375 to load my Ruger for Botswana Elephant/cape buff WELL GUESS WHAT the ATF?? has a hold on these bullets? Now WTF do they think some inner-city Demogang banger is going to load these bullets to shoot their dope compeditor?? Nothing brings out Haterid of Fed govt stronger than such as this, they are WORTHLESS.

  8. This is what happens when the government sees the people wakeing up to thier treachery and the freedoms they steal from us after 911 theyve prayed on our fear to take our freedom and weve let them do or without protest this is just a taste of whats to come RON PAUL is the only canadate for president that has said the government doesent need to protect us if u understand the second admendent you know how to protect urself if your fooled by mitt romney rember he signed the assult weapons ban Ron Paul didnt romney is the same as obama when it comes to our liberties.

  9. P. says:

    I wish America would wake up to the fact the Federal Government has NO regards for ANY individuals’ rights.

  10. B says:

    Romney doesnt care about the people, I love my firearms and my second ammendment rights, but I will never support another person that takes money from the poor to feed the rich. If Obama was so comcerned with stripping us of our firearms then why do we still have them? He has had four years to take them away!!!

  11. JS says:

    It makes me very very happy to see my brothers in arms object against this, and not only that, object with same ideals and passion I my self feel. I have a smal stock of the Barnes banded solid bullets in .284 and .308. I wish Iwould have gotten the .458 45/70 projectiles before this asinine decision. The simple truth is this. Nothing works better to harvest game with minimum damage to the pelage. I have some personal experience with the ATF, and I am not going to pick on them too bad. Certain questions about the current laws which in more than one case I inquired about with multiple agents, were given different answers. These answers ranged from there is no such thing to you don’t need any special licensing for that. The questions were basic knowledge. I hope the constituents that put Obama in office have seen the folly of their ways. It is time for change for sure now. I hope and pray for the health of my country, and I hope and pray that she is restored to her former glory in November. I have never been so horrified or embarrassed of a president in my young life. Keep up the fight Barnes, and I beg of you to bring the Banded Solids back!

  12. shaggrat says:

    I live in CA, and the stupidity is even worse here. Basically all .50 Cal BMG firearms and ammo is banned. Why, Because in Contra Costa county, there are large Oil Cracking and storage facilities and their is hype in the Firearm ignorant quarters that M2 .50 ammo could be used to punch holes in those huge tanks and set them on fire. All of you know how when a bullet hits a gas tank, the car blows up. Therefore those big tanks of fuel could blow up too.
    Also, if you read the FBI Unified Crime Report, you will see that more people are killed in the :Hand, Foot, or other weapon than rifles, or shot gun. Unfortunately, handgun are still the most favored weapon. There are over 20,000 local, state, and federal laws that cover every aspect of firearms. But the DOJ launched Operation Fast and Furious, which fed illegal firearms into the Mexican drug cartels with the idea of being able to track guns going to the bad guys, and then shut down those operations. They managed to loose track of the guns, and a Border Patrol officer was killed.
    One last point: why is it that the places that allow firearms to be carried, CCWP, the crime rates drop through the floor, and those that prohibit firearms, the crime rate climbs through the roof? Common sense training with firearms is a good thing, especially where I live, but after that, if a crime is committed with a firearm, it should be on the owner head, not everyone else. Blatant sophmoric behavior of politicians and firearm ignorants. sicking.

  13. shaggrat says:

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are more than enough laws governing every aspect of firearms that they don’t need to make up new laws that are going to effect a very small number of people, like Duane Corley said up above: where and when was the first, last or only time that a criminal pulled a .375 H&H mag to a gunfight?

  14. Brandon S says:

    Seeing what happened to Barnes here…I’m now wondering if the same thing might’ve happened to Garrett. It is unlikely the BATF will ever give anything back once it is taken away. I suspect the next thing ATF will try to ban, or force registration on is “ultra-magnum” handguns…those chambered in .45-70, .500 S&W and other potent chamberings. Time will tell.

  15. Cody says:

    After learning of this action by the BATFE, I thought and pondered what I wanted to say. This is an excellent opportunity for you folks at Barnes to set an example of your patriotism and stand up for your freedoms and rights and just ignore these government mongols. I would seriously doubt Barnes ever had any intentions from inception of its design of your solid bullets for any purposes other than hunting applications. When I say stand up for your freedoms, a case in point is Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Rifles, the guy who makes those famous 50BMG caliber rifles for civilian, military and law enforcement folks and entities worldwide. As I recall there was some political discussions in California, I think in the L.A. area, and the commissioners were proposing no civilians could purchase or own any 50BMG caliber rifles, and this freedom was reserved only for LEO’s, military etc. This was supposedly supported by the Chief of Police in L.A. Well, as we all recollect, Mr. Barrett stood his ground and announced he was no longer going to sell or service his rifles which were then in the hands of that particular police agency. He was applaued by the NRA, and the entire shooting community nationwide for standing up for what he believed in. I don’t recall the outcome, but the man is to be respected for his refusal to allow any government policies which deny liberties and freedoms to “We the “People”. Maybe Barnes Bullets should also refuse selling any of their products, including tactical products in the future to any U.S. government agency. You have the right to choose who you do business with and cannot be told who you can/cannot sell your product(s) to. Do you remember some years back, maybe the 1998-2003 era, Colt’s Manufacturing announcement they’d no longer be selling their semi-auto pistols to civilians? Well, this marketing strategy almost destroyed them and the only thing keeping them in business was their major contracts for their M16/AR15 rifles. So, a lesson can be learned here from history. I hope the BATFE grants your exemption request(s), but don’t hold your breath waiting for a decision. I wish I could share your optimism your requested exemptions will eventually be granted. My heart goes out to you good folks at Barnes …. you make great products and with honorable intentions I might add.

  16. Michael says:


    Invite the ATF agents responsible to an African safari all expenses paid. Then equip them with soft points and have them do a 50 yard shot on a mature Water Buffalo, Elephant or Rhino.

    Morons eliminated. Solution reached.

  17. Michael says:

    So I guess we must buy our solid Safari ammo from another country? That will cost jobs here in the USA. Typical hypocrisy from the Obamma administration.

  18. Jason W says:

    Just so everyone knows, the reason the BATFE was turned on to this whole brass banded solids thing was due to an honest, decent company by the name of “Elite Ammunition” loading / modifying the .223 projo for use in 5.7×28. Being a fairly obvious pistol caliber, the ATF didn’t like the looks of it, (because it technically violated the 1986 anti pistol-AP law) and they did what they usually do which is overcompensate and clearcut a whole swath of projectile calibers of the same type that are not usable in handguns. The whole thing makes no sense, since loads of other loadings from Elite ammo can still destroy kevlar like their solid copper T6 and virtually any other 5.7 load they make. Not to mention huge numbers of various frangible loads that do the same thing in different pistol calibers, as well as the “Halo” load from Liberty ammo in 9mm. Then there’s the Belt Mountain “Punch bullets” loaded by Grizzly, anything in the .500S&W caliber, and the ever-present boxes of SS190 5.7 ammo that is all legally for sale on Gunbroker. But no…. the ATF figures it is good business to go after Barnes and grab their brass rifle bullets of the shelf… So stupid….

  19. Jim Burkhardt says:

    The U.S. Federal Government is actually a foreign owned private corporation acting as a fe facto government. The Corporation believes they are not bound to abide by the Constitution. When you sign government documents, you are actually contracting voluntarily with the Corporation. Study, get informed, and take action.

  20. Steve says:

    Yes I agree, the government doesn’t know what to do with guns and ammo. I don’t think a ban on weapons or ammo is the answer.

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