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458 SOCOM NEW Barnes TAC-TX™ Offer – Order by March 31st!

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PRODUCT: 458 SOCOM 300-grain TAC-TX™

TEST WEAPON: Rock River Arms LAR-458

APPLICATION: Law Enforcement, Military (MOUT/CQB/VBSS), Personal Defense and Hunting

BULLET DESCRIPTION: All-Copper, Tipped, Grooved, Boattail

The 458 SOCOM 300-grain TAC-TX™ was designed with the following applications and features:

› Reliable expansion at typical 458 SOCOM velocities across the widest practical engagement ranges.
› Rapid expansion for engagement of soft targets or thin-skinned game, reduced risk of over-penetration
› All-copper “X cavity” design remains intact for consistent, enhanced performance
› Optimized ballistic design for higher accuracy potential. Less drop and wind drift means greater hit probability
› Tipped “spitzer” bullet design allows for significantly more reliable feeding through semi-automatic platforms such as the AR-15 series of firearms
› Ideal for CQB and VBSS applications in military, law enforcement and urban environments
› Perfect for rural LE, wildlife control, and hunting anything from small whitetails to black bear

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8 Responses to “458 SOCOM NEW Barnes TAC-TX™ Offer – Order by March 31st!”

  1. Michael Freeman says:

    If we missed the march 31st offer, can we still purchase in bulk? Or can we order them now so we are first inline after the initial offering is complete?

  2. bbullets says:

    Once advance orders are filled, Barnes plans to offer the new .458 SOCOM TAC-TX™ bullets to handloaders. A box of 50 will retail for $52.39. You may place orders now. Bulk quantities are no longer available. Sorry!

  3. Powder Burns says:

    Will these bullets be avaliable for purchase in time for the fall hunting season? I haven’t heard any news concerning these projectiles in a few months, was hoping to see them avaliable commercially sometime this year!

  4. bbullets says:

    These 458 SOCOM bullets will be available for sale as a boxed product in the TTSX line in 1-2 weeks. The TTSX product number is #45872. You may have to call in your orders initially, but we’ll make them available for sale on the website as soon as we can. We’ll be officially adding this bullet in 2010 to the new TAC-TX (tactical TTSX) M/LE line as well.

  5. Eric McElhaney says:

    What is the B.C. of the 300 gr .458 SOCOM TAC-TX bullet?

  6. bbullets says:

    The B.C. of this bullet is .236. -JSB

  7. jerry collins says:

    I’m shooting this bullet in my Ruger #1 45/70 ahead of a compressed charge of H-4198. The lack of drop is unbelievable compared to anything else available for long range shooting. Where can I get more loading for data for this load?

  8. Jerry MacDonald says:

    I want to try my .458 Lott on the spring p-dog hunt and wanted to know if there was any data on the 330 or less grain .458 Barnes projectiles. I’d really like to see them perform between 500 to 1200 yards. Thanks Jerry

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