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Barnes’ New Match Burners Re-Define Accuracy

Barnes is now offering the most accurate and affordable line of match bullets on the market. Providing competitive shooters with pin-point precision, the all-new Match Burners have redefined accuracy while offering optimum caliber/bullet-weight ratios.

From Benchrest, High Power Rifle, 3-Gun, and Tactical matches to everyday target shooting, these premium Match Burners have proven to deliver aggressive results. Designed specifically with the competitive shooter in mind, Match Burners will perform time and time again building and maintaining any marksman’s confidence.

New Match Burner bullets for 2011:
52-grain .224” FB
69-grain .224” BT (1:10” Twist or Faster)
85-grain .224” BT (1:8” Twist or Faster)
68-grain .243” FB
105-grain .243” BT (1:9″ Twist or Faster)
140-grain .264” BT
155-grain .308” BT
175-grain .308” BT

3 Responses to “Barnes’ New Match Burners Re-Define Accuracy”

  1. Earnest says:

    It would be nice to see these for the 6.8 SPC, lots of people shooting this cartridge now and many of them are HUGE Barnes fans. A 100-105gr match bullet would be just the ticket for the 6.8 since even the avid hunters love to shoot their AR’s when not hunting. Lots more people are using them in carbine classes now but cheap(er) bullets are hard to come by for the 6.8.

  2. kule ouzts says:

    would love to see a 130 or 135 gr 6.5mm bullet w/ a B.C. around .52 for us tactical shooters covering out to 800 w/ a good combo of velocity, flat trajectory and hi B.C…..(sound familiar??). Thanx for looking. Kyle

  3. I looked high and low for reload data on the 85 gr. 223 bullet. I could not find any so I developed my own.
    Five shot group touching!

    Lapua brass fully prepped. Federal primers 205 sm. rifle, coal is 2.227 which is .002 off the lands in my rifle. May be different in yours. I started at 19.0 gr. of W748 and worked up .5 grains. 20.0 gr. was touching in a v shape, 20.5 opened up and 21.0 gr. nailed it!! Four in the same hole and one half the bullet touching with half high. I duplicated it again today so it isn’t a fluke.

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